time of service of a person who is in the diplomatic and consular service of Latvia in foreign countries (this also applies to the spouse and the child in charge, who are with him in foreign countries).
In Latvia, the year of residence permit for study is counted for normal six months. Therefore, for 5 years you will not gain the experience for permanent residence. But even getting permanent residence or permanent resident status in Latvia does not give you the right to live and work in other EU countries.
For example, I studied for 4 years – it took 2 years ..
3 more need to live. Only 7 years.
Here they have a mistake – the grounds can be changed without restrictions. You can not interrupt the deadline.
In the law so —- Foreign citizen who lived permanently in Latvia with the current residence permit. Apart from styding. Where 50% is taken into account. Those, for example, worked, studied, married. from this we believe.
There is one nuance .. That when changing the basis from study to another, you must apply outside Latvia.
So it was done, that the students from India would return back after school and would go to work, for example, there ..
But this can be done with the current residence permits, those will not be a break. And you can still ask to do it in Riga. We were allowed.
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Anatoly, I will clarify, 2 years, the program of the first stage of higher education (although it can and is called conditionally so)
Though learn, at least work.
If the residence permit is simply divided into two.
I studied for two years — I started one year.
500 days – I started 250 days ..
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But the law does not care – where a person learns. It is important to base .. If the study (any), divide by two the entire period of study.
1 year studied, six months.
10 years-5 years, etc.
there are controversial points, I agree.
pondered what was written, probably there was an error. but what is written after.
“For example: a foreigner studied for four years, then received a residence permit in connection with the work – he can ask the status of a permanent resident of the EU after three years with a residence permit for work.”
believe. 2.5 years of study is counted from 4, then vnzh for work, then at least 2.5 years must be worked through. Total 4 years of study and well, we assume they have rounded 3 years of work, total after 7 years request for permanent residence.
Do not be surprised that your posts will now be considered with suspicion.
my interest, so that you will not be counted this year for study, no. It is important for me that the forum has correct information. And I myself spend my time on finding out, precisely because of this, although to me that, in general, up to the bulb vnzh for study.
And yes. I liberast gave this opportunity, because I asked permission. what is happening now?

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