Australia: Is it good where we are.

Australia: Is it good where we are.
Let’s sum up the subtotal. Namely, we will designate the pros and cons when emigrating to Australia.
+ It is not very high compared with many other developed countries. In Australia it will be much easier to buy a house, a car, … than in Germany or the USA.
– In Australia, wages are lower than in Western European countries and the United States.
+ Relatively low unemployment. Many specialists in Australia have good opportunities to get a job.
– However, the Australian economy is narrowly focused, and many specialties are not in demand at all. Find out if there is a demand for your profession. If not, and you do not want to re-qualify, then, most likely, Australia is not for you.
+ At a high level.
– As an immigrant, you will not be able to receive benefits for 2 years, so in the beginning you will only have to rely on yourself.
+ Partially free. Unlike the United States, where without expensive insurance you can not get a decent service, here many services are provided free of charge or for a small fee. If you are in serious condition, Australian doctors are obliged to provide qualified assistance and provide medicines without taking a penny.
– The downside, of course, is that you have to pay either for insurance, or for visits to many doctors.
+ In Australia, your child has a better chance of getting a good education than in the US. Schools are free, and university fees are much lower.
– The level of education still lags behind the European one.
– Life in Australia is quieter than in Europe, and not every city dweller will do.
+ The presence of touring European theaters and artists saves the situation. Lovers of violent cultural life need to settle in Sydney. Perth, Darwin and other small towns will not work.
+ Very picturesque and diverse. Ocean, mountains, parks, koalas, kangaroos …
– Not everyone tolerates the climate of Australia. The presence of such poisonous living creatures as spiders and snakes, many also does not suit. But this is not a problem if you move further south. Cases of deaths from the bites of poisonous animals in Australia over the past year have not been observed.
+ The crime rate is much lower than in the US and many Western European countries.
+ Like America, Australia is a multinational country. Here there is a positive attitude towards any nationality. You can easily save your culture and join the Australian community without problems.
+ Australians also often smile, like Americans, but their smile is more sincere. Honesty in people and business is noted.
– No nationality can compare with Russians. Many Russian emigrants find it difficult to adapt to local communication. With this fact you still have to reconcile in any country.
+ Our specialists are provided with independent emigration. Business people may be interested in the business category. There is a special category for outstanding people (scientists, athletes). Those who have relatives in Australia can use the sponsorship category.
– The duration of the emigration process takes in most cases more than a year.
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