10 reasons to study in Switzerland.

10 reasons to study in Switzerland.
Swiss education & ndash; one of the best in the world. Despite the high cost of studying and living in Switzerland, the quality is worth it. You invest in your future.
Hi, my good ones. With you again, MaDi Di, today, as I see, I changed the view of my video, I went to the terrace, because we have good weather, and I decided to talk with you about what you need to know when choosing the country where you want to go to study . And I want to name 10 reasons why it is worthwhile to come to study in Switzerland. Since I studied here for 5 years and now I am in practice. And I decided, why do not I share my opinion about this. I want to start with something that is very important for us and for our parents – this is security, which in Switzerland is at the leading levels around the world. Here personally I was never scared to go out alone in the street – and it does not matter at what time, no matter where I am. I was never afraid. Here, everything is so quiet even in cities, which is frightening. Not because something is happening to you, but from where all the people are, where everything has gone, everything is so quiet here. Especially if you are in some small villages.
The second point, which is important for students, is that the practice is paid for here and the Swiss salary of trainees is in the first place around the world. And also you can engage in part-time work, as I had: six months of training, six months of practice, so I simply did not have time to earn money. But if you have another system of training, then you can earn from 15 francs an hour or more, depending on whether you have experience in this activity. Everything depends on you.
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The next moment that in Switzerland everything is very close to each other. If you live in a small village you have an hour to get to the big city. And in a small village you will always have shops. If you need a large store, you can always drive to a larger village. I think it’s very comfortable that Switzerland is such a small country.
Another point that is very important for travelers is that Switzerland is in the center of Europe. And therefore countries such as Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy, France are on the border with Switzerland, so you will not take long to get there. To Barcelona you can fly only an hour, to Paris, too, only an hour, you can go there by train. Everything is close enough. If you are an avid traveler and live in Switzerland, then you have great advantages.
The next thing is that Swiss private education is one of the leading entities around the world. If you got a Swiss education, it gives you a great advantage outside Switzerland, because in Switzerland everything is much more difficult, no matter what university you studied and who you studied. This focuses on private universities, which are much more expensive, in which only Swiss learn, or at public universities, which are very difficult to get into, especially if you are from another country. But for Asian countries, Arab countries, for some European countries with your Swiss education everything is quite easy.
I know that Swiss education is quite expensive, I went through it, and in general life in Switzerland is quite expensive, but what you get on the bottom is that you invest in your future. Because if you want to get knowledge in the Swiss university – you will get them, because here is a good quality of teaching. So it all really depends on you, how much you want to learn what you are learning. Also in Switzerland, a lot of different nationalities, if you study in a private university, you will definitely have a lot of friends from different countries. And this gives you not only the study of your subject – also the training of life. Studying that in different countries, their culture, language, religion, what they like to eat – everything that it is possible to learn about the countries – you will learn.
Also, as I said in the previous video, in Switzerland there are 4 official languages plus English. This gives a great advantage in the study of languages. If you are not me, who still can not finish off your German, then you can easily learn 3 languages. Because you will already know English when you come here, or you will know German, depending, where you want to go, where you want to study. Also French and Italian – it all depends on you.
Still, what I consider important to know. Just a second. At me all is written down. I have only one moment left – this is what is the modern way of teaching. I never studied at a university in Russia, but I finished school there. And if I compare it with the training system, then I like it much more. First, you and your teachers are friends. If you have any questions, not even on the topic of their subject, but if there are any personal questions – they will always help you, tell you, show. You can write them a message, e-mail, you can just call and ask in a polite manner. You do not have to be with them on “you” here. At least, we studied at the English school that way, because they do not even have “you”. I believe that there is another plus here – this is an electronic education. That is all that you do, homework, etc. – all in electronic format, always. Seminars, presentations, your essays – you will all do on the computer. Which for me was much more convenient. You do not carry a lot of books, you already have books on your iPad or laptop, or on the phone where you want. I believe that it is very comfortable, especially in the 21st century.
In general, these are 10 reasons why you should come and study in Switzerland. This is my personal opinion, so if you have any other reasons, please write in the comments, or make a video response. If you think that I said something wrong, then I’m also waiting for your comments, even you can write a personal message. This is all for today, I wish you a good Sunday, exactly the evening. And we’ll see you on Tuesday. I love you all, I kiss you. All for now.
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