All that is important to know about getting a visa to Croatia.

All that is important to know about getting a visa to Croatia.
Croatia is a paradise of Europe, unusually attractive for tourism: the impressive kilometer of the coastal sea line, warm Mediterranean climate, highly developed infrastructure, a lot of architectural historical values, amazing landscapes and reserves. Since 2013, Croatia is a member of the European Union, and this fact added certain difficulties to those wishing to visit this country. Now, to enter the territory of the state, you need a visa. It is possible to make a visa on your own, which is cheaper, but longer and more difficult, or to contact a company specializing in such services, which will be more expensive, but it will save you a lot of time and nerves, and, besides, will save you from running around instances.
Visas are tourist and transit. A tourist visa is issued if the country plans to visit the country with a tourist purpose or with a private visit. Transit is needed in case if you need to temporarily cross the border of Croatia while following the country of final destination. Both tourist and transit types of visas are single or multiple.
One-time tourist visa is issued for a period of time, indicated in the invitation or confirmation of the hotel. By the required deadline, 15 days are added; multiple entry visa is issued for a period of not more than 90 days for six months; transit visa is valid up to 90 days. It can not be more than five days in Croatia; if a multiple transit visa is issued – the driver is allowed to stay in the country for up to five days with each new entry.
Also, a visa may be required for those traveling on a cruise liner along the Adriatic Sea, if the guest wishes to get off to the Croatian shore. Such a visa is issued either in the Consulate of Croatia, or directly on board the liner. If the guest turns to the Consulate, the visa is made as usual; If it is decided to issue a visa on the liner – it is necessary to warn the captain about his intention to get off the liner on the coast. The captain will forward your documents to the appropriate authorities. Registration of this type of visa requires the payment of a visa fee of $ 40 US dollars or 180 kuna (Croatian currency).
Example of a tourist visa to Croatia.
Please note: Croatia is a member state of the European Union, but not Schengen! This means that when you apply for a visa to Croatia, you can not freely travel with it across the rest of Europe, as the Schengen visa allows.
Independent submission of documents.
If it is decided to do the visa on its own, without the help of the firm – you need to apply to the Consulate of the Embassy of Croatia or one of the Visa Centers. The Consular Section must be registered at the reception in advance by phone or via the Internet; You can do this from Monday to Thursday from 9-30 to 13-30. Documents must be submitted in person. About the time of issuing the documents you will be informed by the specialist of the consular department.
To apply to the Visa Center, preliminary recording is not required. Reception of citizens takes place from Monday to Friday, working hours from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon. Ready visas are issued from 11-00 to 17-00.
With the collected package of documents you need to apply for a visa about three months before the proposed journey. More information about visiting the Visa Centers can be found by calling + 7-499-426-03-32 or + 7-499-681-13-68 (Visa Center of Croatia in Moscow)
Required documents.
What documents will you need to make a visa to Croatia? The list is given below.
Tourist visa.
a passport that continues to operate for at least 3 months after you return from the trip; a photocopy page from your passport with your personal information; photo color in the quantity of one piece, size 3 * 3.5 (light background, corners and ovals absent); a questionnaire in English and Russian with your personal signature (1 piece). The surname of the owner of the questionnaire should be written exactly as in the passport (Latin); if you plan a private visit, you must also attach an invitation from friends or relatives. In addition to the invitation, there should be a copy of the passport of the inviter (if he is a citizen of Croatia) or a copy of his residence permit (if the person does not have Croatian citizenship); in the event that a tourist trip is planned, you will need to confirm the hotel reservation or provide paper from the travel agency describing the tour; if you plan to visit neighboring countries during your holiday in Croatia – you need to provide tickets, as well as documents proving the fact of booking a hotel in a neighboring country. If there is a need for a visa to a third country, you need to provide it, as well as paper from the travel agency describing the tour; copies of round-trip air tickets or railway tickets also in both directions; document from work, where the position and amount of wages are indicated. If the applicant is studying, a document from the place of study is required. If the applicant temporarily does not work, you need to attach a guarantee letter from the sponsor (one of the relatives), a certificate from the workplace of that relative, a copy of the bank card and an extract from the bank account of the existence of sufficient means of subsistence; if you are traveling with a child (children) – you need to provide photocopies of his birth certificate. If the child travels to Croatia accompanied by one of the parents or an unauthorized person who is not a parent, a notarized power of attorney from the remaining parent (or both parents) must be added to the package of documents permitting the child to be taken out. Also, you need to attach a photocopy of the first page of the Russian passport of the principal (principal); medical insurance, the insurance amount of which should be from 30 000 euros; a receipt from the bank, proving the payment for the visa fee; actually a visa application form.
The package of documents for obtaining a one-time and multiple-entry visa is standard; One or two pieces of paper are added to the standard set, depending on the purpose of the visit.
Transit visa.
To obtain a transit visa type, you need to collect such documents:
a foreign passport valid for three or more months after your return from Croatia; photocopy of the page from the passport with your personal information; one photo colored, made on a light background, without corners and ovals, measuring 3 * 3.5; A certificate confirming the fact of your employment, which indicates salary and position. If you study – a certificate from the school. If you do not study and do not work, a sponsorship letter from one of your relatives is added to the documents, a certificate from your place of work, a photocopy of the plastic bank card. In addition, an extract from the bank account is required that the funds are available in sufficient quantity for a comfortable stay; a visa to the country of final destination (if it is necessary), In addition, it is air or railway tickets.
If the purpose of your trip is Slovenia and you are traveling through airports in Pula or Zagreb, you need to make a two-way transit Croatian visa. A similar visa will also be required if you are traveling to Montenegro via the airport of Dubrovnik.
For successful reception of the Croatian visa it is recommended to each tourist to have money resources in quantity from 50 euros a day. 50 euros is the minimum. In case the hotel, hostel camping, etc. not paid or just booked, the minimum amount per person per day increases to 100 euros. These requirements must be taken into account when filling out an account statement with the bank – the amount of the bank balance must cover these expenses. In the event that an applicant submitting a certificate of the status of his finances sponsors not only himself but also one of his or her companions, the amounts on his account must be sufficient for all the sponsored ones.
Cost and speed of registration.
The standard amount charged for processing a Croatian visa is 35 euros. In this case, the processing time is from one to two weeks. If you need to make a document in the shortest time, then you have to pay 70 euros, and in this case you will wait only 1-3 days. If you decide to make a visa with the help of the Visa Center – to these amounts be ready to pay an additional service charge of 19 euros.
When submitting documents to the Visa Center, you pay all fees directly there in the visa offices. If you make out through the consulate – then you pay the fees in the offices of ZAO UniCreditBank. You can pay in rubles and euros.
The receipt for payment of the fee received from the employee in the consular section must be paid within one day from the moment the application for a visa is submitted. Paying the receipt, you should attach it to the already collected package of documents.
Croatia is a clean sea, a gentle sun, incredible Plitvice lakes, ancient fortresses and a related Slavic culture. You can see for yourself, visiting this wonderful and hospitable country and for a long time retaining the warmest memories of this wonderful piece of the Adriatic.

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