Anex Tour – reviews.

Anex Tour – reviews.
A nightmarish attitude of the staff.
Once I already traveled to Vietnam with Anex, and I was impressed by their tremendous ability to vparivat all that is possible! But this time, when calling from the company to make a preliminary reservation of a voucher for 1 day, I ran into a disgustingly boorish attitude of the employee.
About Thailand and Anex)))
Good afternoon! For the first time I write, because it’s always a pity for such things. But this time I wanted to share my impressions and “experience”. In Thailand, not for the first time. I know that street excursions are cheaper and all that. But nevertheless bought from Anex 2 excursions.
The devil is not so terrible as he is painted.
Last year they flew with their husband to Turkey from the tourist agency Pegas Touristik. When the vouchers were bought, we learned that the tour operator has an Anex tour. Oh, and I read back then reviews about this operator .. What the trip wanted to cancel) Negative is much more than positive feedback.
Extremely disappointed by the attitude of Anex Tour to their customers. A tour was purchased, under the terms of which, we were to fly from Moscow on January 1 evening, respectively, to fly to Vietnam on January 2nd.
Awesome company AnexTour. Which consists of bred tourists. Prices are overstated, guides are bred by people, and the firm covers everything. I’ll tell you about my situation. I bought a tour with my husband from this company.
We flew to Egypt on 15.12.17 through the Alex tour.
We flew to Egypt on 15.12.17 through Anex tour, they are friends of the Trinde, I have already been in Egypt for the third time and I have not heard such rudeness from the guide yet, the flight was in the direction of the normal ones, flew in time, we were met by a representative who started intimidating in the bus new rules, that now our tickets are not …
Do not believe the guides.
Rested in Pattaya on 12.17. Guides sit on the percentage of sales, the image of the company they do not care. I knew that tours from tour operators are more expensive than on the street, but the guide convinced that they are monitoring street prices and all will be approximately the same, showed the prices of the main firms.
Ugly attitude to customers.
Anex clients are not important and do not need! Faced the ugly attitude of employees of the tour operator and their colleagues from travel agencies selling their tours. Acquired tour of the early booking, an anex tour officer convinced that the tour must be paid in advance, at least a month before departure, that such an advantageous …
Is it really so bad Anex Tour? Or about how the unprofessionalism of one employee can spoil the whole impression of the company. Rest in Egypt in November 2017. In detail about the three excursions.
In my previous review, I wrote about our vacation in Egypt. And now I want to elaborate on the tour operator. Because it is no less important part of the rest than the hotel. And I think that many of my feedback will be useful and interesting. As the theater begins with a hanger, so rest begins with an airplane.
For the first time with Anex Tour, and I’m happy.
Hello! It’s time to talk about tourism again. I found a branch with Anex Tour, while leafing through the reviews under the heading “Tourism”, I decided to add my review. I saw a lot of displeased reviews beforehand, it’s a pity that people were spoiled by rest. not without sin, as they say. As for me, I’m happy.
A disgusting tour operator!
Terrible, I did not meet the operators! It began from the very beginning, as soon as we went to the agency and began to choose a trip to Egypt for 2 people. We started to offer in Hurghada in November, It’s very windy at that time and + $ 25 per person. , and the operator ignored this and my claims …
Divorce and fraud from the Anex tour. In 2016 it was still tolerable, in 2017 it was frightening to cooperate with them. The case will be transferred to Rospotrebnadzor.
Dear, dreaming of rest, vacationers. In any case, do not purchase a tour to Anex. My holiday, in Thailand, I will not forget for a long time. Having selected from the photos submitted by Anex 3 stars hotel, with a swimming pool, a quiet place, 1.5 km to the beach, I spokono paid 68,000 rubles per person and sat down …
Only in the most extreme case!
Introduction: It so happened that I was unexpected, on orders the authorities sent me on vacation. Time to choose was very small, the timing was also clearly defined. Therefore, the choice fell on Anexture. Main part: Thailand, fly alone, Azur airline, hotel in Pattaya.
A good travel agency, but its representatives in Egypt completely spoil the holiday.
We chose this company, because we stayed at the hotel jaz fanara resort & amp; residence in Sharm-el-Sheikh, and from Ukraine to this hotel is sent only from Aneks. The registration of documents in Ukraine was excellent, everything was fast and efficient, the flight also had no problems, all flights were on time.
Thieves, boors and deceivers! I do not recommend it!
We bought a tour for two from Jambo travel, Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, IL Mercato Hotel & amp; Spa 5 for 6 nights on 23.11-29.11, 2017. The package cost us $ 680, but as the tour operator said, “since in Egypt the rate is higher, you need to pay another $ 20.” Total turned out $ 700. We are the first time, so we decided.
Good afternoon. rested in Vietnam with her husband in November 2017g. The tour was ordered at the company “Anex tour”. To say that they are upset means not saying anything. Well about everything in order. The tour was a double-the first 5 days the hotel “Bamboo villadge”, then the transfer and 5 days in Nha Trang.
There are no censures! Only a couple of wishes.
Good afternoon! I ran through the reviews about the tour agency Anex Tour and decided to definitely object to the majority. Maybe I was just lucky or I did not see the best, considering that the trip to Thailand was the only overseas one, but I can not say anything bad about Anex Tour.
It could be better.
We decided to fly on a honeymoon trip to Thailand through this firm. A terrible flight on an airplane. fly 9 hours on a very narrow seat and when your knees rest in front of the seated passenger. Well, not so cool .. we were generally waiting for a surprise .. flew to India for a refueling. Eventually�
Hello! I will not write long speeches about the fact that we flew with my husband on a honeymoon, and I will not write about the quality of the rooms in the hotel where we now live. It is not so important. Dear staff, or rather, guides working in anex tour, you are not zazhralis?
Average. What is – what not.
I flew with this company 1 time. To Turkey. To Istanbul. The operator did not choose. I chose a hotel. For the price and other criteria, it turned out that the hotel I liked was at the Anex tour. The flight passed without incident, without delay.
There was no choice, so I had to fly to Thailand with Anex and their AZUR AIR. We were very satisfied with the departure time at 4.40 in the morning. At 9.00 – 10.00 am Thai time, we were already settled in a hotel in Phuket. But a few days before departure everything changed.
Not recommended.
Do not recommend visiting a FREE shopping tour in Sharm El Sheikh, tk. prices are not really inflated. Also in Cairo, we do not recommend buying papyri in a store where prices are also cosmic (photo attached), the last tip – guides will be on the Pyramids and advise no one to buy souvenirs, and the Sphinx …
With Anex Tour in Russia.da!
I know that it will seem strange to many people to choose a trip through Russia, and even through a travel agency, but at that moment, before the new year 2017, I wanted to relax and did not want to engage in self-selection and other trifles that personally poison my life (well, I’m such a person, we are all not without …
This is our first experience with a travel agency.
The first time we decided to rest abroad in Turkey. Prior to that, no one ever used the services of tour operators at all. We applied to this agency. We were very lucky, as the tours to Turkey were burning. Documents for us all designed for a couple of days. Booked tickets.
Arrived in Thailand through Anex tour. Attitude to tourists on the part of guides disgusting! In the hotel they come to a meeting just for the sake of vparit more excursions at inadequate prices.
A good tour operator.
I bought trips to Spain from this tour operator. Quite cheap, given that Spain is not Egypt and not Turkey, and it is very difficult to find cheap vouchers there.
With Anex Tour in Russia? Only YES!
I know that it will seem strange to many people to choose a trip through Russia, and even through a travel agency, but at that moment, before the new year 2017, I wanted to relax and did not want to engage in self-selection and other trifles that personally poison my life (well, I’m such a person, we are all not without …
Awesome tour operator.
In June they bought a tour to Greece from the Aneks tour, like nothing and did not foretell any problems, but in anex, this can not be avoided. I had an ordinary passport and my husband was biometric, because the tour was bought at the beginning of July, the visa-free regime was already in force, but the aneks tour was advised …
Anex tour in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana). Excursion & quot; Saona Deluxe & quot ;, & quot; La Hacienda Park & quot; with Anex Tour. Honest opinion about the tour agency and the collisions that have happened.
Hello, reader! Tour operator Aneks tour accompanied us to sunny Dominican Republic in October 2017. This company bought a tour package to the Dominican Republic (along with the flight, hotel accommodation, transfer airport – hotel and hotel – airport) and separately through this firm we took …
From Anex tour to Turkey. Budget, normal, but there are always nuances.
Hello everyone) just returned from Turkey. Where flew for a week from Aneks tour. This is my first experience of interacting with Anex tour, my girlfriend flew from them in the summer to Vietnam and everything was fine, we generally too. True, there are nuances with flights.
Trip to the island. Hainan in August 2017. Our first holiday with Anex tour was quite comfortable and pleasant. And if it were not for a couple of nuances, I would put a solid five!
Hello, dear readers and travelers! For the first time I happened to encounter a tour operator called Anex-tour when planning a trip to China to Hainan Island. I admit, I was not much worried about the tour operator. The main thing is to fly and settle in the hotel, and then you can find out yourself.
Can there be a good free tour in Nha Trang? We’ll figure it out.
Sightseeing tour from Aneks tour to Nha Trang. Free and paid for 10 dollars. Almost the same program, but something added to the paid one. And what? See the review. Hello! I am now 3 day in Vietnam, which is incredibly happy! We drove through the operator anex tour.
ANEX TOUR – never again.
No more tour operators! They changed the time of departure, the airport of arrival, and the fucking tour that I got from the wonderful became – Dull [oh]!
Good afternoon. In general, I liked traveling with Anex. We flew through Moscow to the Dominican Republic. On board very, very closely, for 12 hours, on your lap, roughly speaking, the other passenger is sleeping, they are not tasty, the guides are not very welcoming. The flight was not detained there, everything is fine.
Anex tour is deceiving.
Good day! I want to talk about the dishonest work of the Anex Tour operator and give publicity to the current situation. The operator flew to the Dominican Republic from 30.09.2017 to 10.10.2017. The hotel guides lie about everything from the very beginning of the trip.
Awesome tour firm.
They flew from Anex Tour to Turkey and I meet such a devil’s attitude for the first time. At the airport we were met by an accompanying girl guide, a rough person who does not know how to communicate with people. I told something with reluctance and tried in every possible way to hint that all tourists are bad.
Booked the tour 29.09 with the departure of 11.10 Cuba. through Travel agency ANEX TOUR. Moscow, Tverskaya, 18 building. Manager Reutova Svetlana, wrote to us at the post office that we have to pay for the tour now, and she will make a request for availability of seats in the hotel.
Dear Anex Tour, I know that you do not read the reviews! Because nothing changes in your work!
Many have already written that Anex Tour is disgusting. And there is! I already wrote a review about their airline – AzurAir. Absolutely did not like. Rough stewardesses, not so much food, tight planes, delayed flight.
Want to rest was spoiled? Love thrill and tickle your nerves? Then Anex tour for you! Do not fly, girls, with him to Turkey! Before you take a ticket from anex, reviews must be read.
Good afternoon! This September we flew to Turkey in Icmeler from the company Anex tour. And now I’m in a hurry to share with you the impressions of this company. Before buying a tour about anex reviews, I did not read.
Anex Tour is a manure tour operator.
If you like humiliation, intimidation and illness, then you with this operator along the way. All the rest categorically do not advise. So, how can this tour operator obgadit you all the rest?
They flew with the Aneks Tour to Vietnam. I do not advise anyone else to do this. Horror. Arrived, met us perfectly practically. Naturally, the next day we began to “vparivat” excursions – this is probably the main goal of the company’s representatives, because no more support is available during our stay …
Excursion “The soul of Phuket”
We bought a tour in Phuket under the name “Phuket’s Soul”, I should note that it does not differ from the free sightseeing tour, we were also taken to the factories, crammed the products, although the guide promised that this would not happen, but we paid $ 55 per person!
Have you ever been hammered by a guide?
Rested in Turkey in 2017 for the first time! We have never been anywhere before. I found excursions in advance and planned all the houses. The trip to Hamam we had on the day of arrival at 15:00, I already paid for it and could not refuse.
Anex Tours Anex Tours strife! and what unites them.
Hello. I will share my first experience of acquiring a tour tour. I took this case very seriously and it seems to me that I understood how this kitchen works, there is a lot of free time in the decree)) I’ll start from the beginning, and that is from the idea. The plans were to go to Spain not in the heat and not during the tour season.
Do not travel with Anex tour.
First time we went with Anex Tour and when we bought a tour it seemed that a very reliable company and there should not be any problems. To the fact that constantly vparivayut excursions we are already accustomed to the unreliability of information about these excursions, too, so this is generally what you can expect when you take a tour, and …
Twice for a rake!
I’ll start with a little prehistory. In the distant 2014, they flew with this operator to Egypt, Hurghada. Then, the lack of professionalism and rudeness of the hotel guide was written off for a single and specific case. The guide did not appear at the hotel at the agreed time, ignored the complaints about the state of the room (hotel 5).
Anex Tour – I recommend.
I want to write about the company. Not about the rest, but about the company. We took a ticket to Turkey in May. What was remembered in the service part: 1) we were warned that the prices are growing by leaps and bounds, they said that we have a week to choose, no more. We thought that “divorce.”
In Tunis, Aneks tour is good))
Hello. Now I thought about the trip to the warm regions and remembered that I can leave a response about the Anex tour) so in August 2017, my husband and I flew to Tunisia from this company. But when buying tickets, we did not know what kind of company.
We rested with Anekstur company in Nyachang (Vietnam). I’ll start from the beginning. Excursions are much more expensive than other tour operators! Specifically, an excursion to Dalat for 1 day at Anex costs $ 55, we went to the same for $ 21, the program was no different, our Russian guide graduated from Moscow State University, fluently …
All the kind time of the day) I had the imprudence to entrust the organization of my holiday to ANEX Tour, they are LLC “Anex Shop Region”, without having bothered to read reviews about this service. Result: five flights postponed, which eventually led to a shift of 15 hours and the loss of a whole day of rest!

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