Assistance to immigrants (refugees) in Kharkov.

Assistance to immigrants (refugees) in Kharkov.
“Hot line” for immigrants.
To resolve issues related to a temporary stay in the Kharkiv region, as well as assistance to resettlers, you should contact by phone:
Hot line phones Kharkiv-Infocenter to help immigrants from Lugansk and Donetsk regions:
Contacts with the city administration for solving issues related to a temporary stay in the Kharkov region:
on issues of resettlement of families in the Kharkiv region: (057) 705-23-88; on issues of temporary and permanent registration: (057) 340-93-10; assistance in employment: (057) 714-96-31, 732-28-78; the formation of the register of family settlement objects: (057) 705-26-68; the main administration of the pension fund in Kharkov: (057) 716-71-02; registration of social assistance payments: (057) 705-26-90.
To receive the necessary assistance, you can contact by phone on working days from 9.00 to 18.00.
If you have information on how to help refugees, you have address and telephone information for temporary accommodation, psychological and material assistance – please leave comments below.
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Guys! I am a refugee from Donbass, I came with an infant (3 months) and my son 7 years ago in Kharkov, I can not find accommodation, we are now renting a flat for Gagarin, people categorically do not want to let in with the little children. I appeal to all the people of Kharkov – you do not see a person immediately say NO, and after all I have a decent family: I graduated from school with a gold medal, a university with a red diploma, my husband went to work at 18 years as a welder at the plant, and did not sit on his neck at parents. I have a wonderful son who reads and writes best in the classroom, but because of the war he can not fully attend school !! So it may be worth talking to people, and then they do not say! People are very different. You’d better rent a home for a 1,200 student girl that will make up for a party in your apartment than a decent family that will maintain cleanliness and create coziness in your apartment, as in your own. You are all moms and dads and also were children, you have to go into position and understand, I really stay with children on the street in the winter, my husband stayed at home with a sick mother, and you are sitting in the warmth, and when you are called about housing, After listening, you say NO.
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Correct or remove the non-valid phone numbers, please, or one by one called me almost matt sent.
A decent family from Donbass will rent a house or apartment in the Kharkov region. it is desirable Dergachevsky rn, Payment and order guarantee.
For a long time.
I’ll donate clothes and shoes. Sizes vary from newborn to 56 sizes. Shoes from 36 to 40 size women. Call the network are rare. 095 58 00 740.
– Washing machine Baby.
All equipment is in good working order.
Good evening, as soon as possible with you agree for a TV, write your phone.
We need things for the girl 8-9 years (height 134-140) and the boy 3 years (98-104). The younger child is sick, does not go to the garden, I do not work, because I do not want to leave anyone. +380963262396.
I’ll donate things to a girl. Terry pajamas for the girl. Boo. New. On the 3-5 grade. The length of the sweater is 54 cm. The length of the trousers is 76 cm. There are no defects. The condition is perfect. Summer topic on the girl. Black. Chest circumference 64 cm. Height 122 cm. Sizes or size 32. The topic is new. The condition is perfect. Men’s shirt. New. Size M or 34 size. Circumference of the chest 68 cm. Height 128 cm. With a short sleeve of red color. Suit for a girl. Size XL. Boo. The condition is perfect. The costume consists of a skirt and a T-shirt. I do not remember exactly the boy. If you need to call 095 58 00 740. I rarely visit the network.
renting a flat in Kharkov tel. 0997931733.
Urgently need housing in Kharkov.
Regarding the passport: the code was shot in Slavyansk, by the way, then the Donetsk citizens only smiled and for them it was like gossip-entertainment, the passport was lost. In Izumes accepted the statement and issued a new one without any problems! Now about the immigrants from Donetsk: in Slavyansk there are a lot of them and they are not arrogant, but super-naked in the overwhelming majority of people! And now I understand why they told me – are you from the Donbass? So you’re crazy.
Hello. A single mother, a migrant with a child two years old, will take off an inexpensive outbuilding in Kharkov, Kharkiv region. I would like to give a gift to a boy for two years. Thank you in advance for everyone.
Settlers from the Lugansk region and the lion’s share of the family’s income goes to pay rent.
I wanted to rent an apartment in a normal state (and not a pimple, as now) and that would be warm in winter (cold approaches, and again it will be necessary to winter at a temperature of 16-18 degrees in the apartment). And maybe someone plans to go on a long trip, and t. housing is now better not to leave unattended, then we are ready to look after (live) for a reasonable fee (and without a realtor). The condition of the apartment will be ideal (we do not have any small children.) The daughter is a teacher, a son-masseur. The IDP’s certificate has been issued for three years already. Fluorography has been passed, there are information on absurdity.
A family of 3 people (a child of 5 years) will urgently remove 1 – 2 room apartment, in the city of Kharkov. We guarantee timely payment, cleanliness and decency.
0508559695 German.
I ask for help, a young family of immigrants from Lugansk, with a child (11 years), we have been living in Kharkov since 2014 in the Shevchenko district,
Both work, the child goes to school, not drinking. For a long time, for an adequate price, housing a 1-2-room apartment, a part of the house or a large room with a balcony on Alekseyevka as a link to the school.
Tel. 095-290-29-35, 098-411-00-18.
I will give gifts for the settlers.
things used but in good condition were worn for 1-2 years.
there are men’s and women’s (shirts, T-shirts, sweaters and other) sizes female s.m. men’s m.
call on the phone 0959161289 Jura.
Selling a house in the suburbs of Kharkov (Lubotin 30km), an area of 64 sq.m, 3 rooms. kitchen. Heating gas, independent stove. Water in the house with a well, drain, draining pit. There is a summer kitchen with gas stove. A barn, a garage. Plot 30 hectare, 15 hundred of them under the house and garden. Quiet place, beautiful nature. Near the forest, lake. The price is negotiable.
URGENT I will hand over the house in smt. Budy. PAYMENT FOR COMMUNAL SERVICES ONLY. 3 rooms, 80 sq.m. (borough of the New Settlement) 20 km. from m. Cold mountain (25-40 minutes by public transport.) Kharkiv region. The house has gas (heating system is new), water (cold hot). The posting is new. Facilities in the house. Kitchen, bathroom, hallway, gallery, cellar. There is partly furniture: fridge, gas and electric cooker, TV, washing machine, sofa, 2 closets, 2 chests, 2 sideboards, dining table + 4 chairs, shelves, mirrors. Great yard. Garden. Telephone, internet, satellite TV. Near the forest, pond. Stores in 5-10 min. walk. Sadik, the school is near. Bus stop near the house. Tel. 099-37-90-335 Irina.
����� ������� � ����������� � ��� Barv�nk�vskogo �-�� ��������� ���. for 1-2 orderly pensions, yak� zamozhut dovglyadati for podvir’yam.
BUDINok z� zruchnostyami, gazve (steam) and ���� ��������. In the yard of the winter, the kitchen is on a small firewood (at the same time you can live).
In the village there are 2 kramnitsi, a feldsher-midwife point, a culture booth, a Evangelical church.
������ �� �������� ���������:
1. Spinozhnosti platiti without zatrimok for elektroenergiyu, water, gas;
2. Visitsnit shk�dlivichy zvichok (including t. Ch. Tyutyunokurinnya);
3. The hospitality is that priv�tn�st. Once a month, I prigzditimu for the lookout for the passport, and vlitku – on vidpochinok z sim’eju (m�tscya usim vistachit).
Telephones for dispatch: 066-111-73-28, 097-274-26-86,
Selling cheap or give a gift for children, women’s clothing. I send it by post. Photo upload does not work great format. If you need to call 095 58 00 740 send your email address to my phone number by dropping a photo.
House for housing from Kharkov 60 km with furniture technique house on two exits brick 80g built there is outbuilding capital outbuildings summer kitchen cellar 3 fruitful gardens garden spring water near school kindergarten stores market house is in the center of the house everything remains to be taken away only personal belongings 0667316267 .
Doctors-interns provide free dental care to immigrants on the basis of the Kuznetsk Dental Clinic number 2. Details and records by phone: 0959434829; 0961826271.
How to find out more about the treatment of teeth in bodies 0660282227.
Hello. Help the council, for more than I do not pretend. I’m from the Lugansk region of the city of Krasny Luch. in Kharkov for 3 years. problemma next on the passport is torn the first page ie under the photograph. in general it turns out as unprivileged. turned to Marshal Zhukov in TsNAP passed all the documents said in a month all will do today comes sms that come pick up. came-eventually returned all the documents + old passport. Allegedly 3 days after the filing of my application came out some decree that they no longer do such operations. As a result, after the mixture of expectations, again with the old passport. At home I died-a father I could not even go to a funeral. There are now 5 months for which you need to get to the place of residence to join the inheritance. What to do? Where to go? The frontier is present but is overdue and in 2001 received the old model.
hello would you like to ask us with your daughter you need a place not temporarily and our constant can someone help you something I do not know where to turn to the measure of Kharkov addressed he did not even take a temporary there is a need from him we need to lease his home so that later they would expel us and not in the village call 0674187133.
go to work and earn on your housing!
I would very much like you to make a living on the housing that you have destroyed. And I wish you with the work so that everything will be all right for you.
And who told you that we do not work?
Help advice. Can anyone encountered, our situation in the cracks: left from Lugansk in 2011 (ie before all the “events”), were registered in the institute dormitory. Studies have ended and now you need to be discharged urgently, and you do not have the opportunity to register your home back home. Can someone tell you exactly where you can contact. Thanks in advance!!
I am a single mother with three children. I live like three years in the village of Cretaceous. There is not any work here. I want to rent an apartment in Kharkov inexpensively for a long time. Decency is guaranteed. I alone have no one else with me. And help please work. I have a diploma of the seller. But I can go to any other job. My phone number is 0992607848. or0950647679. thanks a lot for the early. God keep you all.
Good afternoon, we can help you find a job. We are a company and we have a chain of stores. Come for an interview: st. Red rows 12, metro Central market, building of the intelligence center (1st floor, office Digma) or call 066 161 43 82.
Hello, kind people. A family with a small child (3 years old) will receive a refrigerator as a worker, or buy for a nominal fee. Thank you.
my number is 0502003965 ole.
Doctors-interns provide free dental care to immigrants on the basis of the Kuznetsk Dental Clinic number 2. Details and records by phone: 0959434829; 0961826271.
Project �������� ������������� ��������� ���������� ��� (���) �� ������� ������ ������ � �.�����. For the project, you can draw up to 1,700 for redirection, the organization of self-financing for the business.
The project is organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the financial support of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. Before participating in the project,
Internally displaced individuals from Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts and Krimu, and takozh m�scev m. Khakiv (zhinki cholov�ki, v�kom 18 – 60 rock�v).
������ �� ������:
� ����� ������������ �������� (���������� 6 ������), ������ �������� ���, �� �� ����, �������� ����� � �������.
������ �� �������: 0661895528,0673964843, ��.Adres: suvorovaT1980 [at] gmail [dot] com Gromadska Organizatsiya “Shlyah do Zhittya”
���� ��������� �� ���� ����� 2017.
To look after the house.
I will provide housing in the village of Staritsa, Volchanskiy reg., 60 km from Kharkov, a decent person who does not have a dwelling in exchange for looking after the house and taking care of the chickens’ chicken farm + payment of 1500 UAH per month. House without amenities, stove heating hammer), balloon gas. Conditions for .tel 0674577365.
is it to plow you and pay you?
Unfinished large house and there is an outbuilding, in Ljubotin with his grandmother, see your grandmother all yours. 0995390995 Lena.
Hello, have you already found someone to look after?
Hello, dear Kharkov citizens. I’m professionally tutoring. 093-673-09-08))
Good afternoon! Family from Lugansk 4 people, children, adults, (18 and 7 years) live in Kharkov from August 2014, but want to change the area of residence. Take off 2-3 rooms. apartment in the district of Odessa, only for a long time! Ready to move from June 2017. Budget 4000-4500 UAH.
Dear residents of the city of Kharkov as well as not indifferent people, I am from the Donetsk region of the city of Zhdanovka. I ask for help with housing, the budget is up to 1000 hryvnia, I work for myself on a monthly salary of 3000 hryvnia. Not conflicting, responsible. I will consider all options, preferably the red line of the subway, since I work in ROST central.
For communication, please call +380958569454.
There is a variant of housing near Kharkov from April to September, for those who are not afraid of working in the garden, living in the countryside, help with housework. All questions and information about yourself on the phone 0962037509.
Doctors-interns provide free dental care to immigrants under the supervision of an experienced dentist on the basis of KUOZ dental clinic number 2. Details and recording by phone: 096-182-62-71, 095-943-48-29.
110 km from Kharkov, there is a house in the Kharkov region, Krasnograd region, I offer a decent family on the terms of management and payment for the services that you will use (light, gas, internet, telephone, etc.), write to the mail if interested: lenabogomoluyk [at] mail [dot] ru.
Mail vika_ja76 [at] mail [dot] ru with a note in the subject: work.
I can offer jobs, housing in the suburbs 70 km from Kharkov. The organization is decent, the beginning of work is the end of April, the beginning of May – all the year round. I can live with my family (I will take off housing in the private sector). An important factor is that there is no alcohol and no other dope. The desire to live and work in normal conditions and receive payment is stable for your work. Today, builders are required (for laying brick, foam blocks, cinder block). In the future, women will need operators in meat shops. Write applications for mail.
For a creative person (artistic ability), I offer a job. Work of the eyebrow (modeling and painting of eyebrows) or the master of eyelash extension. I will train and help if the person is decent and decent (girl, woman). If you are a creative person, ready to work and try, I will offer mutually beneficial terms.
Call after 19.00 Natalia 0937850827.
Hello. Tell me where to turn-herself from Donetsk, there is no residence permit, the passport is overdue (you need to paste a photo in 25 years), where to address with such problems?
Well, so go to the passport office and contact.
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