1.When and why did foreign Europe become a global hotbed of immigration?

1.When and why did foreign Europe become a global hotbed of immigration?
1. It became so in the time of the Roman Empire BC, as well as in its beginning, since the territory of the Roman Empire was still the Middle East and North Africa. The Romans brought to Rome slaves from these territories, and some of their inhabitants moved to Rome and at will.
2. Because some of the most ancient states were the countries of Europe (Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece), which were always very rich. They lived wonderful people. And these people made a huge contribution to culture. Also in Europe, due to the diversity of climate and the Great Glaciation, many natural monuments have arisen, which are formed now (for example, the Norwegian fjords).
3. In the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, there are few conditions for agriculture, so the level of urbanization of these countries is high (90% – Sweden, 85% – Germany, Great Britain – 90%, Belgium – as much as 98%). And in Greece, Italy and Spain a favorable climate, allowing to develop agriculture.
4. Because the industry there is developed long ago. The older it is, the more emissions it releases into the environment.
5. All these countries are characterized by an influx of migrants, as these countries are rich, there are favorable conditions for life. In general, immigration occurs in almost all countries of Europe.
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2. Which of the following countries use the Danube waterway for access to the sea: Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Germany?
Europe has 400 urban agglomerations.
c) most of the countries of foreign Europe are multinational.
d) a high level of urbanization in foreign Europe.
2. Which of the following countries are not highly urbanized?
a) Iceland b) Portugal c) Ukraine d) Belgium.
3. The first place in foreign Europe is occupied.
a) for gas production – Denmark.
b) for the production of steel – Spain.
c) for the production of cars – Germany.
d) for the production of electricity per capita – Norway.
4. Which of the following organizations is associated only with foreign Europe?
a) OSCE b) NATO c) UN d) NIS.
b) far from the seas, but on navigable rivers.
c) in places of extraction of minerals.
d) away from the seas.
e) on the sea coasts.
a) countries with mass emigration.
b) countries with mass immigration.
2. Why are Spanish and English among the most common languages in the world? (BASIC)

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