About medicine in Sweden.

About medicine in Sweden.
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Undoubtedly, this statistics is influenced by a high social standard of living, but a high proportion is due to the quality of medical care in Sweden. Over the past decades, the country has dramatically decreased the mortality from heart attacks and strokes, and the survival of patients suffering from cancer. In addition, with an increase in life expectancy, the birth rate is constantly growing.
On the structure of the Swedish medical system.
The health care system in Sweden is financed by taxpayers, with most of the costs for health care being provided by municipalities and the state, patients must pay only a symbolic share of medical expenses.
In general, the general system of medical care in Sweden is divided into: emergency care, specialist supervision and outpatient treatment. Dental care is provided to the Swedish population by private doctors or through Folktandvarden – this is a nationwide system. For children (after reaching 20 years) dental care is provided free of charge.
Medical care in Sweden is represented, first of all, by polyclinics, which are equipped with modern equipment and staffed by various categories. In addition to polyclinics, there are specialized clinics in the country: family planning centers, women’s counseling, children’s counseling, etc.
About the system of medical and social insurance in Sweden.
The system of social and health insurance of Sweden covers all the population of the country, as well as foreign citizens living in the country for a long time legally.
Medical insurance in Sweden is mandatory and universal, allowing all categories of the population, including low-income, to receive high-tech expensive medical care. At the same time, insurance payments and compensation are greater the higher the costs incurred by the patient. The following categories of medical equipment are subject to insurance: medicines for outpatient treatment, the reception of a general practitioner and specialist, dentist services, inpatient treatment, and transport costs associated with obtaining medical care. There are even compensations that provide for a reduction in payments, if the patient monitors health: carries out prof. inspections, leads a healthy lifestyle, etc.
Private insurance in Sweden is poorly developed, which is due to the relatively high cost of private health insurance due to high taxes established by the state in this area.
Instead of a conclusion about Swedish medicine.
An interesting feature of Swedish health care is that the level of equipping of local hospitals and medical centers with medicines and equipment is at the highest level, however, patients’ satisfaction with medical care lags far behind other countries of Western and Northern Europe.
For citizens of Scandinavian fear, EEA / EU and Switzerland, medical care is provided on a general basis in the event that they have European-type health insurance cards.
For foreign nationals who are officially employed in the country and registered with the local population tax registry, the Swedish health care system is granted the same rights as citizens of the country.
Access to medical and social insurance is the right of all foreign citizens who live in Sweden for a long time.
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