Baggage of the repatriate. What should you take with you to Israel? Life in Israel.

Baggage of the repatriate. What should you take with you to Israel? Life in Israel.
What basic things should be the baggage of the repatriate. What is better to take with you, and what better to buy in Israel.
Hello everyone, my dear spectators. I’m very glad to see you on my channel. Today I want to talk with you about the luggage of the repatriate. I’m often asked in the comments under the video, in the Vkontakte group, they write letters to my personal mail and ask me questions of this nature, they sound like this: “What things you need to take with you when you move to Israel for permanent residence, what is worth keeping in the country, and what does it make sense to take with you to Israel? ”
In general, when you move somewhere for permanent residence in any country, no matter what, you need to do almost impossible, you need to pack, so to speak, your life in several suitcases. As for Israel, as a rule, people who are repatriated here, they are paid somewhere 40-60 kg of luggage. Of course, it’s almost impossible to pack your entire life in 40-60 kg and you need to make a very difficult choice, what do you need to take with you to Israel and what to keep in your country. So I decided to record such a video and share with you my opinion about what it’s worth to take with you to Israel when you come here for permanent residence and what to leave in the country of exodus.
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Let’s start with the most important – these are the documents. I advise you to take absolutely all the documents that you can take: documents that prove your Jewishness, documents about education, starting with the certificate and ending with the university, postgraduate study and so on. And all these documents should be complete, that is, not just a crust from the university, but together with a liner. If you have the opportunity to take documents from your health center, take them. In general, take all the documents you can only take and even if it seems to you that they are unlikely to be useful here, because you may well need completely unexpected documents.
The second is money. I am often asked how it is best to take money to Israel. I do not know which way is right, which way is wrong, I’ll tell you how I did it and how I would do it if I were once again repatriated. I would not carry a lot of cash with me, a maximum of 1000-1500 dollars and would carry them naturally in currency – in dollars or euros. In principle, here the rubles can also be exchanged, but exchangers who exchange rubles for the shekel are very few, they still have to be looked for. And dollars or euros can be changed almost everywhere. The remaining money, if you are carrying more money, I would carry on a bank card. When I moved to Israel, I went to the bank and made myself a debit card, which you can pay abroad and put all the money on this card. When I moved here, first of all, I was spending this money, and the basket of absorption was dripping on an Israeli bank card.
The following is a technique. The technique can be divided into two categories. The first category is expensive and small technique. For example, it’s laptops, cameras, phones, tablets and so on. All this technique, I believe, is necessary to bring to Israel. Firstly, because it is expensive in Israel, and secondly, it will be very easy for you to take this technique out of your country to Israel, because it practically does not weigh anything, and all sorts of cameras and laptops can be taken with you into your carry-on baggage and this will not be considered as extra weight. That is, you can take a suitcase weighing 5 kg together with your things and take an additional camera, take an extra laptop with you and this will not be considered an additional weight. The second category of technology is big and heavy. Of course, I understand that you are unlikely to bring refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and the like to Israel. But, very often I am asked about such techniques as: printers, microwave ovens, multivars, steamers, toasters and so on. I do not think this technique should be brought to Israel with you. Firstly, because this technique, as a rule, is very fragile and very likely that when transported by airplane this technique will simply be broken. Secondly, it weighs a lot, it is quite bulky and if you have a preponderance in the plane, then you will pay more than this toaster for some kind of transportation of the toaster. Thirdly, all this in Israel is quite inexpensive, all this can be bought over time. I think that you will be able to intervene for the first 2-3 weeks without any toaster, printer or microwave oven.
The next thing you should take with you to Israel is medicines for the first time, the medicines you use all the time. But, no need for fanaticism, you do not need to carry a pharmacy floor, because all the medications that you may need are sold in Israel. It’s just that at first you need time to find a pharmacy, you need time to understand how everything works here, you need time to enroll in a health insurance fund. In addition, many medications in Israel are not sold without a prescription and need time to make an appointment with a doctor, get to see him and so on and so forth. It’s better that you have some minimum set of medicines for the first few weeks just in case.
Next is clothes, what clothes should they take to Israel, and what does not. In principle, I can advise you to carry with you the clothes that you like, only there are a few notes, let’s say. First, take more casual clothes and less official clothes. Here, people dress much easier than in Russia and Ukraine, probably. Women, do not take a lot of shoes with stilettos, take your very favorite 1-2 pairs, this will be quite enough just in case for an exit, because here these shoes are almost never worn. Also, do not neglect warm clothes, in Israel it’s not always hot, winters are quite cold. Of course, you do not need to bring your fur coats, fur hats and boots, but some demi-season coats, sweater scarves – all this is worth taking with you, because in Israel it’s quite cold in winter. Even if you are traveling in the summer, you carry all these things and think that you hardly need them, then when winter comes and when it’s cold outside in the street and at home, you will get a demi-season coat or some kind of down jacket. Then you will remember my words and understand that this is really a useful thing in Israel, although not very often used.
Next is bed linen. Very many advise to take with themselves bed linen. Personally, when I moved to Israel, I did not take bed linen with me, but at first I knew that I would live with my grandparents and, in principle, I would not need bed linens. But, if you know that you are going and will immediately live in a rented apartment, then I advise you to take 1-2 sets of bed linen. Also take with you blankets, pillows, again if you live at once in some rented apartment. It is also possible to take another inflatable mattress with you, because it is possible that in your first apartment in Israel there will be no furniture, because most of the apartments in Israel are unfurnished. Therefore, if you have this inflatable mattress in your suitcase, it will make life much easier for you. But, in principle, in Israel, these mattresses are sold almost everywhere, are inexpensive, about 100 shekels you can buy a double air mattress, it’s somewhere $ 25. If you are allowed kilograms in luggage, then you should take this mattress. If you have an advantage because of this mattress, then do not take it.
Next – all sorts of tubes, creams, shampoos and so on and so forth. It is not necessary to take all this, there is enough of this good here, it is sold at every step and is quite inexpensive. Maybe it’s worth taking some small tubes, samplers just in case, if you do not have the strength to go shopping on the first day, then you will have to go to that little tube one time. But, to carry these cans and bottles of shampoo to Israel is not worthwhile, there is more than enough of this good and it is inexpensive. As for make-up and expensive cosmetics for cosmetics, it is necessary to take it with you, because it does not take up much space and costs quite a lot in Israel. Therefore, decorative cosmetics and some kind of face cream, something in small tubes that does not have much weight, but it is expensive, it is better to take with them to Israel.
People often ask me about food. I honestly would not take any food at all. Believe, in Israel you will not remain hungry. In Israel, almost everything is sold, what you are used to: all cereals, meat, dairy products – all this is sold to the companies you know, I can even say more. Therefore, everything you are used to in your homeland can be bought in Israel. Maybe, just in case, I would take with me something to eat, there are nuts, a couple of chocolates. Anything can be as long as there are difficulties with the exchange of money, you can not find an exchange office there, or you need to re-arrange some documents, that is, there is no way to buy food immediately, you will have something to eat. But, to take food with me, I heard that they are bringing cereals with them, buckwheat – this is not necessary, believe me. There is more than enough of this, of course, everything is more expensive than in the country of origin, but there’s nothing to be done, you move to a country where everything costs more than you have in your homeland.
Next is the dishes. I advise you not to take a lot of dishes, just take one set of appliances: one plate, one spoon, one mug, one fork for each member of your family. Dishes in Israel are inexpensive, you can buy it almost everywhere. If you have some expensive new pans, expensive new pans, then, probably, it’s worth taking them to Israel, because here this kind of goods is quite expensive. If you have any old frying pans, pots, then, I do not think it makes sense to take them from your country to Israel.
As for the books. Books, I believe, you do not need to take to Israel. If you think that in Israel you will not find Russian-language literature, then you are very much mistaken. Books in Russian can be bought in any bookstore, you can take any library. The only thing I advise you to take with you from your country is some specialized, professional, rare literature, which, most likely, in Israel it will be very difficult or impossible to find.
Well, the last point on the account, but not last in importance. If you are traveling with children, what to take for children? Naturally, documents, medicine, clothes – all this is relevant for both adults and children. As for toys, I think that it is not necessary to take a lot of toys, they take up a lot of space. Take your child’s favorite toys. I think that this will be quite enough, then you already buy those toys that he wants. As for the strollers, if you do not eat with a small child, then yes, I believe that you should take a stroller with you, because you do not run the first day to buy a baby stroller, and why should you buy what you already have . But, if you are going pregnant, it is absolutely not necessary to buy a stroller in advance and carry it. Yes, in Israel, strollers are slightly more expensive than in your country, but, firstly, you can overpay for the transportation of this stroller, for the advantage. Secondly, in the very beginning very often new immigrants, when they move to Israel, they do not settle immediately in some place of their own and often have to visit at first time some hostels, hotels, relatives and so on. Believe me, you do not want to carry one extra heavy box with this stroller.
Well, at last, I would like to note two points. When you have tickets on hand, when you are drunk or some other organization buys tickets, be sure to ask your airline for packing requirements and in general for baggage parameters. It seems like all airlines have the same parameters, but they can differ in some minor details, which for you can be critical. Secondly, if you fly with a pet, then when you have your organization, which you fly to Israel, will buy plane tickets, you need to learn all the requirements for transportation of animals. Again, airlines have requirements for animals, some specific vaccinations must be made, some documents are made out on animals and so on. All this must be done in advance, so that there are no surprises. Also, be sure to find out before the trip that you can generally import into Israel, and that it is impossible that you somewhere in the middle of the road were not forced to unpack suitcases and leave some important things unclear where.
Well, the last thing I wanted to note, when you’re collecting your bags, collect one, let’s call it an “emergency suitcase.” This is a suitcase in which you need to put your most necessary things for the first few days. Ask yourself, if you were traveling for a few days on a business trip or on a trip, what would you take with you. It is these things that you put in this emergency suitcase. For what it is necessary to make? As I said, as a rule, new immigrants do not fall into their main apartment in the first days, where they will live for the next year, the next two years. At first, very often new immigrants live with relatives, in hotels, hostels and so on. In order not to break all the suitcases in search of replacement clothing, a toothbrush, some face cream, it is better that all these necessary things for the first few days are in one suitcase, so that you use only one suitcase, and the rest do not touch. When you have already moved to your main apartment, where you already will settle, there you will already disassemble all your other suitcases.
If you have something to add to my video, then welcome, write your comments. If you think that something needs to be added to my list or something to be removed from it, then write about it. Write what things you took with you when you immigrated to Israel and what advice you gave to future new immigrants. If you are not yet subscribed to my channel, then be sure to subscribe. If you liked this video, then do not forget to support it with your fingers up. Thank you all for watching, bye-bye.
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