Are there many refugees in Cyprus.

Are there many refugees in Cyprus.
Refugees in Cyprus are present in relatively small numbers, if compared with continental Europe. The distance from the Syrian port of Latakia to the Cyprus Ayia Napa in a straight line is 170 km. However, refugees prefer to get out of the country through Turkey with a further crossing on inflatable boats to the Greek island of Kos.
How to obtain refugee status in Cyprus.
First of all, it should be noted that, since Cyprus is located very close to Syria, the government of Cyprus needed to come up with a solution to how to avoid the endless flow of migrants. To this end, the refugees were given a lot of bureaucratic obstacles, making the island completely unattractive for immigration.
The status of a refugee in Cyprus gives people from Syria certain advantages: a legal stay on the island before making a decision, getting a job, social allowance, a medical card for treatment in public hospitals and free school and kindergarten.
In order to obtain refugee status, the following steps must be taken:
Collect documents at home. To get to Cyprus. Fill in the application form for refugee status. Submit documents to the immigration service and hand over fingerprints. Receive from the police a letter confirming the application for a refugee permit to work in agriculture. You must always carry it with you, otherwise deportation threatens. Get the Alien Book and fit there all members of the family, except children under 12 years. Within three days, take medical tests. On appointed days, visit the immigration service. To pass interview in English or on native & # 8211; with a translator. Pass the passport.
The main thing you need to do before you go abroad is to find out if you have a travel ban, this will help the proven service of our partners, which, within minutes, will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utility services and so on, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
After a while the mail will come to a decision on the consideration of the application, which can be obtained:
refugee status for 3 years; the status of subsidiary protection for 1 year; residence permit on humanitarian grounds; a refusal explaining the reasons and the right to appeal.
As we see, the procedure for obtaining refugee status is complex and time-consuming, therefore, refugees in Cyprus are unlikely to create problems for tourists in 2018.
What documents are needed.
Required documents for obtaining refugee status:
passports of all family members; birth certificates; Marriage certificate; 3 photos in the size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm; real address of residence in Cyprus; documentary proof of the threat to life and health from being at home.
Confirmation of the threat of life in the homeland can serve as photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, written documents or certificates, testimony of witnesses, interrogation and face-to-face reports, threatening notes, a screenshot of a page notarized, or a link to a resource on the Internet on which the threat is posted.
Are there refugees in Cyprus.
Of course, when planning a trip to Cyprus, it is better to find out in advance what a refugee situation in Cyprus is in 2018.
Arriving on the island illegally, the refugees remain literally locked up on it: without documents, they can not leave and reunite with their families somewhere in continental Europe. Therefore, Cyprus is turning into a kind of nightmare for refugees.
Asked if there are migrants in Cyprus, you will find out that in addition to immigrants from the Middle East, there are also many Ukrainians who are not currently deported, but give them permission to stay on the island without the right to work.
However, whether there are refugees in Cyprus or not, in any case their presence is not an acute problem for residents and visitors of the island.

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