All possible ways to obtain German citizenship.

All possible ways to obtain German citizenship.
Germany attracts many foreigners with a stable economy, a high standard of living, social benefits and payments, and quality medical care. The received higher education is recognized and appreciated in many countries of the world. Therefore, many residents of Russia and Ukraine are stopping their choice precisely on the FRG.
Statistical data on emigration.
Of those who immigrated to Germany, about 9% are Russians. Most of the immigrants are German immigrants from Russia. By 2011, in the last 10-15 years, 612 thousand people settled in the FRG.
In 2013, 11,250 immigrants have issued German citizenship. The number of former Russian citizens was 2.8 thousand, and Ukrainian – 4.5 thousand people.
The Russian diaspora, living in the country, is the most numerous and has about 2.4 million people. This number has developed from 1988 to 2014.
According to the sociological research of the Heidelberg Institute, in 2016 about 21% of Russian settlers live and work in Germany. The largest number lives in the cities of Bavaria.
Immigration programs.
For people who decide to settle on German soil, you can use several schemes for moving. Get a residence permit for up to three years or permanent residence for a period of five years, and then qualify for citizenship.
Business immigration & # 8212; now the most actual way of moving, since the owners of not only large but also small business can apply:
Register a company in the country; Open a representative office; Buy a business in progress; Joint venture.
The businessman is given a chance to get permanent residence after five years.
Investments: a migrant for resettlement in the country is ready to invest in the economy of capital from 350,000 euros. First, the residence permit is issued for three years, then the permanent residence for five years. But how to get permanent residence for pensioners in Europe, will help to understand the information from this article.
Blue card: high-level specialists receive it after an official invitation from the employer. Requires work experience of five years and a diploma of higher education, which meets the standards of the European Union.
Refugee status: issued to persons who have managed to prove that hostilities are taking place in the homeland.
The conclusion of marriage: the formal registration of marriage with a German citizen who has a source of income, is issued a residence permit for three years.
Jewish immigration: for residents of Russia and Ukraine, it is required to prove the residence of relatives in the country during the Second World War.
Belonging to the German nation: it is necessary to provide documentary evidence of German roots.
Training: for applicants you need to provide an extract from the financial institution for the amount of 8000 euros. The availability of an approved scholarship from any sponsor from 640 euros. At the end of the university you can extend the residence permit for 1.5 years for employment.
Reunification with the family: spouse (a), children under 18 years have the right to move to the holder of residence permit. The main requirement: the availability of housing and financial solvency.
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On video, how to obtain German citizenship:
Preferential design.
The fastest and simplest scheme for obtaining citizenship for citizens of Russia and Ukraine was and remains the program for Jewish immigration and ethnic Germans.
Ethnic immigrants.
Registration begins with the application for each member of the family. On the main applicant of this category of persons the status of permanent residence is immediately issued, bypassing the residence permit. Application for citizenship is submitted in three years. Applicants must pass the testing on the legal basis of the state and the language proficiency test.
Jewish immigration.
People who moved to Germany under this scheme receive a document on privileges. A special provision provides for the issuance of German citizenship under a simplified procedure. The period of stay in the country for citizenship is six years. Obligatory condition: no criminal record, knowledge of the language, confirmed by the certificate and passing the test. But how to go to Germany for permanent residence and what methods exist, you can read in this article.
On a video transfer to Germany for permanent residence:
Registration of marriage.
The process of registration of citizenship for this group of persons is also formalized according to a simplified scheme. The application is submitted after a two-year period of official registration, and also after three years of stay in the territory of Germany.
Nationality at birth.
To obtain citizenship is possible to a child born after 01/01/2000. It is assigned immediately if the parents meet the following criteria:
At least one has German citizenship; Have the status of permanent residence both parents; Adopted children after a three-year stay in Germany and having citizenship with their parents.
Citizenship in business immigration and investment.
Under this scheme, it is possible to obtain citizenship for a businessman and his family. The migrant does not need to pass the exam in German.
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After six years of residence, refugees can become citizens of the country.
Standard conditions of registration.
People who do not fall under preferential terms must meet the following requirements for citizenship:
Staying in the country for eight years continuously. Departure on a working holiday does not affect the period; Availability of permanent residence; Absence of previous conviction; Confirmed financial security for the whole family, except for the allowance; Personal or removable housing; Absence of former citizenship; Knowledge of the state language; Adoption of the existing order of the country.
Members of the family of the main applicant have the opportunity to register citizenship with account of staying in the country for less than 8 years. At registration of documents the fee is 255 euros.
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Double citizenship.
Is it possible to have dual citizenship of Russia and Germany?
The presence of a second citizenship is a certain stumbling block to the ruling elite. In their opinion, it is the citizenship of Germany that should have an advantage, although many EU countries are quite loyal to this issue.
In 2015, several innovations were adopted, allowing children of migrants born in Germany to retain the citizenship of their parents.
But whether it is possible to have dual citizenship in the US, is described in detail in this article.
In addition, according to the agreement between Switzerland and EU states, persons residing on their territory may have the citizenship of two countries. But due to certain circumstances, Russians can retain their previous citizenship and obtain German citizenship if they prove that an immigrant who has lost Russian citizenship will suffer damage to his well-being.

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