25 lunar day, Twenty-fifth lunar day.

25 lunar day, Twenty-fifth lunar day.
Energy of the day: active day.
Lucky number of 25 lunar day: 7; the elements of the day: Metal.
The happy color of the 25th day is green, malachite and emerald.
Stones: spar (charms), tiger (red) eye, falcon (blue and blue) eyes, cat’s (green) eye.
Body part: knees.
Happy day of the week 25 lunar day: Thursday.
Lucky direction 25 lunar days: North-West.
The predominant form is 25 lunar days: a circle, a spiral.
Symbol 25 of the lunar day: a turtle, a shell, an urn.
Keywords: apathy, emptiness after achievement of the task, recovery of forces, full rest, psychological adaptation.
Guardian angel of 25 lunar days: Alfar is an angel of indigo color. Lord of the Three Crosses. An angel of dreaminess and melancholy. Alfar gives insight and feminine intuition. He is responsible for refinement, kindness, generosity, independence, inspiration, mercy, flexibility of mind and keen thinking. In his cognizance are numerous cases of earthlings, one way or another associated with rapid enrichment and profitable transactions.
The main properties of the day.
Day of deep knowledge, a day of wisdom and prophecy, concentration. Awakening of higher mental abilities. A good day for traveling and traveling, moving, shopping and litigation, sleeping and resting.
Favorable dating. Deliver the joy of meeting with friends and like-minded people, relatives and representatives of the opposite sex.
25th lunar day – Passive, contemplative, a period of loneliness. The motto of this day is to make the words of George Vicin from his last interview. Asked what he would like to wish the readers of the newspaper, he said: “Do not fuss, people.”
On this lunar day one should not be hasty, one must be thorough and unhurried. No wonder the symbol of twenty-fifths of the lunar days is the turtle. So a person for this short period should be likened to a tortoise – several times to think about your step, weigh all the pros and cons and only then make a move.
Twenty-fifth lunar day – the time of thoroughness, finding peace, in a sense, you need to “lie down to the bottom and not protrude”.
How Vysotsky sang:
“Lying to the bottom, like a submarine,
So that they could not fix it. ”
As a rule, astrologers advise to devote all day to internal problems, to understand themselves, to reflect on their own traits of character, to sum up the inner spiritual life. This time is relaxin and, in a sense, a reflection.
But for all contemplation of this lunar day, there is a danger in it – the comprehension of one’s true self must not turn into self-depreciation and self-abasement. You need to be as objective as possible to treat yourself. After all, your spiritual quest only affects you and no one else. Today there is no need to work for the public, everything must be intimate and sincere.
Without such periods of inner solitude, you can never know for sure if you live, moving forward in your development or just constantly running away from yourself.
The main goal of twenty-fifths of the lunar days is to acquire the ability to love oneself, which means not inflating one’s ego, not narcissistic self-admiration, but accepting oneself as such, with all its “pluses” and “minuses”.
Tibetan astrologers believe that the twenty-fifth lunar day is favorable for travel, various kinds of trips, business trips and so on. It is believed that all who will go now on the road, will certainly be accompanied by luck, but only on condition that the traveler will not rush.
Tibetan Astrological School also believes that today it is possible to hold funeral rituals and ceremonies.
The twenty-fifth lunar day is the time when, first of all, you need to listen to your intuition, trust your heart. Reason and logical thinking in this period can lead you down. Whole rely on your inner voice only.
Business area: 25 lunar day.
The twenty-fifth lunar day is favorable for commerce, and in any area – from the sale of cars to the purchase of color pencils for the office.
Problems arising in these lunar days, should be addressed not so much by reason and by logical reasoning as by trusting intuition. In particular, this applies to money, since, according to esoteric teaching, it is money that is associated with the element of water.
If you fail during this period, for example, the deal breaks or the finances “drain” – do not be discouraged. It’s just that your sphere is naturally liberated from “material slags”, preparing a place for new revenues. As a rule, the departed today is returned twice, or even tripled. But only on condition that you take it calmly.
Marriage and wedding: 25 lunar day.
On the twenty-fifth lunar day it is better to refrain from creating a family. This period is more suitable for planning a joint life, for preparing the very celebration of the wedding and so on. It is believed that those who conclude Marriage on the twenty-fifth lunar day will always “sink to the bottom”, they will often be trapped in financial crises and periods of mental discomfort.
In general, I must say that this time is more suitable for divorce than to create a new social unit. Divorces go smoothly, calmly, without scandals and quarrels. The next period of life flows like water, and the past is smoothed out like a pebble, leaving no sharp corners in memory.
Health: 25 lunar day.
With health on the twenty-fifth lunar day nothing happens. If you are sick, then your state of health will remain the same, the pain will not intensify, but they will not go away either.
Although, I must say, for non-traditional healing practices this is the most successful and favorable time, especially those that actively use water, for example, water therapy.
Healthy people are very useful in this lunar time to swim in the river, lake, sea or rate. If this is not possible, be sure to take a bath and preferably with herbs.
Some astrological schools warn not to start taking new medications on this day.
Sex and erotica: 25 lunar day.
Sex on the twenty-fifth lunar day should be unhurried. Positions must be selected only that do not require special strain of both partners. Very useful today is sex in the water, for example, in the lake or under the shower.
Some astrological schools recommend that you drink a little red wine before the love games.
The only prohibition: people suffering from diseases associated with the genitourinary sphere, sex is strictly prohibited today, since it can cause exacerbations.
Dreams: 25 lunar day.
Due to the fact that the twenty-fifth lunar day is connected with water, they are also connected with the depths of the subconscious. For this reason, almost all astrological schools agree that the Dreams of this period are of a prophetic character, that is, now people tend to dream of prophetic Dreams.
Most of the dreams of the twenty-fifth lunar day does not even require allegorical interpretation, all symbols are quite specific and specific. If the images remain incomprehensible, then listen to your intuition – it will tell you the correct interpretation. Do not try to spread the Dreams on the shelves, do not try them “logically dissect”, today only intuition is true, trust it.
Esoterics: 25 lunar day.
In the esoteric Christian tradition, in the twenty-fifth lunar day, as a rule, Baptism is held. In other schools, very often on this day the neophytes are ordained in various sacraments with the help of water.
In some schools of syugen-do on the twenty-fifth lunar day, practitioners stood under the waterfall, and the yogis performed various purification procedures with the use of water, and actually in the water.
According to the Tibetan astrological school, at this time the female energy (in the Indian tradition – Shakti) reaches its apogee. Therefore, in Tibet, this day is celebrated as the day of Dakini (curator of the teachings). It is believed that today she extends her blessing to all living beings.
Lunar ritual for 25 lunar days.
Practice of the day: Self-testing.
Psychological tests operate with images that, at the subconscious level, can not only inform people about the attitudes of the person or his attitude to some life problems, but also allow them to be corrected.
On the twenty-fifth lunar day should be subjected to testing, which allows you to evaluate the internal settings. and, if necessary, adjust them.

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