Again lucky: the border of Montenegro-Bosnia and Herzegovina. We spend the night in Trebinje.

Again lucky: the border of Montenegro-Bosnia and Herzegovina. We spend the night in Trebinje.
I saw that the articles began to be discussed in the comments, it’s great. So, you, dear guests and regular blog visitors, are interested in our trip, thank you!
Yes, yes, today we are going to a new country – Bosnia and Herzegovina is waiting. Also a very specific country in terms of independent travel. I know that tourists usually visit Bosnia only two places – Mostar and the capital of Sarajevo. However, we climbed a little further and what came out of it read in a series of articles on this country.
200 km to the border with Bosnia.
Last time I was a little intrigued by you, stopping the story on the spot when we were picked up and frozen on the road from Zabljak. These kind people turned out to be a family of Czechs who went to Croatia on a visit.
An amazing thing, but their route ran right across the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina – the next country on our list according to plan.
In fact, I thought that after returning on the road we had already traversed, we would be able to jump out of the corner on the road to Herceg Novi, since at the beginning of our trip through Montenegro I was thinking of going there, but the route from Kotor somehow did not stick with visiting it places. And now we got the second opportunity.
But we also missed it when we passed a barely noticeable pointer, I did not see it. As a result, only 10 km after the missed turn, we stood with the Czechs at the border.
Now I will conduct a small educational program: to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Russian tourist needs to have a tour voucher. In other words, a piece of paper where it is written in which hotel in Bosnia we will live, what places to visit and other trifles.
Naturally, we did not think of any hotel, much less about the tour voucher, deciding to skip at random. When the border guards came to us after the Czechs and did not receive the necessary paper, they turned us around and said, “Without paper, you’re insects,” so there’s nothing to do in Bosnia.
We got upset, we pulled out our backpacks from the trunk, and it was already turned in the opposite direction when I heard a Russian speech behind me: “Guys, what do you want in Bosnia?”. From the first floor the head of the border post leaned out, I approached him and said straight out that we want to see Sarajevo and Mostar. The man scratched the back of his head, then waved the hand to the border guard to put the stamp on his passport and let us pass.
The Czechs did not manage to leave yet, as our backpacks occupied a familiar place in their trunk. They were surprised and interested in the situation.
The first frontier town is Trebinje.
The first city after the border was Trebinje, where we asked to land. The time was already late, so we decided to spend the night here, and tomorrow we will go to Mostar for sightseeing.
Of course, the first place where we looked was “Pekara”, where literally for 2 euros (we did not yet have local money) took the most naive a la khachapuri with greens.
After a light “dinner”, Mila and I headed to find a place to sleep. In the city of the tent to put, of course, we did not intend, so we immediately went to the exit. Despite the evening time, it was quite stuffy.
Somewhere near the river and the road I noticed a huge field with dried cherry trees. There was practically no greens on them, but there were slightly ripe fruits, which attracted our attention. In addition, the field was quite comfortable for the installation of our “mini-house”, only you have to go deeper into the trees.
When we were pushing through the bare branches and the high dried grass, we had already traversed half way, I heard behind me a whistle and exclamations. Two men in turtles almost fled in our tracks, and shouted that we needed to return. What to do, had to obey.
When we came up to them, two men in their own language began to proclaim that it is impossible to walk here, for “mine, mine, boom!”. I do not even know whether they intimidated us so that we did not shalade in private territory, or whether the field was indeed mined here since the war, is unclear, but we hurried back. If the latter theory is correct, then it is understandable why in such a huge field there are as many untreated and dry cherries.
The men pointed their finger towards the bank of the river, where several tents already stood, and some people with darkish skin scampered from shore to lawn, more reminiscent of Gypsies than of local tourists. Just in case, nodding his head that “we have understood everything and will not do this any more,” we avoided the “mini-camp” and headed further along the highway to the exit from Trebinje.
Water mills.
The standard scheme “to ask for someone on the territory” somehow did not stick. Private houses were few, and those that were flatly refused to let strangers for a high prickly fence.
So we reached the stony bank of the river with water mills. It was very close to the road. On the shore almost at the very mills there were many fishermen, and they tried, probably, to fish something interesting in a shallow but fast river.
Moving 500 meters away from the fishermen, we found ourselves on an absolutely quiet rocky beach – it was a more or less suitable place to stay overnight. We chose a bigger tree and quietly set up our tent there.
The night passed quite calmly, only in the morning a strong wind rose and we had to get up earlier than we would have liked. While Mila splashed in the cool water of a deserted river, I went with a camera at the top of the watermills to see them better.
In fact, a very profitable generator. Put such a mill on the river bed, and voila # 8212; free electricity, which is enough, perhaps, even for a small factory. In addition, the bonus is irrigation of the fields, the water along the aqueducts went all over the village and fields.
I now regret a bit that we did not walk around Trebinje better, they say a very pretty town. At that time, the mills were enough for us, and we decided to go further to Mostar to take a look at the sites of the old battles and to the amazing bridge that attracts the attention of most tourists.
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“Mine, mine, boom!” & # 8212; can they offer a boom? when I was in Taia, I was offered a boom almost at every step.
Aidar, this is not Tai. These are our Slav brothers, how could you think so badly about them?)
Thais are better than Slavs unequivocally.
hmm & # 8230 ;. it’s a little difficult to compare a squirrel with a hare.
Nation is very different. I think both are good in their own way, let’s say.
It was not necessary to hurry and leave Trebinje, because the city is considered the most beautiful in the south of the country! He was there twice for one day and still did not have time to see everything he wanted. Krasotischa is unreal.
Andrei, good afternoon. I rest in Montenegro and plan to see Trebinje. I have a question: will there be any problems on the border, because I do not have any vouchers, but there is a list of non-specificities in the CH? In Trebinje I plan to stay a couple of days. Thank you for understanding.
Galina good afternoon! Now vouchers in BG have been canceled, so I do not think there will be any problems.
I already realized right now that we have gone too fast over Bosnia, it’s not just Trebinje who is concerned. But there was our first independent, so we are not yet accustomed to harsh conditions. Perhaps, in the future there will be an opportunity to correct this moment)
Is it possible to cross this border on foot? Maybe you noticed this at the border post?
Olga, welcome. To admit, I do not remember exactly. I remember that at that moment arose the thought that as long as we are dealing with border troops, our passing car will leave with impatience and we will have to look for another. So, maybe there’s only a car, but I’m not saying. It is better to search this information for officers. sources.
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