About the contents of dogs and Canadian dogs.

About the contents of dogs and Canadian dogs.
The maintenance of dogs in homes and apartments in Canada. Are there special places for dog walking. What rules should be observed by owners of pets.
Hello, dear friends. Today we have a question about dogs. They ask me: “Tell me, please, is it true that every dog in Canada should be sewn with a chip, are there any special places for dog walking, how are things with the waste of dog life – who and how does it clean, what documents are needed for the dog? – and then they give an example from life. – My mother has new neighbors, and they have a big dog, and when the owners are not at home, she constantly barks and whimpers. How do you handle such situations in Canada? “- let’s start with the dogs and finish with the actual situation.
I know, unfortunately, only three people who have dogs, so it will not work very efficiently. However, if you talk about three of my friends, then no chips are not sewed to dogs, but they are required to undergo vaccination from the very birth and should be examined by veterinarians. That is, if you start a dog, others should be sure that she is not a carrier of any infectious disease, and in this regard, each animal has a certificate in which notes are made about which vaccinations and when were made.
Further on about the walking of dogs. They walk everywhere. There is no special separate zone for this. Everything is democratic and free. Naturally, most masters walk their pets, usually in parks. I must say that the cities in Canada are generally green, and in each quarter there is a small garden, a park where mothers with children walk, and where you can walk dogs. If you can not walk them, then in such a place there will be an appropriate prohibiting sign. Now I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen a lot of zones where such signs hung, and something special does not come to mind especially. That is, I saw only a couple of locations where this sign hung, and in all the others, by the way, here’s a dog walking-there are no places for a ban on walking. You see, people walk around the streets with dogs, everything is fine, everything is fine.
Now about the situations with the living of animals in the house. I already said in the video, which is dedicated to the apartments, that not every house or apartment is allowed to have animals. You still need to find an apartment where the landlord (the owner) will not mind if you have an animal at home. Because whining, gulping and such things are very nervous and disturbing to neighbors, and this, firstly, can cause a person to go to the landlord, and then leave the place of residence, on the basis of the fact that there is a dog that interferes calmly live. And the owner is interested in that he constantly had tenants, and he did not lose profit. Secondly, in the event that no measures are taken, the same rule applies as with loud music, that is, simply the police are called. It’s about the landlords and living in the apartment.
Another point is that there is a very developed organization for the protection of animal rights. They are almost perceived as a person. And if neighbors report to the Society for the Protection of Animals that the animal is one, whines, etc., then the person is threatened with very great consequences from the point of view of the fine and, possibly, the prohibition to have animals at home and generally engage in them. In this respect, everything is very strict.
In my lifetime, I remember several broadcasts, reports about unscrupulous people who took their dogs with them to shops, shut them up in cars, and there was heat, summer, and dogs died of suffocation or howled, fought in hysterics, because they were ill from heat.
Now back to the situation with your mom’s neighbors. What would have happened in Canada: firstly, a call to the landlord, about the fact that the dog whines and prevents living. He, in turn, should immediately call the owners of the dog, so that they take some measures, calm their animal; secondly, if the situation repeats, then again the landlord calls, and he already puts the question squarely – either people get rid of the dog or leave the apartment. If the landlord does not do anything, then the police are called, which, under the Civil Code, deals with the owners of the animal.
This is the situation with dogs and their contents at home. I hope that your question was answered exhaustively. If not, then ask some more questions, and if they are very specific, then I will talk with my friends who have pets. I wish you all the best, good-bye.
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