Anaclet: The Secret Agent watch online.

Anaclet: The Secret Agent watch online.
Anaclet & mdash; A Spanish special agent who imprisoned a huge number of criminals. Of course, he had an impressive fan club and all the fans want him to take revenge. And the most dangerous & mdash; the recidivist Baskes, he is behind bars, thanks to Anaklet, for thirty years. During the transport of Basques to another prison, an attack is made on the car and the bandit escapes. The only purpose of Basquez & mdash; Kill Anaklet and his son Adolfo.
Adolfo also leads a very measured and calm life. He works as a security guard in a supermarket and tries not to get involved in a fight, even if he sees on the monitor’s screen how the robbers drag the TV out of the store. He at this time quietly smokes grass and drinks beer, rightly believing that the price of the goods is fraught with the risk of theft. He has a girlfriend Katya, who works in the hospital. Unlike Adolfo, Katya is an obligatory and responsible person. She decides to leave Adolfo and go to India, because in life she lacks adventure and thrill.
Due to the fact that the government decided to abolish the Spanish special services, Anacleto and Adolfo together must cope with the entire gangster army. In the same struggle, Katya was involved in a random way. But she really wanted adventures and thrills! Everything is shot fun! Baskes sends the best hired assassins, while Adolfo suddenly realizes that he can fight abruptly, and Anaklet has a huge amount of hidden weapons, for example, a pistol with a silencer in a live cow.
Bandits, of course, full of assholes. They are easily deceived, they accidentally kill each other. But there are many of them and Baskes commands them. Anklet introduces his son in the course of espionage. Adolfo has literally on the fly to grasp the wisdom that his father absorbed all his life. At the same time, they have to disguise themselves, pretend that nothing happens. They are forced to pretend that they are engaged in sex, at the very moment when Anklet is being pulled out of the bullet. As a result, it turns out that behind the escape of Basquez is the chief of the special services. Thus, he wanted to restore the former glory of his office and prove to the state its necessity.
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