Belgium vnzh pensioners

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My small, cozy, social apartment in the house, for those over 55 + (for pensioners).
It’s a living room, it’s a kitchen and a dining room. My comfortable sofa and coffee table, where I like to play solitaire or read))
I do not have a TV.
I have minimalism, poor thing, but clean!))
It’s a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and a dining area have already been built in, and the fridge and electric stove are mine.
My Shaitan machine – Three in one, oven, hob and dishwasher, a miracle! Very comfortably))
Small urban landscape.
A partition between the bedroom and the shower.
My desk.
Behind the door is a small, white wardrobe, but it was not photographed))
The front door and next door to the pantry.
My pantry, here a washing and drying machine and racks, is very convenient.
This is our patio, where we are going to a glass, there is also a restaurant on the first floor.
On the ground floor of the house there is a service center-Horizon. Many activites (circles).
We are satisfied with just gatherings and conferences.
There is a library, we study languages, we go on excursions. We go to the swimming pool.
Treats)) Yes, they pamper us. pampered.
And about my balcony, I did the post earlier.
Recent entries in the journal.
January 14 – Circumcision of the Lord.
Workshop of Giovanni Bellini (ca. 1500) After eight days, when it was necessary to circumcise the Infant, they gave him the name Jesus, named the Angel …
Juno with peacocks, From the book de Conti & quot; Love Chess & quot; with miniatures written by Robin Teestar.1401.
Adam The modern icon of Nikola Sarich.
So everything is beautiful and cozy, in a modern style!
Shaitan machine is generally super)), I did not even know that such are.
And what an interesting program of leisure.
Thank you for the interesting excursion.
I told you that I can speak only about Belgium in an excellent way!))
A devil’s machine, she also has five years of warranty. Very convenient thing!
Yes, we still have a service, delivery of products to the house, you can not go to the store either))
Do you have girlfriends there?
And why did you lock the post?
Yes, I do not know why closed, I’m probably afraid of patriots))
So Diana said that we need to open a post, want to make a repost.
Belgium is divided into three regions and three language communities.
Flemish region (Dutch)
The Walloon Region (French) is the German Community (German) I live in the Flemish area.
In general, almost every belzy, speaks three or five languages. they are polyglots))
And I’m glad how fine you live and are organized in Belgium))
In Belgium, all are well treated! True, everyone is comfortable, comfortable and wonderful!
And my children and grandchildren, how perfectly arranged! They work, study and live well, although they work very hard and study very seriously! Chocolate Kingdom!)
I envy myself!)))
Well, why do people after our retirement find themselves locked up in 4 walls with a TV set? And you are so cool. Are these all activities probably free?
And you have a super apartment, but I have not yet considered everything, now I’ll see it again.
Yes, all activites and entertainment are free of charge, pedicure is free every two months, and I do it every month, then I pay half the price, the rest is paid by my honey. insurance. Hairdressing services, also for a discount))
In general, if you list all the benefits, it will seem fantastic!))
And your ladies are dressed in style and without extra pretentiousness at dances.
And in the mirror is also the granddaughter on reflection?
Is the embroidery in the bedroom above the bed? and the pillow is also embroidered? Who embroidered?
In the mirror, Diana, my eldest daughter, is reflected)
On the wall is a Belgian tapestry, purchased.
Furniture from Ikea and textiles from Ikea.
Bedspreads, curtains, pillowcases are all from Ikea))
Yes, these are the surprises we have here!))
I did not know myself before.
Here, even you are interested, but you were with me and saw everything with your own eyes!))
And in our restaurant we went and actitivities looked, but my house is beautiful!))

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