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Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the most populous, today in Cairo there are officially 19,000,000 people, with tourists and residents of the suburbs coming to work this figure increases to 24 million.
Cairo is a unique city, there is no such city in the World, thousands of minarets and churches, narrow streets, kilometer bazaars. You will be amazed by the contrast of the city, rich areas are quickly replaced by the poor, skyscrapers and ultramodern and clean quarters are replaced by narrow, dirty streets and two-story chalups, in one row an expensive foreign car and a donkey with a cart can go.
In spite of the fact that Cairo itself is very interesting, millions of tourists visit the capital of Egypt because of the oldest and only almost completely escaped miracle of the world. Complex of pyramids in Giza. Excursion Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh from Eduvsharm will help to get acquainted with modern Cairo and the most ancient monuments of Egypt of times of Pharaohs.
Program Excursions Cairo From Sharm El Sheikh.
Late at night around 1:00 am you will be picked up from the hotel (the exact time before the excursion). All transfers are carried out on large and new and comfortable buses, you are accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide and two drivers. Cairo is 570 km from Sharm El Sheikh.
In the air excursion departure from the hotel will be approximately at 4:30 am, at 7 am you will be in Cairo, then the program is identical with the bus, but much smaller group and slightly wider sightseeing tour around the city.
Egyptian National Museum & # 8212; The Cairo Museum.
The first destination in Cairo will be the Egyptian National Museum, which is the largest repository of Egyptian art. Its collection has about 120 thousand exhibits of all historical periods of ancient Egypt. The museum building, located in the center of the city on Tahrir Square, became quite famous, after the revolutionary events of 2011. Then, during the demonstrations of folk looters, several showcases were broken and the cash register was devastated, after which a “live chain” around the museum was created from conscious demonstrators to protect the exhibits.
In the museum, accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide-historian, you will get acquainted with the history of ancient Egypt, you will see the famous golden sarcophagi and the mask of Tutankhamun, learn the secrets of mummification. The museum contains the richest collection of Egyptian art, which tells about five thousand years of Egyptian history.
The complex of pyramids and the temple of the Sphinx in Giza.
Giza & # 8212; one of the three largest cities in Egypt, today Giza merged with Cairo, and represents the western (left-bank) part of the Cairo metropolis.
The complex of pyramids in Giza is on the same plateau 9 km from the old town of Giza and 25 km south-west of the center of Cairo.
During the tour of the Giza plateau you will get to know:
Pyramids of Cheops & # 8212; Khufu & # 8212; the largest of the Egyptian pyramids, the only of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, preserved to this day. The construction of the Great Pyramid lasted twenty years, and ended around 2560 BC. e. A pyramid of 2.5 million blocks has been built, each weighing not less than 2.5 tons, the height of the pyramid is 136 meters, the length and width of about 230 meters, the total weight of the pyramid is 6.25 million tons.
Inside the Cheops pyramid there are three burial chambers located one above the other.
scanners of the ancient world of the pyramid (National geographics)
The pyramid of Khafre (Khafra) is the second largest pyramid. It was built next to the Great Sphinx, as well as the pyramids of Cheops (Khufu) and Mikerin. The height of the Pyramid is 138.8 m (originally? 143.5 m). The length of the side: 215.29 m, although the Khafra pyramid is inferior to the size of the Cheops pyramid, because of its higher location it may seem even higher than the great pyramid.
Pyramid of Mikerin (Menkaure) – built south of the remaining pyramids, is the lowest and late of the three Egyptian pyramids. Pyramid of the grandson of Cheops Mencaur, the height of the pyramid reaches 62 m in height (originally 65.5 m), and the length of the side of its base is 108.4 m.
The Great Sphinx & # 8212; Built on the west bank of the Nile in Giza – the oldest sculpture carved from a monolithic calcareous rock in the form of a lion, lying on the sand, whose features resemble the pharaoh Khafre, whose funerary pyramid is nearby. The length of the statue is 73 meters, the height is 20 meters. Until today, the Sphinx has come to us without a meter nose and beard.
Delicious Lunch & # 8212; After visiting the Sphinx, we are waiting for a delicious dinner on the very shore of the Nile (buffet).
Mosque of Muhammad Ali & # 8212; during our trip through Cairo we will see this mosque, the architecture of which amazes with its cheerfulness and originality. The mosque was built by the architect Yusef Boshn, a Turk of Greek origin. The example of the mosque was the Church of St. Sophia in Constantinople, built in Byzantine style and later converted into a mosque.
The factory of papyrus, gold and oils & # 8212; At the end of the trip, we will have a sightseeing tour around Cairo, visiting factories and factories of famous Egyptian handicrafts and souvenirs.
Some interesting facts about Cairo:
On the 20 millionth large Cairo there are about 10 traffic lights. At the same time drivers calmly go to the red light.
With no big collision, drivers do not stop for the proceedings, just open the window, apologize and go on.
Some buses slow down at stops but do not stop until the end, landing and disembarkation passes on the run, it should be said that the local population does it very cleverly, perhaps even gracefully))
In Cairo, land and underground transport works very well.
On the road, the driver of an expensive foreign car and a cart drawn by a donkey in the next row feel evenly.
In Cairo there is a quarter of the city of garbage dumps. (Garbage City). It is populated by Egyptian Christians & # 8212; Copts, who collect garbage from around the city and sort it for secondary use.
For visitors to Egypt, this trip should be one of the first in the list of excursions to be visited.
With you on a tour of Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh.
The cost of the excursion Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by bus.
Trip on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
The cost of the excursion Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by plane.
Trip every day except Friday.
Please book excursions in advance, for pre-booking and for any questions please contact us in any convenient way.
We wish you a pleasant stay, team eduvshsharm.ru.
Video for raising the mood (Idiot overseas & # 8212; series about Egypt)

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