As I began to study in Korea.

As I began to study in Korea.
In general, upon arrival in Khabarovsk, I quickly collected the necessary documents and transferred to another university, which had a 2 + 2 program … ..
I graduated from the Gymnasium of Oriental Languages, and after that I did not want to go to the Pedagogical University, because in fact I did not want to become an interpreter, and then I did not even think seriously about Korean (this was another reason for refusal, see article # 1). I wanted to get an economic education, but then I did not know about the exchange program with Korea, or rather I was not interested in it.
But as I wrote before, summer after the 1st course completely changed me. I learned that one of the classmates is studying at another university on an exchange program with Korea. I resolutely collected and filed papers and transferred. A year remained to Korea. He passed very quickly and at the same time very slowly.
About the exchange program 2 + 2 = 2 years in Russia and 2 years in Korea as manager-business administration (I also wanted an economic bias).
And here it is a long-awaited summer after the 2nd course has passed, and in the autumn of 2009 I was in Korea. I could not believe that I was still in Korea. That I could, that here it is my dear native Korea … I was happy.
To begin with, tk. Our Korean level was very low, we entered the language courses at the institute.
In order to study in the Korean university, * in Korean, a certain level of knowledge is needed. It was necessary to get the 4 level on TOPIK (TOPIK- Test of Proficiency In Korean).
* For those who want to study, in English, you need to pass TOEFL. I can not say how much you need to score points for admission. Usually this information is on the websites of universities.
** What are the standard documents required for admission to language courses at the institute or in the institution itself.
1. * If you yourself act. Then on the site of the institute, in which you are going to enter, you must fill out a questionnaire for admission. Or send them a letter with a questionnaire for admission. (Depending on the institution).
2. Certificate of secondary / higher education (certificate after the 11th grade or diploma, if already exists). Naturally, translated into English and certified.
3. A statement on the balance of your bank account in the amount of $ 3000 in English. This is necessary for the guarantee, (I assume so) that you have funds for training, * you can make a certificate and immediately withdraw this money.
4. And other documents, depending on the institution and other things.
The cost of studying at all universities is about the same, if one is studying for a bachelor. Approximately 3 million won-3.5 million won (2700 $ -3000 $) per semester (spring semester March-June, autumn semester September-December), but you can get a scholarship (here a scholarship in the form of a discount for training).
The cost for Korean courses at the university is about 1.5 million won-3 million for a semester (semester = 2.5 months).
Life in Korea began to be fun. A lot of new and interesting. And, of course, having escaped from the parental care, we felt freedom, began to break away. Clubs, bars, parks, shops. New acquaintances, new friends.
Everything was great the first month … the second one. For the third month, depression began for all. I wanted to go home. Everything was annoying. It seemed that these Koreans are stupid (well, just because we have different mentality), that they generally live wrong. It would be desirable, however, on the one hand, to leave everything and go home, and on the other hand, we liked it in Korea, somewhere on the subconscious we understood it. We tried to somehow fight through their stupidity … But everyone knows that “they do not enter the monastery with their charters” … Somehow they began to put up with this.
Then some of them left home … Someone simply could not continue to stay in Korea, someone still could not reconcile with such a difference in mentality … in general, so I was left alone ….
It was certainly lonely and sad, I basically sat at home / dorm. I had practically no friends. It’s good that there were a few more people who were on the senior course and also came from my university on this program. We sometimes wrote off, called up, met. Among the Koreans were acquaintances of course, but how to say, we just greeted and knew each other. As you probably already know, Koreans are very modest and they themselves very rarely come up and get acquainted. And it was even harder for me, because I’m modest in nature and I do not immediately open up … and I do not look like a foreigner, that’s why I was never paid attention. For example, Koreans themselves approach American students because they want to practice their English, and in general Koreans are very fond of Americans.
Even in pairs. Due to the fact that I have a Korean name, none of the teachers usually noticed that I am a foreign student. And when I approached, at first everyone thought that I was from Japan, because I had hair dyed and my eyes were not so narrow … And now many people consider that I’m a Chinese woman, because Americans, Filipinos and Chinese study at my university. Agree to an American or a Filipino, I’m not like … means the conclusion => I’m a Chinese woman. I, by the way, have a very good girlfriend & # 8212; onni, recently returned from China. I went to learn Chinese. )
In general, usually all in shock from the fact that I’m from Russia =). But I’m already used to it.
If I were a true Korean, i.e. it would be really easy to study. I do not know, in comparison with how they teach in Russia, it’s easier. Yes, there’s really no one running after you, here’s the truth for yourself, you will not try, nobody will try. But still, if in Russia, suddenly you do not record the entire lecture, even after reading the textbook, it’s not a fact that you pass the exam or you do not fail, for example, on additional questions. In Korea, the lecturer reads lectures strictly according to the textbook, if there is no textbook, then lectures are posted on the Internet or even a textbook and lectures are all there. Examinations are also surrendered only in writing, there are no oral ones (except for languages). The whole difficulty in my studies is to sit and translate textbooks, and then understand. Oh, but I really do not like to translate …
But now, having lived here for 3 years, I gradually began to get used to their way of life, to the way they think … Some of my friends and dad say that I even became a bit like them (which scares me very much). And I became stupid, I think. It’s just that it can be explained by the fact that Koreans are simpler in their lives … and then somehow one does not need to calculate something yourself, recount, because you know that you will not be deceived (well, at least 4 out of 5 cases are not deceived exactly) .
In conclusion. And yet I’m not “my own” here. You know, I like to give an example from the course of social studies. There is such a social. a group of people “marginalized” & # 8212; those who do not belong to any stratum of society, but somewhere in between. So, I feel like a kind of “marginal”, because I was in Russia, like “# 8212; would not, “own” (because of the Korean nationality.), and in Korea is not “its own”, because it’s still not a true Korean woman & # 8212; Do not hang out.
And to live in Korea is good, after all, because everything is for people …
Soon my studies are coming to an end and there will be again a choice in front of me: Staying working in Korea or flying home … Time will tell. After all, work in Korea is also covered with its own myths)).
Privet! a u vas est prosto kursi po izucheniyu koreyskogo yazika? nu esli est, to skolko stoit? zaranee blagodaryu!
There are courses there. The cost depends on the length of the training. The main costs are the road (flight) and accommodation (from $ 300 and above). And the courses themselves are not expensive. I myself did not study there, but my friends studied. The author of the article is on KoreanSpace under the nickname milayona & # 8212;
That’s interesting, how would treat me Koreans? I have that European appearance. Would they ignore me or not?
Hello Anna. I read your article. Very interesting. I recently had a vacation in Seoul, I really liked it. I’m a musician by profession, and this area really surprised me!))) In Korea, it’s true for people & # 8230; and you’re not the first one from whom I I hear. ))) Because it’s real so! I would also like to go to Korea, but I do not know any languages, and we do not have such programs. ((As long as there is an opportunity, stay there!))) Good luck!
please tell me what is called your university where there was such a program 2 + 2 I, too, oochen strongly want to learn to live in Korea. please be so kind as to contact me at the contact much I want to ask you.
If you can answer, I need to ask a couple important questions for you.
Hello!) I really liked the article. ))) thanks for it. I would really like to know which university you studied. where you can go to Korea for 2 years ?? if not difficult, please answer !!)) I will wait !!))
Very interesting!)) Tell me in what university did you study?
Hello, I really liked the article. I wanted to know in Korea there is a music or model college? if you know then please say I’m waiting for an answer))))))
Thank you for the report, it’s very nice of you to write this.
Thanks for the report, very nice of you.
I read in one breath o.o is very interesting! can I ask? from which university did you transfer to Korean? for how much did you learn Korean (not in Korea, but at home)? hehehe I have many questions)))
Tell me please which university did you study, where was the 2 + 2 program?
Anyuta, what kind of Koreans are they? I’m an engineer in Germany studying, but still not my country. Maybe it all depends on the city. I am in a very small city where people are very closed. But I still want to try something else. Is there any real friendship in our understanding between foreigners and Koreans? How quickly they open, how open they are. How eagerly they take foreigners to work with the knowledge of several foreign languages (but to begin with without Korean). Well, that’s what kind of things. I shall be very grateful for the answer.
Korean language lessons.
Our friends.
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