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Immigration to New Zealand.
Many of those who are not very knowledgeable in geography believe, oddly enough, that until now they believe that the territories of New Zealand are inhabited by Bushmen. However, this is not the case. Of the nearly 5 million people in this island country, three-quarters are Europeans. And only a quarter are indigenous people and Polynesians.
But that’s not all. Official data from the statistical service of New Zealand shows that the largest number of immigrants to this state has not entered the country from the third world. In the top ten are Great Britain, Japan, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada – the countries that are considered the most highly developed in the world. Only this one fact can become a weighty argument in favor of choosing New Zealand as the country of its future permanent residence.
And the word that is most often used in speech is “kiwi.” So here is called not only the famous fruit and the local bird, but also the New Zealanders themselves.
New Zealand is a country with a high level and life expectancy, and a well-developed economy focused mainly on tourism and agricultural production.
In New Zealand, more than 10,000 Russian-speaking population already live, and the passport of this country is listed all over the world, as one of the most loyal. So, let’s consider in more detail the options for obtaining citizenship and immigration in this state.
Previously, a child born in the territory of this state from foreign parents was automatically considered a New Zealand citizen. The so-called “right of soil” functioned. However, since 2006, the rules have been toughened in this respect, and now such a kid can obtain New Zealand citizenship only if one of the parents is a citizen of that country or at least has a permanent residence permit.
There are also a number of options for obtaining citizenship by descent, which can then be transferred to their own children.
Legislation in New Zealand also has nothing against dual citizenship.
Immigration for money (category “Investor”)
If your kind is not connected with New Zealand, but you have a decent fortune, earned by a successful business, then dreams of New Zealand citizenship are quite feasible. However, to begin, in any case have to first with the right to permanent residence.
To do this, it will be necessary to provide the New Zealand Government with NZ $ 2,000,000 (on what conditions we will describe below). Further, your work experience in business should not be less than five years and on the date you apply for permanent residence you should not be more than 54 years old. Despite the fact that you are a major investor, you still need some level of English. Without fail, you will have to confirm the complete absence of criminal history. You must be healthy and convince the party that takes you that you have a serious intention to settle in the country, start or continue business and bring New Zealand the benefit of your presence.
The first step on the road to immigration to New Zealand is to serve, so-called, the expression of interest. In this form you state that you really meet the criteria of the New Zealand immigration policy in the category “Investor”. Here you do not need additional documents to confirm what was written. The Immigration Service evaluates your data, and if they match the interests of the country, you will receive an invitation to an interview. If this stage is successfully passed, you will be sent a form for applying for permanent residence under the category “Investor”. Note that it is simply impossible to file an application without a preliminary form of expression of interest and interview.
The application form sent to you for the permanent residence will contain various questions that will be generated by the computer of the immigration service. There is no reason to worry, because all questions will be based on the data you indicated in the form of expression of interest (questions about you, about family members, about business).
This time it will be necessary not only to provide answers in the form, but also to provide all the necessary documents and confirmations. Everything is given for 3 months.
You will also need to declare in writing that you are planning to make New Zealand your main home (as already noted, New Zealand laws allow you to have several citizenships, but New Zealand has a preference). And, finally, to confirm that with immigration you will have sufficient financial opportunities to keep not only yourself, but also those members of your family who are dependent on you.
After checking the loyalty of funds and matching their origin, a contract is signed with the conditions for transferring funds to the accounts of the New Zealand government. The signing of this agreement is given one month. This period is necessary for a detailed study of the terms of the contract and consultations with lawyers. The moment is very important, because if you violate an item, you can take away the already issued permit for permanent residence.
Immediately after the transfer of funds to the government, you send a confirmation of this operation to the immigration service. If all the rules are met, you and all family members appearing in the application are issued a visa for permanent residence in New Zealand.
Once the permit for permanent residence in your pocket early to calm down. Your two-millionth investment should be transferred to the government or sent to a business that will be approved by the government, and stay there for 5 years. During this period, you must move to New Zealand, thereby confirming the previously declared intent to make New Zealand your home. At the same time, you will have to accept the fact that from time to time you will be checked by the Department of Labor.
In five years you will be left with a certificate that all the rules of immigration law have been complied with. If such evidence is available, any restrictions and increased control will be removed. If such a document fails to be provided, then with a permit for permanent residence you will have to say goodbye to you and to all members of your family.
Professional immigration (category “Qualified immigrant”)
Here, just like in the investor category, you need to start by submitting an interest expression form. New Zealand openly declares that it requires highly qualified specialists in different directions, which would contribute to the overall development of the state.
The document received from you will be placed in a common database, from which the candidates for immigration are periodically selected. If the total number of points is 140 or more, then this form of interest expression will be selected automatically. And everything from 100 to 140, is selected as the needs arise for those or other qualified specialists.
If you are interested in and selected the form, the verification of the authenticity of the specified data begins. If it is confirmed that the information you have provided is not a fiction, you are invited to apply for a permanent residence in New Zealand under the category “Qualified immigrant.
However, the immigration authorities do not limit themselves to self-checking – it is necessary to collect the required confirmations and documents independently.
Despite the fact that the described procedure looks quite simple, it is quite difficult. By and large, a guaranteed option for immigration can be a set of 150 points. Usually this level can be achieved if you have an invitation to work from a New Zealand employer (it immediately adds 50 points). And to receive such an invitation, I must admit, from the category of fiction.
In addition to the above steps, the immigration process involves obtaining a certificate confirming a good command of the English language (by 6.5 points) for all four indicators – perception by hearing, speech, writing, reading. In addition, you need to work in an English-speaking team. The latter is possible if you are an employee of a branch of a foreign company (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) in Russia. The demand is breathtaking, considering that even when immigrating to such highly developed countries as Canada, the US or the UK, it is absolutely not necessary to have a work experience in the language environment.
Such tough immigration regulations in New Zealand came into effect in 2003. Honestly, no one can explain what they are connected with until now. It is believed that this is the result of the subjective attitude of several leaders who came to power at that time. But the fact remains – even in Australia immigration policy is milder than New Zealand, Australia in terms of living standards and socio-economic indicators, whatever one may say, but it is still higher than New Zealand.
The high level of knowledge of the language has become a real stumbling block for many Russians. That you could imagine this in more detail, let’s talk about the evaluation in more detail. The test scale here consists of 9 points. So the notorious 6.5 points is about the level of a good English teacher. To pass the test to 7.5 points, you must be a professional translator.
Studying the possibilities of immigration to New Zealand, there is a risk of falling for the bait of scammers. As a rule, you can offer services for registration of the expression of interest for a large, but relatively reasonable amount. Such “assistants” make information that is certainly hard to confirm and show overvalued scores. If you, for example, a doctor from Irkutsk, then after a check, you will immediately find out that you have absolutely no experience of communicating with English-speaking patients. And this is one of the New Zealand immigration standards. Thus, the road to this country you will be covered forever for misrepresentation.
Of course, it grieves that such fraudulent schemes exist, as well as the fact that our people persist in carrying money to this scam in the hope of our eternal “freebie”.

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