A trip to the USA at the expense of the sponsor. How to properly arrange a sponsorship letter.

A trip to the USA at the expense of the sponsor. How to properly arrange a sponsorship letter.
Do I need to specify the sponsor who pays for the trip to the United States, what documents should the sponsor prepare for the trip to the US, who can sponsor the trip to America? These are the most common questions that are asked by those whom I consult about getting a visa to the United States.
The main point in preparing for a US visa is someone who pays for your trip if you apply for a US tourist visa (B1 / B2). The options can be two – you pay for the trip yourself or you are paid by the sponsor – the parents, the groom, the organization or anyone else.
It is better to make a trip at your own expense – in this case, the questions and the officer of the US Embassy will be less. And if it is so – you can not read further.
If a third party pays you a trip – an article for you.
Who can sponsor a trip to the US.
The sponsor of the trip can be both citizens of your country and US citizens, for example, relatives or friends in the US.
A common reason for refusing a visa is the indication of sponsorship without its proper registration, many do not even bother to write a letter. Here and further examples from my personal practice of consultations.
For example, the sponsor of your trip is the American side. For example, you are a citizen of one of the countries of the former Union, gathered to visit a friend who lives in Los Angeles. You do not have enough money to travel, for example low income, but your friend is willing to pay not only a stay but also a flight, for example.
It often happens that relatives pay for the trip, but it’s better to sponsor a friend or an indirect relative, for example, a cousin uncle, grand-nephew or grandmother of your cousin.
If you just specify in the visa application form that you have gathered in the US at the expense of the host country, then most likely you will be refused. Visa officers of the US embassy do not like unconfirmed statements.
It is better to provide a letter from a friend or person who agreed to pay for your trip to the US, although often this is not enough.
So, the main question. Who is he, the ideal sponsor in the eyes of the US Embassy? What should be the person who agreed to pay for your stay in the States? In other words, sponsorship should look so as to only confirm and strengthen the conviction of the visa officer that you are not going to immigrate to the US.
Perhaps before the interview at the embassy, you should call there and clarify exactly which facts and evidence you need to submit to the embassy in order to strengthen their faith in your deep ties with the Motherland. For example, work, family, the availability of real estate, a rich history of trips to distant countries.
The sponsorship letter should contain the following data:
surname, name of the sponsor; place of work and position, occupation; Address, phone, e-mail, other contact information – skype, whats-up; The duration of your trip; the phrase that he pays for a trip to the US, including flights, meals and accommodation in the US, and also gives you a certain amount of money for running costs; if the sponsor lives in the US, the invitation letter should contain the phrase that he gives you a roof over his head and guarantees and guarantees your return to the homeland;
Your sponsor must have enough income to pay for your stay in the US, he must have a permanent job or business in the States.
Sometimes one letter is not enough and the future sponsor should apply to the official bodies of his State and specify which documents he must provide for the sponsorship letter-invitation. Sometimes it is necessary to confirm the citizenship of the sponsor and confirmation from the bank about financial solvency. Sometimes you need to notarize a sponsorship letter.
Visa interview at the US Embassy.
In a visa interview, try to answer sincerely and honestly about the purpose of the trip and questions about the sponsor. Do not be nervous, do not be joking and do not be afraid. There should be no discrepancies or double meaning in the answers.
Prepare for an interview and a trip in advance, as sometimes the invitation letter and the transfer of documents take a certain time.
Sponsorship helps when other factors do not create a negative field when the visa officer has to refuse a visa. For example, the lack of permanent work, travel abroad and an uncertain family situation. Nothing should say that you are going to immigrate to the US, because this is a completely different story.
In addition to being responsible to you, the sponsor has a responsibility to the United States for returning to your homeland.
Almost 100% of the refusal will be in case the sponsor is your direct relative living in the US or a potential groom. In this case, do not say that you pay for the trip.
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