A trip of a Ukrainian to Russia.

A trip of a Ukrainian to Russia.
> It is a pity that this is not true, and that the siblings could be proud that Moskali are working for them at construction sites.
> Do not drink more tincture from cactus in such quantity.
Homeland waiting for you!
> The Motherland is waiting for you!
Have they advised you on the Questionnaire?
Not true! I saw you there. By the way, not only there! They say you have a second questionnaire. Even steeper. I’m even afraid to go there. Give a link?
As for Russian happiness, then we are at home well.
Has he begun to talk? I’ve never had a Questionnaire, and so many friends. Unlike you.
The young man. Hutsuls taught?
> Houses in the Motherland in the village are said – one alcoholic.
work in Tver from 100 000 rubles. (16 vacancies):
– The warehouse manager (although in the Far North)
– Mining engineer. Hmm. control over the extraction of limestone in open quarries (Arkhangelsk region).
– Director (Manager) of the cattle-breeding complex (Cattle)
– Construction Manager (private sector)
– Chief electrical engineer of the project (Construction of a new plant)
Work, for example, in Lviv from 25 000 UAH:
There are 16 vacancies:
– Dancer go-go, show-ballet, dancers (Our club is in Poland, Tarnow)
– DRIVER B C + SP manager in the EU.
– Head of marketing projects.
– Elite Model (We offer exclusive acquaintances for serious and long-term relationships with an individually selected representative of big business or the authorities of Moscow, New York, Los Angeles or London)
Territorial workplace: Moscow.
– Mac OS Developer (looking for an international company)
– Dentist / Dental assistant, dental hygienist, dentist.
Immigration to Canada with the subsequent employment opportunity.
– Maid, reception staff are required to work in hotels Mariott, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, etc. Work for students for the period of summer 2013 in the hotel and restaurant industry in the United States.
– The architect. Immigration to Canada with the subsequent employment opportunity.
– Contractor, manager, mechanic. Immigration to Canada with the subsequent employment opportunity.
– Nurse (midwife, child, ambulance, general practice, etc.). Immigration.
– Work | to work in the Czech Republic | Poland | Canada | emigration to the Czech Republic | Poland | Canada |
In general – somehow so.
Without Russians you will give up only to Somalia.
And about the drunken drunken cattle, you must have heard from the first mouth, the habitue of the “western resorts”.
Only a five-star hotel in Somalia!
> And where there is a speech, not Russian.
> Russian does not leave Russian.
Getman wrote (a) in response to the message:
First time I watched flocks of Poles in large stores, with an experienced eye I determined builders, paint on clothes, clothes clean, but there were little traces, they talked in Polish, paint trolleys, laminate, etc.Let five they disappeared, then similar groups appeared ZU, now they are gone, the last three times when I was in the area of New York, I did not see them, but there were Poles, tourists, well-dressed and buying expensive things.
Viya, I understand that you are a patriot and love Putin, then what does his television say to you and so all the Ukrainians are fuckers. And Poland with Norway is for suckers and 62 places for suckers, and Russia is the coolest because it is more important than khokhlov.
I look at it easier-70 years of occupation of Ukraine by the Tatar-Russian horde and a 20-year-old cold war using traditional monopolies of political bribery and blackmail. By the way, we now live much better than when invaders, but the fact that you live on the top of the type better, at the expense of traditionally robbing the enslaved peoples, so you pay for it with blood, so how do you fuck live and how do you like Uncle Vova go tell the mother of the deceased in Chechnya, a boy or the parents of children who died in Beslan.
The whole Russian sector of the Internet is teeming with Muscovites, owners of diamond mines and gas fields, which set the price of gas to Khokhlam.
How to check – or watchman from Ivanovo or golozhopy Lithuanian from the Crimean village.
Zone dot RU – a traditional gathering of folk tales – lapotnikov.
It is possible so, dismissing the peacock feathers, get out and prohryukat- “khaly-pigs, and Russian steep peppers, we have Putin and Abramovich. blah, blah, blah, & quot; , and the most worn on her ass are darned-patched pantyhose and on the table pasta with sausages from the Chinese genomuta, and she drives a car that Norway has used for 2 years, then the Pole finished for three years, then surpassed and stole the stolen goods and received insurance (cheaper) than to land a dump).
By the way, use, but in moderation and not on the robot. Quite cultured and educated people.
generally speaking, it’s audible, an old video, well, Nitsche, come down ..
> As you will check – or the watchman from Ivanovo or golozhopyj litovits from the Crimean village.
I want to add, – Akhrennennaya feature of a Russian – while in full zh-ne, look at all from top to bottom!

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