Embassy of Austria in Ukraine: Kiev, ul. Ivan Franko, 33.
tel .: (044) 277-27-90.
Variety of ski regions & mdash; from large and international to cozy and family, excellent quality trails and descents, always the snowy state of the slopes (natural or artificial) attracts to Austria numerous fans of skis and scams.
Austrian Airlines planes fly to Vienna from Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv and Donetsk. In the Austrian capital from Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Simferopol, we offer flights & laquo; International airlines of Ukraine & raquo; (& laquo; MAC & lt; / RTI & gt; & gt;).
Trains run regularly from Kiev to Vienna.
To issue a tourist visa you need:
a passport with at least two blank pages and a validity period of at least three months after the end of the trip, copies of the first page, as well as pages with Schengen visas; if there is & mdash; second valid passport, old passport; internal passport and its copy; a questionnaire in English or German; 2 photos taken recently; insurance with a coverage of at least 30 thousand euros (drawn up for the period including departure day, days of stay plus 15 additional days); confirmation of the hotel reservation (for self-employed tourists & mdash; voucher from the hotel and confirmation of its payment); air tickets or confirmation of their reservation; documents confirming financial possibilities (certificate from the bank on the date of opening an account and an extract from it); a statement of commitment from an Austrian partner (when traveling through a travel agency); a certificate from the place of employment on the company letterhead with the phone number and address of the organization, the employee’s phone if it does not coincide with the organization number, the average salary for the last 3 months, the work experience in the company, for private entrepreneurs & mdash; a certificate of registration, a certificate from the income tax, an extract from bank accounts, for students and schoolchildren & mdash; certificate from the place of study, for children & mdash; birth certificate, for seniors & mdash; a copy of the pension certificate.
For children who are inscribed on their parents’ passport, a separate set of documents must be submitted. For a child under 18 years of age, if only one of the parents is traveling with him, a notarized consent (plus a copy) of the second parent for departure or both parents is required if the child is traveling accompanied by a third person, as well as a copy of the internal and foreign passport of the parent who does not Rides with the child. Or a court decision to transfer the rights to the child to one of the parents, or a certificate of death of one of the parents, or a certificate that the mother is raising a child on his own. If an accompanying person has a valid visa, you need to provide a copy of it.
All documents must be submitted with translation into German or English.
Allowed duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco; 1 liter of spirits or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength of up to 22 degrees, 4 liters of non-sparkling wines, 16 liters of beer & mdash; for persons over 17 years of age; goods worth up to 300 euros (when entering by land) or 430 euros (when traveling by air or sea).
The Embassy of Ukraine in Austria in Vienna: 43 (1) 479-717-250.
Fire Service.
First Aid.
The Service of Salvation.
Currency, traveler’s checks are exchanged in all banks and post offices at the official exchange rate of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In exchange offices at railway stations and airports the rate is higher. Most travel agencies and hotels also make money exchanges.
Domestic flights are carried out between the cities of Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg.
Public urban transport is represented by buses, trams and metro (in Vienna). City cards give the opportunity to use any city public transport, as well as free or discounted visits to museums, restaurants and shops. Also common are tourist cards, which allow free movement on the territory of a certain federal land or individual regions.
The country has adopted a classification of hotels from 1 * to 5 *. The conformity of the category of hotels is European. On the level of service to hotels 3 * and above, there are almost no complaints.
Mains voltage & mdash; 220 V, frequency & mdash; 50 Hz, sockets of the European standard.
Austria & mdash; safe country, violent crimes & mdash; rarity. However, tourists need to be cautious in places where a lot of people are crowded. Pockets and bag-grabbers are also traded at the railway stations of Vienna.
You can not smoke in public places.
In Austria, there are 3 climatic regions. In the east of the country, the climate is temperate steppe with continental influence. There is a little precipitation here, the winter is quite cold.
In the Alps region & mdash; Alpine climate with a long winter and abundant rainfall. The rest of the country is in a transitional climate zone with Atlantic influence in the west and a continental climate in the southeast.
Stores usually work from 8:00 to 18:30, some of them are closed for 1 & ndash; 2 hours for lunch.
In each federal land there are their own culinary traditions.
Soups, meat (beef, pork, veal) or fish & mdash; traditional food. It is worth to taste the typical Austrian dishes: soup with pancakes seasoned with spices, Viennese schnitzel, fried pork with dumplings, Salzburg souffle of proteins, pie with whipped cheese and vanilla sauce, strudel.
Austria & mdash; a paradise for sweeties: the choice of baking and sweet dishes is very large. Ideal drink in addition to them & mdash; coffee. Of alcohol, local beer, wine, schnapps are listed, and in the winter also gluevin (hot red wine with water and spices).
In large restaurants, 10% of the bill amount is left. In street cafes do not give a tip.
Tourists visit with a tour of Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, the charming little historical towns of Baden, Amstetten, Rust, Steyr, Gmunden, Philah, Frisach, Hull, Kufstein and others.
Invariably attractive are numerous medieval castles and palaces. The most beautiful palaces in Lower Austria are Riegersburg and Shallaburg. Very interesting monasteries: a masterpiece of baroque Melk, the Abbey of Zaytensteten.
In winter in Austria you can ride not only on skis, but also on skates, sleighs, ice climbing.
Extreme will appreciate winter zorbing & mdash; Rolling on an open slope inside a huge soft ball, snowtubing & mdash; descent on inflatable rubber circles from the mountain, ice-fishing, as well as a hybrid of summer bungee jumping and skiing.

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