All about life in Thailand and how to move there to live.

All about life in Thailand and how to move there to live.
To leave to live in Thailand, probably, everyone dreamed, who though time came to this madly-amazing country on rest. It would seem that in this difficult? I bought a ticket, booked a hotel or immediately a house on the beach and jerked!
However, to such an important step as moving to live in Thailand, you must carefully prepare and consider some very important points!
Here I will not spend a lot of time talking about ties with the homeland, habits and other things, though important, but clearly fading before a dream to live in Thailand. We will begin at once with step-by-step instructions on how to move to live in Thailand. First, let’s talk about the necessary minimum, and then about the maximum – business, children, training at a Thai university, buying a house, a car.
For permanent residence in Thailand.
1 . To begin with, it’s about money. Of course, without them you can not a priori move anywhere! Do not expect to find work in Thailand without the knowledge of Thai and without the availability of an appropriate visa. To employ foreigners Thais are afraid, since they are punished for hiring foreigners without a work visa. This is still all about work. Let’s talk about your income, which you must have when you move.
For a normal life, you need at least $ 800 a month. This is a minimum of two. There are people who survive for $ 500 and even less, but this is quite extreme, they survive. Where will you take these 800 dollars is already your personal business – will it be money from the delivery of real estate at home or work on the Internet. The more money you have, the better.
2. In advance, think about exactly where you would like to move to permanent residence in Thailand. Of course, if you were already in Thailand, you drew at least an approximate picture of yourself. Before making a choice in favor of a particular region, it is strongly recommended that you travel around the country (especially since it is not so expensive) and understand where you will be more comfortable. For example, we are comfortable in the north – a suitable climate, there is no such sizzling heat, prices are cheaper than the sea, beautiful mountain nature. If you are an adventurer, then upon arrival in Bangkok, you can determine on the spot which region you will be visiting first.
3. Further. If you already know exactly where you are going to move to live in Thailand, then you need to look for suitable housing. As practice shows (and not only ours), to look for housing is better on the spot. So you have more chances to take down what you really like. Oh, in Thailand, you just will not stay on the street! Wherever there are signs For rent, you will find accommodation. Just go for a walk in the streets and watch. Where you will see, knock, or call the specified phone, the owner of the home will definitely come to your call! You can also rent a house or apartment through a real estate agency. You will see on the street a display case, which will be pasted with colored ads and photos of houses – safely go and explain what you need.
You can rent accommodation starting from 5 to 20 thousand baht per month. This is an apartment (condominimum), or a house (or the same house!). As a rule, foreigners settle in condos in cities such as Pattaya, Chiang Mai or Ao Nang, and in houses on Samui, Phuket, Pangana, etc. Such houses stand apart from Thai, often it is a landscaped area, albeit small, where only foreigners live. We rented a house on Koh Samui for 7000 baht a month.
4 . Food. Eating in Thailand is tasty and inexpensive, perhaps every foreigner, even with the most modest budget. On Thai food outside the home and at home read very in detail in the article food in Thailand.
It makes sense to say that it’s hard with dairy products, sausages and cheeses are expensive.
5 . The shops. That’s what it’s all about, and Thailand has no shortage in stores! A huge network of Big C, Tesco, Makro, which sells products, clothing, appliances, household goods, and small retail chains 7 * 11 and Family Mart, round the clock.
6. Movements. Public transport in Thailand is developed quite well, especially in big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hatiyai and others. However, if you are going to leave for Thailand for permanent residence, you may need your personal transport, which you will not already rent, paying a decent monthly money, and buy. Buy a car or a moped in Thailand is not difficult.
7. We talked about the minimum, now let’s talk about the maximum. Business in Thailand. It is not easy to open a business in Thailand, and even very difficult, but if you decide to live there once and for all and do not want to constantly think about visa issues, then this is one of the most acceptable options for legally staying in the country.
8 . An important question about where you will live. Renting a whole apartment or house for some may not seem very convenient, although, for example, in the west it’s in the order of things, our compatriots prefer to live in their home, sleep on their beds and generally dispose of their property at their own discretion. Buying a property in Thailand can be a bargain for you!
9 . And finally, when you have already bought a car, an apartment, sorted out food and maybe even opened your business, you would like to get an education in Thailand, or send your children to study at a prestigious school. All this is very real, so dare!
Life in Thailand.
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