6 of the best countries providing residence permits for the purchase of real estate.

6 of the best countries providing residence permits for the purchase of real estate.
Countries where they are ready to provide a residence permit when buying a property, a lot. But this article is devoted to the best possible. We rejected options such as the Principality of Andorra and Panama, as well as some others, and focused on more real and interesting ones. So, review the countries that give residence permits when buying real estate, read below.
The cheapest countries for immigration through the purchase of real estate.
Turkish color for a little money.
The right to permanent residence in Turkey can be obtained very simply and without large investments. Only 45 000 euros to buy an apartment will solve the problem. The police department is required to file the following documents:
Passport with a visa; Contract of sale; Certificate of ownership of real estate; Bank statement. Buying an apartment in Turkey gives you the right to stay.
To begin with, you will be granted the right to stay for 6 months, which is extended for 2 years.
Turkey is less attractive for immigration, since it can not offer any special social conditions. But it is one of the best countries to stay on pension with a constant passive income.
Fast train Riga – Moscow.
In Latvia, it is easiest to obtain a residence permit: it is enough to purchase objects worth at least 143,000 euros (in Riga and the surrounding area) or 71,500 euros (in other urban settlements). Features:
Initially, the residence permit is issued for 5 years. Requires an annual confirmation of the owner of the rights to real estate for all five years, that is, there is no possibility of selling during this period. After 5 years, the owner of real estate has the right to apply for a permanent residence permit.
Since Latvia is a member of the European Union, the residence permit gives the right of free movement through the territory of the Schengen countries.
Live in Greece? It’s simple!
If you have 250 000 euros to purchase real estate in Greece (this applies to both residential and commercial real estate), then you will be received with open arms, will provide a five-year residence permit to you and your family.
Greece is one of the most favorable countries for moving.
The amount can be divided between two spouses, each of which owns a part of the immovable property. It is possible to purchase one or more objects for a total of at least 250,000 euros. A variant of a long-term lease (for example, a hotel) for a period of not less than 10 years and for a total of 250,000 euros, which must be paid at a time, is possible.
Bulgaria is a simple way for immigration.
Bulgarian legislation is very loyal to foreign investors. Get the status of “long stay”, equivalent to a residence permit, you can by buying a house or an apartment for 300 000 euros. For these purposes, not only commercial, but also residential real estate is suitable, which is quite rare. Features:
The status of an extended stay is given for 1 year and is extended without any problems annually. After 5 renewals the owner of the living space can apply for the DVR (long-term stay for 5 years).
Obtaining a residence permit in Europe: the most expensive countries.
Course on Spain.
In the summer of 2013, Spain adopted a law on the support of entrepreneurship, including the provision of a residence permit for the purchase of a commercial property in the amount of 500 000 euros. Initially, the deputies planned a bar of 160,000 euros and the possibility of investing in residential real estate, but in this form the law was not adopted.
Spain is one of the most expensive countries.
Nevertheless, this way of obtaining a residence permit is much easier than direct investment in Spanish companies.
If you already own a commercial property in Spain, then, if necessary, you can buy the objects to the desired value. The law takes into account transactions that took place before the adoption of the law. It is allowed to buy one object for the required amount or several with a total cost of not less than 500,000 euros. Together with the owner of residence permit receives his family (spouse and children). Initially, the residence permit and the right to free movement in the countries of the European Union are granted for 2 years, then extended for another 4 years.
English classics, or the most expensive getting a residence permit (video)
Get a gold visa to the UK is not so simple. This country is one of the most expensive to live, respectively, and the requirements for investors are quite strict. You can buy real estate for 250 000 pounds, but residence permit in England will receive only on the condition that another 750 000 invest in British government bonds.
But only after 5 years the investor together with his family can immediately receive British citizenship, without prior residence in the status of a non-resident for 10 years, as is customary in other countries.
The listed countries differ from each other as a climate, and the cost of housing and mentality. Choose a place of residence that you can afford.

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