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But Sergey found in itself enough persistence, made a visa and flew for a month to the States, where the Amtrak Rail Pass traveled the railways from the ocean to the ocean.
New York long-distance train at Miami-Central station.
The fact is that the history of the railways of the North American United States is very dramatic and for 180 years has experienced extreme points of state – from the world’s largest and most advanced transport system to a marginal set of passenger lines expelled from the centers of most major cities and surviving so-called . The Great Rail Pogrom, which lasted for fifteen years (1956-1970). So, when it comes to this and the modernity of American railways, one category of commentators, when mentioning the problems of railway transport, falls into a natural tantrum and begins to react extremely inadequately.
All that is quoted here is a private and subjective opinion of one of the travelers, not claiming the truth in the last resort. It is devoted only to one part of the American transport system, namely, railways.
All that is cited here – does not pursue the goals specifically to cause you hysterics and insult your very best in the world New Motherland. These are just observations of a simple traveler, and one should take them calmly. If you are reading this started to beat a little rod and you hit hard on the lintel, take a sedative. We sincerely sympathize with you in advance and will certainly calm you, if you start to rage.
Sergei – a fan of rail transport with the presence of a large dose of maximalism and a fan of extreme judgments. His favorite chip is & quot; extreme trip with maximum economy in conditions of half-starved existence. ” We, his colleagues on ferroequinism, have known this for a long time and are making a discount for this (though not all – he has many hard critics, he is an uncomfortable and sometimes very conflicting comrade). So, when you read his notes, take this into consideration. Do not get excited about it, react calmly. But in his notes there are a lot of valuable and accurate observations, he systematically and purposefully climbed into those numerous places in the States, where the fans of glamurin and standard points do not go. This and his notes are valuable.
Comments on the author’s photo in italics are mine.
Well, now, a selection of quotes from Sergey’s notes 🙂
In fact, except for the huge queue for border control, everything here resembles the Russian provincial airport & mdash; for example, Kazan, or even Tyumen-Roshchino. Of course, in appearance and & laquo; spirit, & raquo ;, but not in terms of passenger traffic.
cancel 90 percent of those long-distance trains that are currently plying. In the Krasnodar Territory (Adler, Anapa and Novorossiysk) from around the country arrives about 30 trains daily & mdash; let there remain two trains Moscow & mdash; Adler and one Samara & mdash; Adler. Anapa and Novorossiisk will “cost” & raquo ;. On the Trans-Siberian Railway, an average of 10 pairs of trains run daily. Let one couple stay every day Moscow & mdash; Novosibirsk, and one couple every other day Novosibirsk & mdash; Vladivostok. We leave one of the five trains to Vorkuta. And on all kinds of less significant lines, whatsoever passenger trains & mdash; inadmissible luxury.
America is a country of contrasts.
I, at one time, thought of rolling around America by train.
By car, I travel all over America, especially the eastern and central parts.
All the time I thought about the train.
Somehow it did not work, but now, most likely, it will not work out.
Well, comfort, only, depends on money.
I’m interested in one question. Views from the window.
The meaning of the trip by train, for me alone – the views from the window.
Interesting or not.
Like you, there, with views from the window, it was?
Well, cleanliness and grooming in small, typical American towns.
In megacities, especially in New York, leaves much to be desired.

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