Bessarabian Bulgarians.

Bessarabian Bulgarians.
Bessarabia & # 8212; is a historical region of modern Moldova and Ukraine located between the rivers Prut and Dniester. The name “Bessarabia” & # 187; comes from the dynasty of the leaders of Wallachia. In 1812, this region and the eastern part of Moldova were captured by Russia and the name Bessarabia & # 187; spread to the whole territory between the Prut and the Dniester. The territories of Bissarabia were inhabited by Christians, therefore during the Ottoman yoke the Bulgarians moved to Bessarabia.
Bulgarians in Bessarabia.
Chiprov’s uprising broke out in modern north-western Bulgaria from 1688, the goal of ” liberate the Bulgarian lands. Reason for the Uprising & # 8212; high taxes. The uprising was suppressed and the village of Chiprovtsi was destroyed. This caused a massive migration wave & # 8212; about 180 families from Bulgaria settled in Bessarabia. There they founded a village & # 8212; Tomai.
Later, during the Ottoman rule in 1767-1791, about 2,000 people emigrated from Bulgaria to South Bessarabia from the Russian-Turkish war. The Bulgarians took part in the war with their detachments. For them, the consequences were terrible and heavy. It was then that “Kardzhaliite” appeared. & # 8212; so were the robbers. They killed, stole and burned villages.
Mass emigration of the Bulgarians can be observed during the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812. Then the Bulgarians again took part in the war. It was then (in 1810) that the Gabrovian uprising flared up. In the area of Gabrovo and Kazanluk concentrated several thousand people. They stopped the Turkish army on Shipka. In the spring of 1811, the formation of an independent Bulgarian military bloc in the Russian army began. The Russian military campaign ended with the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte in Russia. According to historians in 1811, tens of thousands of civilians emigrated to Bessarabia.
The most intensive wave of emigration occurred in 1830. Then the inhabitants of the city of Sliven, Silistra and Odrin moved to Bissarabia. Causes & # 8212; Then the Zenepol revolt broke out, it was suppressed and the Turks massacred and forced the large Bulgarian population to move to Bessarabia. So for several centuries because of the Turkish yoke, the Bulgarians who aspired to freedom were forced to leave their homeland and settle in the territory of Bessarabia and especially in southern Bessarabia.
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