Belgium: a visa for Russians in 2018.

Belgium: a visa for Russians in 2018.
Russian travelers considering the possibility of traveling to Belgium need to know that this state is entering the Schengen space. So the visa to Belgium for Russians in 2018 should be obtained precisely according to the rules of registration, valid for the Schengen visas. The document can be made in the recently opened visa centers of Belgium in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in foreign representations – Embassies and Consulates of this country in Russia.
According to statistics, every 10th Russian gets a refusal in the Belgian Schengen.
The need for a visa.
If a Russian wants to take a stroll in Brussels, learn a course, go to friends, find a permanent job in Belgium or go on a visit to relatives, then in all these situations a visa will be required. Without this document, it will not be possible to get to the territory of the state. Any visa to Belgium is made in advance in Russia and can be obtained only by providing the relevant set of documents.
Entry to Belgium with a visa of another country.
This is also possible if the Russian already has an existing Schengen or national visa of any of the 26 states that are members of the Schengen. Also, you can get to Belgium with a valid residence permit in the EU.
To enter the Schengen visa of another state there are some restrictions. According to the current visa law, this visa must be used for its intended purpose. That is, the main country where the traveler will be located is still the state that issued this visa, most of the allowed days of stay need to be held there. And fewer days are allowed to use for a trip to Belgium or any other EU country.
The Belgian visa, which is needed by Russians, is of only two types: the Schengen visa C and the national visa D. The first one is suitable for all types of relatively short trips, the second one should be requested already for more serious purposes of the visit and for longer terms. The difference between them will be described below.
Photo of Schengen visa C in Belgium.
Schengen visa C.
This document can be called a broad-spectrum visa. Indeed, if you look at information from the visa center site and the Embassy itself, you can find out that Schengen type C is issued for a very large list of purposes. Their range is from tourism to participation in international scientific conferences.
To all Russians who have gathered in Belgium as someone’s guests, for any events, business trips, short-term student courses, etc., it is the Belgian Schengen type C.
Tourist visa.
Many of our compatriots who want to travel to Belgium are interested in what kind of visa there is. The answer is very simple – for tourists the same Schengen type C is approved, as for the rest of the visitors.
National visa D.
The national visa to Belgium is already much more difficult to obtain, since it involves a long stay in the state. The document is needed for all applicants for the employment of vacancies in Belgium, for students who entered the Belgian educational institution, as well as for those Russians who married or are in a relationship with the goal of creating a family with Belgians.
Many Russians view Belgium as a transit state on their way to other EU countries. It must be remembered that no matter how the traveler used the transport, he can not do without a visa.
If a citizen of the Russian Federation flies or travels through Belgium to another Schengen country, he must present a visa of that country to the Belgian border for further entry into the territory. If, however, the airport transfers to a state outside the Schengen area, then the Belgian Schengen of category C for transit and the visa of the final country of destination are required, if it is compulsory for Russians.
Documents are required.
The list of documents for a visa to Belgium for Russians consists of two parts: compulsory points and additional for the purpose of the trip. Documents from the mandatory list need to be handed over to all applicants, and additional ones will vary depending on these purposes.
Mandatory documents for all applicants:
A visa application form, filled in English, Dutch, French or German, you can use an example of filling out a questionnaire; A current passport with two or in case of a trip with children – four empty pages; Old passports, if there were Schengen visas plus copies of visas; Two new photos are 3.5 by 4.5 cm; Photocopies of all the completed pages of the passport of the Russian Federation; Detailed description of the trip plan in one of the four languages or booking from the hotel (if there is no such reservation from the hotel, then another place of residence will work), tickets in both directions; Confirmation of a sufficient amount of money for the trip: an extract from the bank account or a certificate of currency purchase, it is necessary to expect an amount of at least 50 euros per person per day; Medical insurance, coverage of this medical insurance must be from 30,000 euros; Confirmation of the social status: for employees – a certificate from the work, which indicates information about the salary and the fact that the leave is provided with the preservation of the place of work, for students / schoolchildren – the corresponding certificate from studies with exemption from classes or information about vacations.
Additional documents for different categories of applicants:
Invitation from an interested organization or private person – a friend or relative in Belgium; Guarantees for payment of expenses in case of a trip by invitation; The identity card of the inviter, proof of the creditworthiness of the inviting person in case of a trip to relatives or friends, a document on taking on the content of the invited party in the form 3 bis, if the host accepts the expenses for himself.
Documents for the national Belgian visa.
To obtain a national visa, you will need a more extensive list of papers, as well as justification for obtaining this document. They can be an invitation from the employer and a working contract, the intention to marry a Belgian citizen and evidence of not fictitiousness of relations, a certificate of enrollment in an educational institution and so on.
More details from the lists of necessary papers for a national visa can be found on the website of the visa center or the Embassy of Belgium.
Requirements for the photo.
When self-issued visa to Belgium, you need to pay attention to the standards that apply to photographs. They comply with the accepted ICAO standard:
The photo should be 3.5 by 4. 5 cm; A white and light background is allowed; Only the applicant is present in the picture; The picture shows only the face, neck, upper part of the shoulders; The image is clear, without items, accessories and other elements covering any part of the face; The person should express neutral emotions and be located in full face.
A visa to Belgium for a child.
To obtain a visa to Belgium for a child, you must additionally submit:
A copy of the birth certificate, if you do not yet have a passport; Notarized consent to travel outside of Russia, which is signed by both parents – a copy and the original are needed. The child can fill out the visa application form himself, but parents must sign it.
Independent design.
At the moment the visa to Belgium is independently done in two ways: through visa centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg and through the consular section of the Embassy. And the visa center of Belgium is also taken for the registration of long-term visas, unlike the visa centers of many other EU countries. If the applicant does not have the opportunity to come himself, he will be able to arrange courier delivery, but there are limitations, which are described below.
Since September 2015, all applicants for visas need to come in person and take their biometric data: photos and fingerprints. This new procedure will be repeated once in five years. With the help of these data, the European Union will monitor the entry flows of foreigners. If the applicant has not yet handed in his details, he can not simply arrange documents by courier delivery, he must appear in person. Children under the age of 12 receive exemption from the procedure.
Through the visa center.
Any visa to Belgium through the visa center is made by a single algorithm:
First, the type of visa required is determined; After all the package of documents is collected; Then you need to come to the visa center and apply, at the Moscow visa center for these purposes you first need to register through the site; Already on the spot, you need to submit biometric data and pay a consular fee; After a while wait for the decision.
In addition to the independent registration of the Belgian visa through the visa center, this can be done through the consular section of the Embassy in a similar algorithm.
Another important issue that worries travelers is the price of a visa to Belgium. The current prices can be seen in the table.
To the amount of the consular fee, the price of the service charge for the services of the visa center is also added – this is another 2025 rubles.
Belgium has established a very extensive list of preferential categories of Russian citizens who do not pay a consular fee. These are children under six years old, and students / schoolchildren who go to the state for educational purposes, and members of delegations. For them, the price for a Belgian visa consists only of the amount of service charge for the services of the visa center. A detailed list of all the preferential categories of applicants can be found on the site of the visa center.
Deadline for registration.
Standard terms for processing a Belgian visa fit within an interval of 10 days, but in practice everything happens much faster and a visa is made within three to five days. Sometimes it can be obtained in a day – in each case in different ways.
The Belgian Schengen has a valid duration of validity established by the visa legislation. The maximum limit is six months, and during this time in Belgium or another Schengen country can be no more than three months, more precisely 90 days.
The national visa has wider borders. It can live in Belgium for six months. This document is given for a period of one year.
Refusal of a visa to Belgium.
According to travelers’ reviews, Belgium has traditionally been considered not the most loyal state in terms of issuing permits to Russians for entry. If you pay attention to statistics, you can see that almost 10% of Russians are denied a visa to Belgium, which means that every tenth applicant leaves with a refusal stamp.
In the reasons for refusals, judging by the same feedback, standard “replies” are indicated. In fact, no one can guarantee a positive outcome, especially the agencies through which some applicants for an additional payment expect to still receive a visa.
To increase your chances, you should try to follow the following rules:
Carefully and accurately fill in the questionnaire; Provide documents strictly on the list, do not skip anything; Try to collect a solid and convincing package of documents that can show that there is a good income and strong ties with Russia; If the Consulate asks for additional information, then provide it as soon as possible.
The greatest chance to get a refusal is for single young women with a dubious social status – unemployed, who do not have a stable income or property, as well as financially unreliable persons.
In any case, every person has a chance and in the situation of refusal you can apply again. If you really want, you can get a visa.
Video: rest in Belgium.
Visa center contacts and Embassies.
The visa center of Belgium in Moscow.
Address: Moscow, Shchipok Street, Building No. 11, Building No. 1; Phone: +7 (495) 723-73-27; Opening hours: workdays, 9.00-16.00;
Embassy of Belgium in Moscow.
Address: Moscow, Malaya Molchanovka street, house number 7; Phone: +7 (495) 780-03-31; Opening hours: wake-up hours 9.00-11.00 without record, in the remaining hours – by appointment.
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