3 countries: where you can move to live in old age.

3 countries: where you can move to live in old age.
To fly to the warm regions to the sea is the dream of many not only young Russians, but also pensioners. Unlike people of working age, many elderly people go abroad to permanent residence in order to improve their living conditions and brighten up old age. Russian pensioners flee from expensive and poor-quality medicine, a long winter and a short summer, low pensions and financial instability, a high level of crime. Already about 200 thousand Russians of retirement age live abroad, receiving a pension at home. In the foreign countries with a high standard of living they are mostly happy with high income migrants who can afford to invest in commercial real estate or business, buy a house and pay for medical services. However, there are other countries with low requirements for obtaining a residence permit and a higher quality of life than in Russia.
This country is traditionally popular with older Russians. This is supported by Soviet memories of the golden beaches of this European country, and low prices for housing. The average cost per square meter is about 600 euros, the rural house can be bought for 2500 euros. Many pensioners rent housing in Russia and on this money can rent a house on the Black Sea coast.
The prices for products and utilities are lower here than in Russia. For example, the cost of electricity is from 30 to 90 euros per month, depending on the time of the year. The trip on the bus costs 50 euro cents, a loaf of bread – 30 euro cents, vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants) – around 1 euro per kilogram, the price for milk also does not exceed 1 euro. Medical insurance costs about 65 euros per year. As you can see, prices are quite democratic.
Advantages and disadvantages.
The mild climate of the sea coast is an important factor for a comfortable life. Russians are friendly to Russians, Russian is heard on the street often, and the Bulgarian language itself is similar to Russian. There are already more than 40,000 migrants from Russia here. To obtain a permanent residence permit, it is necessary to buy real estate for 300 thousand euros. When buying for a smaller amount or opening an account for 1500 euros you can get a permit for a long-term stay, and after 5 years of life under this document, a citizen has the right to a permanent residence permit. Accommodation in Bulgaria entitles you to visa-free travel throughout Europe. It is not possible to become a citizen of Bulgaria, because in this case, Russian citizenship and pension are lost.
This country recently entered the list of countries attractive to pensioners, but its popularity is growing. This is especially evident in the example of the border regions in the Far East. Russian pensioners buy housing just a few dozen kilometers from their former habitat and receive a residence permit in China. Housing here is 2-3 times cheaper than in Vladivostok. So, in Beijing apartment of 88 square meters. m worth 88 thousand dollars. Naturally, an apartment of a smaller area and closer to the outskirts of the country will cost much less. In Heihe actually buy a two-room apartment for 400 thousand rubles.
Travel by bus costs from 1 to 3 yuan, it’s not more than a dollar per trip. The products are also quite cheap: meat – $ 4, bread – 1.5, potatoes – $ 0.5. Medical insurance costs about 3000 dollars a year – and it will cover expenses even for transportation of the patient by helicopter. Housing costs are less – a kilowatt of electricity costs only one and a half ruble against almost 4 in Russia.
Advantages and disadvantages.
In the border areas, it is not necessary to know Chinese – according to the statistics of last year, there have already left 40 thousand Russian pensioners. Russian pension by the standards of China – an excellent income. Of course, China can not boast of the sea, but acclimatization to the similar to the Russian climate will not cause problems. The level of Chinese medicine is high, a large proportion of non-traditional methods.
Another European country on the beach with a close culture and language. A mild maritime climate, natural inexpensive products, low cost of real estate – all that is necessary for a quiet life of a pensioner. Depending on location and distance from the sea and resorts, apartments cost from 300 to 3500 thousand euros per square meter. A residence permit can be obtained with the purchase of real estate for any amount and an open account for 3650 euros.
Eco-friendly products can be bought at the price of an ordinary Russian store and even lower: meat – 3-7 euros, vegetables – 1-2 euros, sugar – 0.8 euro. Gasoline costs 1.3 euro per liter, a trip by bus – 3 euros. Housing and communal services in a three-room apartment cost about 60 euros a month. Medical insurance is attached to the residence permit. All medicine in Montenegro is at a high level, and even paid services are inexpensive.
Advantages and disadvantages.
In the Schengen list this country is not included, therefore for travel across Europe it will be necessary to issue a visa. Many people know Russian here, and Russians are well treated. Montenegro is famous for its ecological purity: there are no large enterprises that poison the air and the sea, and the people take care of nature. There are not so many Russians here yet, but the weakening of migration legislation in 2015 facilitated the arrival of new settlers.
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