All variants of immigration to Austria.

All variants of immigration to Austria.
Austria is considered one of the most comfortable for life and business of countries. In addition to good education and high social security, immigration to Austria provides opportunities for professional activities, regardless of the current political situation.
The state conducts a rather strict policy towards immigrants and makes a lot of demands on people who want to move to the country. In Austria, there is a quota system, according to which each of the nine federal states annually provides a limited number of permits for residence in the country for foreign citizens.
There are several ways of immigration to Austria:
Educational immigration Labor immigration Business immigration Conclusion of marriage with a resident of Austria Obtaining refugee status.
Educational immigration.
Austrian education is considered quite prestigious and one of the most affordable in comparison with other EU countries. According to the state program, graduates of Austrian universities receive a residence permit with the right to work in European countries.
To enter Austrian universities for bachelor’s programs, it is often not necessary to take entrance examinations. You do not even need to know German at the time of enrollment – some universities offer preparatory language courses (the cost of the course is approximately � 400). A more thorough selection is carried out for graduate and doctoral programs.
After admission to the Austrian University students receive a student residence permit. Upon arrival in the country, it is mandatory to register with the Office for Foreigners. Subsequently, you can extend the valid residence permit there.
As a rule, for foreigners studying in Austria is paid (about � 730 per semester). Also additional funds are required for accommodation, insurance, transport, food, organizational fees and other expenses.
Training takes an average of 3-6 years, depending on the chosen program. Students can apply for a work permit during their studies.
Labor immigration.
The local labor market is quite serious competition. Together with the negative attitude of the authorities towards job losses for the Austrians, this can seriously slow down the process of finding a job.
To work in Austria, a foreign citizen must obtain a work visa, which is granted for up to a year with the possibility of renewal.
In Austria, there is a scoring system, through which a specially created commission determines the level of professionalism of foreign applicants. Thanks to her, you can assess your chances of finding a job at the paper preparation stage.
Points are set according to the following criteria:
10/5 points – knowledge of German or English at a high / intermediate level (for each language) 20/15 points – specialist up to 30 years old / 30 years old 10 points – education obtained at the Austrian University 40 points – the presence of a degree of a professor or doctor Sciences 20 points – personal achievements in professional fields.
To get a job, you need to find an employer and apply to the consulate for a RWR Karte document (permission for a specific job at a particular employer). You can get it by typing a certain number of points.
Persons applying for RWR Karte:
highly qualified employees (over 70 points) qualified employees (over 50 points) key employees with a minimum wage of � 2325 (more than 50 points) graduates of Austrian universities (preferential system) entrepreneurs (preferential system)
You can also apply to the embassy for a RWR + card, which allows you to legally stay in Austria for six months in order to find a suitable job without reference to the employer.
Persons applying for RWR + Karte:
owners of RWR Karte who have been employed for the past 10 months by family members of RWR Karte owners and blue EU cards family members of foreign nationals who have settled in Austria on an ongoing basis.
Business immigration.
The Austrian state actively promotes the process of business immigration. Local authorities are primarily interested in attracting large investors and wealthy foreign businessmen. Entrepreneurs from other countries enjoy preferential taxation and are exempt from the incorporation tax. Apply for business immigration to Austria can be persons who have at least 35 thousand euros on their personal account, ready to purchase real estate in the country for at least 95 thousand euros.
To conduct business in the country, you need to get membership in the Austrian Economic Chamber. Any type of entrepreneurial activity must be registered in a special institution – Gewerbebehorde. In the Vienna Economic Chamber it is possible to find out whether the chosen type of activity refers to “free” or whether special permission is required for it. You also need to obtain a license to carry out entrepreneurial activities in a magistrate. In cases involving departmental authorization (for example, construction), you should contact the local governor – der Landeshauptmann.
In addition to the direct supervisor, in any Austrian firm there must be a specialist who monitors compliance with the rules for carrying out the activities specified in the license, and who is fully responsible to the relevant state authorities for this (the license manager). Registration of a new company must also take place with his participation. This post may be held by a citizen of any EU country, but in exceptional cases (when the company engages in “free” activities) citizens of other states are allowed. At the time of registration it is necessary to have half of the minimum authorized capital in the bank account, which is at least 35 thousand euros.
The most common type of business is individual entrepreneurship. The limited liability company is the second most popular organizational and legal form in Austria after the IP. Every day within the country about thirty companies are registered. The company may also be an open joint stock company (AG), a limited partnership (KG) and a general partnership (OG).
So, to open your own company you need:
To obtain a residence permit in the country – Aufenthaltstitel (it is issued at the Austrian Embassy from 3 to 6 months). Purchase a property worth at least 95 thousand euros. Obtain a certificate of residence registration, confirming the Austrian address of residence – Meldezettel. Get membership in the Economic Chamber of Austria. To receive confirmation from the Austrian Economic Chamber that the company being registered is a new enterprise. Notarize the notarial contract (the name of the company, the legal address, the line of business, the size of the authorized capital and information about the founders). To deposit on the deposit account in the bank the minimum amount of the authorized capital (� 35 thousand). Register a company in a local court. To put the company on the tax accounting (it takes about 12 days). Register a commercial activity (Gewerbeanmeldung) in the Commercial Register (Bezirksverwaltungsbehorde). Register employees in the social security system. Register a company in the municipality.
Marriage with a resident of Austria.
The conclusion of a marriage with a citizen of Austria greatly facilitates the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. In this case, the residence permit in the country can be obtained in excess of the annually allocated quotas. Among other things, marriage is the only permitted case of visa change within the country.
The status of an Austrian resident is granted subject to certain conditions:
Joint life at least a year with a spouse living in the country for at least 3 years. A joint life of not less than 2 years with a spouse living in the country for at least 4 years. Cohabitation is not less than 5 years.
Obtaining refugee status.
Speaking about the methods of immigration to Austria, it is necessary to mention the possibility of obtaining refugee status. Local authorities are very loyal to people who have been forced to leave their country.
Seeking asylum in Austria is necessary at the border, where you first need to express your desire and need to get protection from the Austrian state, providing all the necessary arguments and evidence. Then we will have to spend several days in a specialized receiver waiting for an interview, with a positive outcome of which the state will provide temporary housing and help with finding a job. After 4 years of residence as a refugee, one can qualify for citizenship, provided that during this time there were no conflicts with local authorities.
Acquisition of citizenship.
To obtain Austrian citizenship, a foreigner must live in a country with a residence permit for 10 years. Due to various rules and restrictions, even this period does not always guarantee the unhindered acquisition of the status of an Austrian resident. The refugees and outstanding personalities (sportsmen, artists, etc.) have the exclusive right to acquire citizenship after the official residence in the country from 4 to 6 years. If you meet a number of requirements for financial independence, availability of living space and sufficient integration to obtain the status of a resident of Austria can be 10 to 15 years later. Persons living in the country for 30 years, receive citizenship without any conditions. When investing in a government fund of 8 million euros, it is possible to obtain the status of an Austrian resident instantly.
Pros and cons of Austrian citizenship.
Austria is a country with a long history. A place combining breathtaking mountain landscapes and magnificent architecture. The country has a well-developed transport network and various social services. Stable political and economic situations attract thousands of successful entrepreneurs and talented specialists in various fields. Austrian citizenship allows you to freely move and live in any country of the European Union and removes any restrictions on real estate transactions.
The disadvantages can be attributed directly to the complexity of the procedure for obtaining the status of a resident. In many EU countries it is much simpler. Also, having a passport of an Austrian citizen deprives entrepreneurs of the right to preferential taxation, so the decision to immigrate to that country must be carefully considered.
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