3 problems of fictitious marriage for obtaining Russian citizenship.

3 problems of fictitious marriage for obtaining Russian citizenship.
Acquiring citizenship of Russia with fictitious marriage & # 8212; one of the ways to live and work in Russia. How does this happen? Now we will tell.
Obtaining all documents and the status of a Russian is becoming a challenge for a huge number of migrants who do not have the necessary justification for obtaining the status of a citizen of the Russian Federation. in the usual way. It is often possible to get advice from friends or on the Internet to find information that you just need to find a woman or a man who will agree to make a fictitious marriage with a foreigner and automatically will be given the status of a Russian citizen. Indeed, such a scheme works in some countries of Latin America, but the RF legislation does not directly provide for the issuance of citizenship when a foreign citizen marries a Russian citizen.
In short, marriage to a Russian citizen does not guarantee a foreigner the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
In itself, a fictitious marriage looks like the real one, only a couple does not usually live together, has no common economy and budget, and is unlikely to ever acquire children. To put it another way, the cell of society supported by the state is formed only on paper, that officials, naturally, do not support and try to suppress. A pair that encounters a fictitious relationship often pursues selfish goals & # 8212; a foreigner expects to receive citizenship, a residence permit or at least visa preferences, while the Russian side of the transaction usually receives a material benefit.
The main problems of fictitious marriages.
The weakest point of a fictitious relationship for a foreigner is & # 8212; that it is impossible to exclude the possibility of recognition of marriage as fictitious. In this case, the foreign citizen is simply deprived of all the advantages that he would receive if he were to be a real marriage. The court shall annul his residence permit and citizenship, and may even in some cases expel an alien from the country.
In order not to exaggerate, it is worth noting that fictitious marriage is not considered a criminal offense on the territory of Russia, and on the whole the recognition of this fact is quite problematic for the security agencies of the Russian Federation. Most often this happens on the initiative of the Russian side of the transaction, that is, when a Russian citizen claims to law enforcement agencies about the fact of a fake marriage.
co-owner of real estate, together with his Russian partner. Most often this is possible because of the illiteracy of Russian participants in such dubious transactions, which foreigners can use.
And the third, the most serious problem of such transactions, can be that a foreigner will come to the country not to work or study, but for terrorist purposes. In this case, even a criminal responsibility can wait for a citizen (or citizen) of Russia.
What does a foreigner get from marrying a Russian citizen?
Under the law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation,” if an alien formalizes a relationship with a Russian citizen in a registry office, he can apply for a temporary residence permit without taking into account the quota, and this attracts many dishonorable citizens to enter into such questionable transactions .
On the black market, the price for obtaining a RVP can reach one hundred thousand rubles or more, and there have even been cases when 200-300 thousand were unofficially requested for this service. Naturally, there is no guarantee, and there are often situations when a foreigner becomes a victim of scammers and does not receive anything for the money spent.
Judicial practice in fictitious marriages.
Not so long ago in Russia, the first courts for fictitious marriages with foreigners were held, which ended badly for visitors to the deal. The first series of such vessels was held in the Kaluga region, where several marriages with natives of Tajikistan were immediately terminated by a court decision. In this case, the local prosecutor’s office appealed to the court, and after the court’s decision on one process, several more were initiated.
In these cases, verification shows that families do not live together, do not have a common household or common children. Adding here an understandable motive & # 8212; “Receiving a RVP without quota”, often these facts are enough to dissolve the marriage. Moreover, the prosecutor petitioned for the disqualification of the “fiances” issued to them. work permits and other Russian documents.
But, of course, to date, legislation in this area is only evolving, and isolated cases of identifying such transactions are negligible compared to the huge shadow market of fictitious marriages. The amounts for which the marriage is proposed begin from several thousand rubles in remote areas of Russia, and reach several hundred thousand dollars in the capital.
Marriage can not be recognized as fictitious if a joint child was born during its time.
However, if the marriage was terminated by mutual agreement between the spouses, it can not and will never be considered fictitious, that is, their union was considered official and legal. In such cases, both parties can claim jointly acquired property.
What in other countries?
This problem is also worried by the migration services of other countries, but some of them have built a more effective scheme to combat such illegal immigrants:
Ireland & # 8212; Introduce new laws and responsibilities for participants in fictitious marriages Cyprus & # 8212; criminal liability, under which all participants of the transaction, including intermediaries, fall, Latvia & # 8212; there is an article in the law that allows migration services not to issue a residence permit if there is a suspicion of a fictitious marriage.
In some situations, future grooms are interviewed at embassies, in which many fail. respond differently to simple domestic or intimate questions.
Prospects for such marriages.
By and large, there is still a demand for such services & # 8212; there will be an offer. The more difficult it is to obtain documents for living in a certain country legally, the more those foreigners who really need it will be ready to pay, and the more risk the local residents will be willing to take on.
But we hope that the migration services will find ways and will stop at least those violations that can lead to tragic consequences of fictitious marriage unions.
If you have a few minutes & # 8212; take a look at this video:
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Therefore, if you want to convict a partner, to prove that marriage is fictitious, you will have to divorce.
If three years have passed since the wedding, you can apply for citizenship. At the same time, the marriage should have taken place in the Russian registry office.
Citizen RF.Zaklyuchu marriage, I will register help with the RVP VZH and citizenship of the city of Vladimir.

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