Balmont Konstantin Dmitrievich.

Balmont Konstantin Dmitrievich.
Konstantin Balmont really was an “overseas guest” in Russian poetry. Exotic sounded and his name, forcing to assume the “overseas” roots. Perhaps they were, but there is no documentary evidence for that. Moreover, according to documents (to which his second wife, EAAndreeva-Balmont refers in her memoirs), his great-grandfather was a landowner of the Kherson province with a completely prosaic surname: “Balamut”. In some inexplicable way, over time, “Balamut” has turned into “Balmont.” There is an assumption that, most likely, the people have adapted the foreign name of the landlord to their understanding. But, one way or another, one thing is certain: among the ancestors of the poet there were great originals, and in this sense he was a true representative of his kind. However, neither his father, Dmitry Konstantinovich, nor his brothers, whom he had six, did not stand out among the people of his circle. Another strange thing: all the relatives of the poet pronounced their surname with an accent on the first syllable, while the poet “because of the whim of one woman” suffered an accent on the second, why the poet contemporaries rhymed her with the words “horizon”, “Hellespont” and “Creon” .
Wings thinned thinly.
Finely glass and transparent it,
But it separates from distance.
In May it was. I was five years old.
In our old manor.
To the prisoner I returned the air and the light.
We let out our desert garden.
If I die and ask me:
“What is your good deed?” –
I say: “The thought of my May day.
Butterfly did not want evil. ”
Magnificent exclamation of waves.
The storm is close. The beach is beating.
Alien charms black canoe.
Alien to the pure charms of happiness,
Celny angry, shuttle alarms,
Threw the shore, beats with a storm,
He is looking for light dreams of the palace.
It rushes by the sea, rushes by the sea,
Surrendering to the will of the waves.
A month of matte look,
A month of bitter sadness is full.
The evening is dead. The night turns black.
Rapshet the sea. Darkness grows.
Celn languished in darkness.
Storm howls in the abyss of waters.
Boring your way.
Happy, who is peaceful.
Someone in the vast.
Happy – who can rest on a nice chest.
Stars in the snow scattered light blue.
Happy – who will be with you.
Month, pale, jealously looked and died away.
Happy – who is dozing under the gaze of the domineering eyes.
If I languish, I will cry and cry,
Will you remember me?
Midnight is silent, and the Milky Way stretches out.
Happy – who can look at his beloved eyes,
Deeper to look, and surrender to their power destiny.
Happy – who is close to you.
From the juicy bunches of wreaths to wiggle,
I want to revel in a luxurious body,
I want to tear your clothes off.
I want to heat the satin chest,
We are two desires in one salt.
Go away, gods, go away, people,
It is sweet for me to be alone with her.
Let tomorrow be darkness and cold,
Today, I will give my heart to the ray.
I will be happy, I will be young,
I will be bold – I so want.
There somehow zealots of ideas gathered.
But, strong by the will of unbridled passions,
They were flooded with a crowd of bashi-bazookas …
They care painfully.
About their pitiful thoughts,
They save themselves only.
For my soul I fear my own,
They are afraid of the abyss of dreaming,
And a poisonous snake.
They are executed without compassion.
I would hate heaven.
Among the shadows with a gentle smile,
Where is the eternal feast, eternal May.
He is walking with measured gait.
I would not like to live in paradise,
Execution of resourcefulness is snake,
From childhood I love a snake.
And I admire her as a picture.
I would not like to live in paradise,
Between stuporous ecstatic.
I perish, perish – and sing,
Mad dream demon lyric.
And the blue horizon.
I came to this world to see the sun.
I came to this world to see the Sea.
And the lush color of the valleys.
I made worlds in one eye.
I defeated the cold oblivion.
Having created my dream.
I am every moment filled with revelation,
My dream was aroused,
But I love for that,
Who is equal to me in my songwriting power?
I came to this world to see the sun,
And if the day goes out,
I will sing … I will sing about the sun.
In the dying hour. (1903)
Although a new, but a slave.
And there on the line of bogs – forget-me-nots,
And in more often – a long-awaited treasure.
Here the whirlwinds and rumbles of the word and glory,
But the bat rules the souls.
There’s a spicy bloom of marsh grass,
Boundless field, bottomless silence.
Here in the near and in the exact – the calculated mind,
A little glimpses of failure, he whispers: “Fill up.”
Here, politely-cold to the demon and God,
There stalks of dope with their venom and evil eye,
And an ominous bittern groans in the swamps.
And the path to the earth is directed to the stars.
I pray Thee, O highest, build my way,
So that I may be dead in the desired “there.” (“Here and there”)
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The author of the text: Tatyana Halina.
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June 15, 1867 – December 23, 1942.
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