And where do the French emigrate?

And where do the French emigrate?
Now in the Russian sector of the Internet it is fashionable to exaggerate the topic of emigration. Naturally, emigration from the Russian Federation, and not vice versa. But I decided to be “not in a trend” and devote my emigration post from France, and not to France, as many would have expected.
Where do the French themselves emigrate in search of a better life? Here in this we will look at the statistics.
This French-speaking neighbor of France attracts both wealthy Frenchmen running away from their home tax authorities, as well as tramps moving to the Helvetic Republic in search of a better life and good earnings. A total of 160,000 French refugees live in this country.
Again, the cow, pastoral, mountain scenery, quiet, smooth and social security. In general, the lip is not stupid, I would have lived there myself)).
United Kingdom.
Also a neighbor. English in France is the most studied foreign language. The earnings for the Channel are higher than French, but the cost of living is more expensive, respectively. The young French are attracted to Britain by the fact that it’s easier to get a job and earn as much as you want. Unlike France, where you can earn as much as the state will say, exaggerated of course, but still.
Altogether, 126,000 Frenchmen are being wiped out on Albion.
New York, New York.
I mean America. “American Dream” still attracts the inhabitants of France, as Moscow & # 8212; residents of Kharkov or Tajikistan.
By the way, I personally know the French who have emigrated there, who live and do not snore, but at the same time they drag their relatives there. Country of opportunity, why not)).
The third place with the number of French emigrants is 125,000.
Although witty French and banter over the stupid and slightly inhibited, in their opinion, Belgians, but their northern neighbor is loved. And because they move there to live, because – the language of French, salaries and living standards are higher, taxes & # 8212; less. Like Switzerland, only less status for 113,000 native French.
And again the neighbors. Here the total number of French emigrants at 110,000 can be explained by strong Franco-German business ties and common projects. Otherwise, the French do not like this country, although they praise the Germans for order and diligence.
This is no longer emigration in order to find a better life and higher earnings, and already clean water downshifting. The same Cote d’Azur, only 2-3 times cheaper. Therefore, pensioners and summer residents (with a total of 95,000 people) choose Costa Brava.
The country of emigrants, like the US before the Second World War, and even with the French state language! And why not? I would also go there to live, but not to anyone)). And 78 000 Frenchmen were able to find a warm welcome in this northern country.
Do not ask me why, I’m surprised. But 55,000 French people live there. Well, maybe they have some roots and not quite French ones. In any case, the French have nothing to compare with the number of emigrants to Israel from the former USSR.
The last French neighbor in terms of the number of French people living in it. A total of 47,000, and even then, most likely, these are former Italian citizens who have returned to live a French pension in their historical homeland.
Downshifting + Italian version. Well, a few more of those who work there because of the great economic ties between Morocco and France. Total runs over 45,000 French in this African country.
In conclusion, I would like to note that the most attractive countries for the French are all the major neighboring countries of France. The list also includes overseas, traditionally attractive for expats, Canada and the United States.
However, the presence of Israel and Morocco in the first ten is a bit surprising. Well, okay, the main thing that the French living there all arranged)).
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November 2, 2014 at 11:53 points.
“American Dream” still attracts the inhabitants of France, like Moscow – the inhabitants of Kharkov or Tajikistan.

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