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since childhood here, so beloved city)
in general, the city is like a local city. and visitors.
arranges, but I try to address to the checked up doctors.
roads are normal, driving depends on the driver)
the products are normal prices. but here on housing and transport are slightly overstated.
Now I work in the company. I really like the work, especially the atmosphere in the team. The level of a decent one, like the bonus system, as well as active rest with employees) It is not so difficult to find a job in the city, the main thing is to constantly develop your skills.
different prices. I rent for 86 thousand tenge per month.
from 1500 to 7 thousand. tenge per month.
crisis is felt a little.
The city is a typical post-Soviet. In it, the infrastructure is gradually developing, but these efforts are not sufficient. The culture of driving drivers is not high as well as pedestrians. The city is cozy only in its old part. In the so-called center there are a large number of parks and squares in which the townspeople can spend pleasant time. In recent years, there has been a development of the city in terms of its decoration for the New Year holidays. The population is mostly Kazakhs. The city is multinational. You can find people by interests. Basically in the city there is nothing to do. He has many opportunities. Unfortunately there are no worthy entertainments other than the ski resort of Chimbulak. In principle, a couple of days in it you can spend and leave with a positive impression, but the city itself is boring by itself. In terms of behavior, people are all different, there are cultural and educated and as large a number of inadequate. In Almaty, there is no global trend of Megapolis such as diversity. Most people look the same, not often you can meet freaks, informal and other sub-cultures that are abundantly present in all major cities of the world. The landscape of the city is beautiful, especially the mountain panorama, which unfortunately is sometimes not visible due to the abundant smog. Over the past year, a large number of buildings have increased, which have been highlighted in the dark, the city still remains quite dark in the center of the city.
From the last pleasant changes in the city – a new pedestrian street Panfilov, Repair Arbat and part of the street Kalinin (Kabanbai batyr)
Mostly positive or indifferent. Negative is extremely rare.
Miscellaneous. Feels a great variety of people. In general, the city is less multinational than it was before, which affects the overall mentality. There are many good enough people who can tell the road and help in case of what.
Pleasant, sharply continental. With pronounced times of the year (hot summer and cold winter). The population has problems with allergies, especially in the spring and summer months. In general, the climate is pleasant enough in general suits most people. The main problem is the pressure, the main cause of which is the proximity of the city to the Mountain Massifs.
It all depends on the money. There are international universities and schools. There is also a large number of ordinary general education schools.
Depends on the money, the necessary medical assistance in case of an emergency situation you can get.
Basically Russian.
The city has an electronic-cathodic travel system (onay). similar systems are available in all major cities of the world. The culture of driving city buses and passengers themselves desires better), however, a gradual development is felt. There is a metro, the construction of which leaves great hopes in the population and city authorities. The government plans to commission an easy-rail tram. There were also unrealized plans to connect the suburbs of Almaty (Kaskelen and Talgar) with the Monorail train.
By the standards of the world the city is cheap. When calculating the equivale of the average salary of a resident of Almaty and the price level, the city is expensive. For example (Almaty is cheaper than St. Petersburg and more expensive than Kiev)
Work in the city is available, it is attractive for the migration of the population of Kazakhstan.
Expensive, but you can find.
high (sometimes low) depends on the area, in general, you can live.
You can get to know a lot of interesting people.
Moved here half a year ago. I work in the IT field. All very much, the city has its own soul and it’s cool.
There are different people.
Winter is warm in sensations around 0 � C for almost the entire winter. In summer it is very hot, but there are mountains there very fresh air and not as hot as in the city.
Everybody hangs out. The taxi is very easy to catch.
There is a work. It all depends on the experience and skills of the applicant.
Demountable apartment cf. level will cost about $ 500 that is quite expensive.
Sometimes they rob the apartment. Poor compliance with the rules of the road.
Inflation and crisis as in Russia there.
Devaluation is already over 100% (as of January 30, 2016)
The crisis is only just beginning.
Was born here, when the city was officially called “Alma-Ata”. Over time, its appearance has dramatically changed: from concrete Soviet monumentalism to modern glass design, and in places even with a claim to the medieval artistic style. The business center of the city looks very modern and solid, the southern districts, filled with elite residential complexes, do not lag behind. All the rest – tens of thousands of dull “Khrushchev” and high-rise buildings of the late 80s, so familiar to residents of the post-Soviet space.
To the sea: Kapchagay reservoir (recreation centers, boats, refined beaches, etc.) – 2 hours by car.
Issyk-Kul Lake (Kyrgyz Republic) – 5 hours by car.
Lake Balkhash – 12 hours by car.
The attitude of residents to foreigners is in most cases positive, but do not think that this creates any privileges for the latter. The city does not have a tourist bias, therefore it is not always ready for foreigners.
Over the past two decades, the contingent of the local population has changed beyond recognition. Back in the 90s of the last century, the city was dominated by Russian residents, as well as “Russified” (both in terms of language and culture) Kazakhs. Gradual, but stable immigration outflow of educated specialists from representatives of these groups formed a new kind of the majority of the local population. Now the main part of it consists of people from the surrounding villages, visitors from provincial towns, etc. cultural groups. Unfortunately, the level of education, upbringing and cultural values shifted their emphasis to the benefit of the overwhelming majority. Therefore, the outside observer sees gradual degradation of Almaty society.
In the city and its environs reigns sharply continental humid climate. In the summer, the air temperature rises to +43, in winter to -37, which, of course, brings a certain variety to the life of the townspeople, but also abounds with all the ensuing difficulties, such as the need to have an impressive wardrobe, to heat the house qualitatively, etc.
In the city there are several dozens of colleges and universities offering secondary and higher education & quot; education & quot; respectively. The quality of education is low, and the ways to get it are different: from the closing of sessions and coursework for a monetary reward, to the purchase of diplomas through the employees of the educational sphere.
The quality of free medicine corresponds to its cost. By the way, the treatment of serious diseases, as well as the most complicated operations abroad, is carried out for public funds. Of course, this applies only to the citizens of Kazakhstan.
Conversational Kazakh language is not so complicated in the study and is completely given for half a year – a year of constant practice of communication with native speakers.
There are many roads in Almaty, transport access is available to any part of the city and its environs. However, the quality of the roads differs from the & quot; gorgeous & quot; to the pit on the pit & quot; with the predominance of the latter.
Departure to other countries: Departure to other countries is not limited, subject to the basic regulatory laws.
There are 2 railway stations, a bus station and an international airport.
The cost of living is high. Main expenses:
Rental habitation / mortgage from $ 500 per month;
Very modest food basket for two people, per week about $ 120;
Communal payments for the apartment.
50 sq. M. meters, including internet and television are about $ 120 per month.
A movie ticket, the theater is about $ 10;
Musical concert from $ 30 to $ 200;
Bowling, karting, golf, swimming pool, etc. from $ 10-20 per hour .;
Cafe from $ 20 per person;
Restaurant from $ 50 per person.
Job search seriously depends on two factors: connections and professionalism. Having both these components can achieve excellent career growth. Having only the connections, it’s easy to find a “warm place”, with professionalism it’s not so simple, but it’s real. In Almaty, many innovative companies are constantly looking for employees with a high intellectual and professional level, which opens wide spaces for active and creative-oriented people.
Students and beginners – from $ 300 to $ 500 per month;
The average link is from $ 600 to $ 1600 (the approximate ceiling of career growth in most companies);
Managing and highly specialized positions – from $ 2000 to $ 5000.
You can buy an apartment or a house. the cost of housing is beyond the Central Asian region.
One-room apartment in Khrushchev late 50’s, early 60’s costs from $ 40,000 to $ 90,000 (outskirts – center).
Housing in new buildings starts from $ 100,000 in two to three hours drive to the center.
The cost of elite housing varies from $ 250,000 to several million.
The number of petty crimes is high, serious is much less. The work of operational services, in general, is at a good level. However, it is not recommended to travel alone at night, especially for sleeping and empty areas.
There are women and men 🙂
The Internet is available anywhere in the city, the quality of the transfer is good, ping with Russia about 160-180ms, the USA – from 280ms.
ADSL 8Mbit / s $ 30 / month;
Fiber optic connection 100 Mbit / s $ 35 / month;
4G (poorly spread) 30 $ / month.
The local economy is subject to constant inflation in the region of 10-15% per year, as well as unstable domestic currency, which suffers 20-25% of the collapses against the dollar every 3-5 years.
Send the mail pigeon or write to the email: fin (a) [email protected] (remove the brackets and the dollar sign).
To the sea: 60 km to the Kapchagai reservoir, 700 km to the Issyk-Kul lake.
Either they do not notice, or they shy away, because 90% knows at best Kazakh, as a maximum Russian, so they can not understand and help physically.
Local fools are proportional to the distance from the city center.
In summer it is hot, up to +40, in winter it is cold, up to -30. The climate is sharply continental with all the ensuing consequences.
Varies from the sale of diplomas to normal. The cost increases every year.
Normal engineer education costs 2.5-3k dead American presidents per year.
Free medicine leaves much to be desired. Treatment for insurance is slightly more qualitative, but if the disease is serious, then no one will help, it will be necessary to go to another country.
State – Kazakh, most of the urban population knows Russian, English knows a few.
Roads with potholes, can not be repaired normally for a decade. Outside the city roads are worse.
Departure to other countries: Visa-free regime with many countries and neighboring states.
He lived here all his life. Prices for products are normal, for machinery, cars and housing are overstated by 2-3 times the real cost.
There are, different, there would be a desire to work.
1 room in mikrah – 60k, kopeck piece – 80k, and so on, depending on the spoiled sellers.
Rob, kill, rape. I personally was not seen how to kill and raped, but was robbed once so from the heels in 20 years.

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