A simple rule that will forever change the attitude towards buying things.

A simple rule that will forever change the attitude towards buying things.
What is more profitable to buy for the same price – a beautiful evening dress or an ordinary blouse? Stylist Inna Belova told Comparison.ru about such an unusual concept as the cost of exploiting things, which gives an answer to this question.
Price vs. cost of operation.
You need to invest in clothes, and not just spend money on a beautiful wardrobe. How to do it? Everything is very simple.
So, imagine the picture: you come to the store and there you see a red evening dress, in which you, no doubt, will look amazing at some festive event. And next to the dress hangs a beautiful color, a simple cut silk blouse for every day. What to choose, and what to invest your money in? I will not simplify the task for you and add that these things are the same – 15 000 rubles.
8 out of 10 of my clients always reply that it is necessary to invest in a dress. “The dress is evening, it has a rich texture, a festive look, and if the cost is the same as the everyday blouse, then the choice is obvious,” they believe. And at this point, I usually talk about the real value of things, which is calculated as the price divided by the number of exits.
Having bought an evening dress for 15 thousand rubles, you can wear it about 3 times a year for some festive events. So its real cost will be 5,000 rubles. If you divide the cost of an everyday blouse into the opportunity to wear it 50 times a year for work, meetings with friends, going to the theater, cinema, etc., the cost of its operation will be 300 rubles per day of wearing. A significant difference – although initially the price of a blouse looked quite impressive in comparison with an evening gown.
Accordingly, if you want to invest, rather than spend, you should always make this simple calculation, especially before important purchases.
It is the basic things that you wear most often, should be the most expensive and high-quality items of the wardrobe, at least so that the constant sock and washing do not affect their appearance in any way.
Why save without compromising on appearance?
Here is a list of things that you can save without sacrificing, making up your wardrobe.
1. Trend things of the season.
All the super fashionable quickly ceases to be so, so spend it is definitely not worth it. Especially if it’s an inexpensive mass market.
Yes, an expensive cotton T-shirt is excellent, but often expensive, and inexpensive colored T-shirt is approximately equally quickly washed and lost shape.
3. Vivid, unusual, spectacular bags.
Those that you will wear, for example, under a certain mood. But not every day.
4. Evening clothes and shoes.
As you understand from the analysis above, there is a simple rule: for things that you do not want to wear often, you do not need to spend large sums of money.
If you just realized that your closet is packed with purchases with a very high real value, and you would like to get rid of them, then I advise:
to give to charity; carry it to the commission shop; To sell on sites of announcements or on special forums in social networks.
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