Acquisition of citizenship by the spouses of the Germans.

Acquisition of citizenship by the spouses of the Germans.
The acquisition of German citizenship by the spouses of Germans is possible on preferential terms. The required period of life in Germany is less.
Spouses of citizens of Germany, as well as registered partners (Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft – for same-sex marriages) can obtain German citizenship on facilitated, in comparison with the usual Einbulgerung process, conditions. The German law allowing this is & sect; 9 StAG. The benefits primarily concern the timing: German citizenship can be obtained after 3 years of residence in Germany.
Terms of obtaining German citizenship for the spouses of the Germans.
Prerequisites for obtaining citizenship by a spouse or a registered partner of a German citizen:
Marriage must be officially recognized in Germany. Be sure to be married at the time of application and citizenship. And not just to be married, not to be in the process of divorce and to conduct a joint household. At the time of application, the marriage must be a minimum of two years. In this case, the German spouse must already have German citizenship during all this time, that is, was not itself naturalized during this period. Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language. It is required to present a certificate of knowledge of German at the level of B1. Proof of knowledge of the German legal and public order and relations in society. This is proved by the successful passing of Einb Urgerungstest or the education received in Germany. It is usually required to prove a legal stay in the territory of Germany for at least three years. They can count this period even in case of breaks, but at the same time it is necessary that there is a period of two years of continuous residence in the country. If the marriage is already three years, then it is allowed to stay in Germany for less than three years, but this is at the discretion of the official. At the time of application, Niederlassungserlaubnis – permanent residence. Spouses of German citizens can receive it after three years of living in a joint marriage in the country. It is allowed to apply and with residence permit – Aufenthaltserlaubnis, in the event that all conditions for obtaining Niederlassungserlaubnis have already been fulfilled. The conditions of permanent residence practically coincide with the conditions for obtaining German citizenship, so there should not be any problems with this item, if everything else is in order. Availability of housing – rented or own. It is compulsory to live with a spouse and conduct a joint farm at the specified address. At the same time, you need to remain a resident of Germany, that is, stay in the country for at least six months a year. The availability of sufficient means to exist without state aid (also for other family members who are on maintenance, for example, children). For spouses or registered partners of a German citizen, it is sufficient if the maintenance of the family is provided by one of the spouses / partners. When receiving state aid (for example, unemployment benefits Arbeitslosengeld II or social assistance Sozialhilfe), citizenship is only possible in exceptional cases. No criminal record for committing a crime. The same exceptions apply as with other naturalization. Further exceptions are possible only in special cases. Refusal of former citizenship. Here there are the same exceptions as when obtaining German citizenship according to the usual rules.
Possible exceptions to requirements.
A three-year stay is not always necessary. A shorter period of stay is possible for persons who, for business reasons, reside abroad if foreign activities take place in the interests of Germany, for example, embassy officials, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the German army (Bundeswehr).
The requirements for knowledge of the language and for knowledge of the legal and public order can be mitigated in case of chronic diseases or disability that prevent the passing of exams. Also these conditions can be canceled simply because of age, if it is a question of deep old age.
Required documents.
To apply for German citizenship in Einb r rgerungsamt it is required to attach:
a passport, a passport or other certificate of obtaining the German nationality of the spouse, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, a certificate of dissolution of previous marriages, evidence of sufficient income and pensions, a short biography – Lebenslauf.
The Office for Citizenship in each particular case may also request other documents if they so require to ascertain the fulfillment of all the conditions for Einb Ugerger. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the list of required documents directly in Einb? Rgerungsamt.
The process of obtaining citizenship.
First you need to submit an application, the form of which can be obtained directly from Einb & rgerungsamt or downloaded on the agency’s website.
After submitting the application, the official will check the fulfillment of all the above conditions. Further, requests will be made to various state institutions – labor exchange, social department, police and other structures, which will confirm the information specified in the application. This can take quite a long time, it is necessary to count for six months. It is necessary to take care in advance of the expiration date of the passport. It is better to get a new one before starting the process.
If the checks are completed successfully, the applicant is given a guarantee of obtaining German citizenship after presenting a certificate of withdrawal from the citizenship of other non-EU countries. With this paper, you should contact the embassy of your country. Otherwise, the process is described in detail in the article about obtaining German citizenship in the usual way.
The cost of obtaining citizenship is 255 & euro; per adult and 51 �; on the child. Underage children from other marriages can also be included in the process of obtaining citizenship on preferential terms.
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Thank you for your help, this is not the first time I have asked you questions! Such a situation for friends-live in Germany for 1 year (Spouse by 7g husband on 8g- with Kazakhstan passport and now with a residence permit for 2 years), now the husband plans to spend most of the time in Kazakhstan (the main work) has already done Abmeldung did the question-whether there will be problems in extending residence permits if most of the time he will not hold in Germany, but the spouse naturally gives him consent to an extension? Thank you in advance.
Hello! Tell me please, when applying for citizenship, does my husband need a signature? I have only Aufenthaltserlaubnis so far.
Hello, my husband is a German who has lived in Switzerland for 2 years. Can I obtain German citizenship after 3 years of marriage, living with him in Switzerland?
Hello, Stepan. Many thanks for your work. I have a question. Can a German citizen marry a citizen of another state if he is not officially working at the moment and is receiving benefits. is it true that for marriage only official employment is needed.
Good afternoon! I’m going to move to the 4th paragraph, I’ve already sent all the necessary documents, I’m waiting for Ab. I was going to get married soon. In this regard, questions arose: Does it make sense to wait in Russia for 3 years or better to go, and his wife later to call on the 8 paragraph. In addition, she still has one year to study. I also wanted to clarify the shortcomings of the 8th paragraph in comparison with the 7th. Can 8g negatively affect her profession? She is a future doctor. Somewhere I read that there may be problems with training or retraining if the diploma is not confirmed. Thankful in advance for answers.
Hello, Stepan! Prompt please in such question. I have been living since April 2016 with my husband in the city of Lubeck, he is a German I with Ukrainian citizenship. I was given a residence permit for three years. I have a friend in Berlin who, like I married a German, got a residence permit for 3 years. So this friend said that she immediately given a visa, gave a referral to the mandatory migration courses, which are necessary for compulsory passing the B1 examination, without which she will not be given permanent residence after 3 years. Nobody sent me anywhere. But, I now have reflected on this question. Are these migration courses mandatory for obtaining permanent residence after 3 years? Or are their laws on different lands? At the moment I’m already working, though not a full day, but Basis. Thankful in advance for the answer. Sincerely, Natalia.
I know that in many countries, when you reach a certain age (65-70 years), you do not need to take the language exam.
Question: – In Germany, there are some age limits for the exemption from the language test?
I want to note that I do not pursue citizenship, and by and large do not need support, because I work under contract and taxes to the German state to pay no wishes either.

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