Boca – exclusive interview “Chanson – portal”

Boca – exclusive interview “Chanson – portal”
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– In Soviet times we lived in such an international republic & ndash; in Baku. This is the yard. Multinational. I always remember and rejoice that I lived in this city and in this yard. We grew up with boys of all nationalities. I sang in all languages. But I was still drawn by & hellip; since childhood, when we are on the street with a guitar, in the gazebo & hellip; Parents scream & laquo; Go home! & Raquo ;. I will never forget such a case. We had Valerka (we had three guitarists, we sat down and sang under the seven string string). His mother from the fifth floor: & laquo; Valera! Two o’clock in the morning! Go home! & Raquo; He was so rude to his mother! She, poor, closes the windows & ndash; too has bothered already. He: & laquo; Come on, guys, sing – & laquo; Mom, beloved mama. & raquo; & laquo; Mom, beloved mom & raquo; – after the mother was rude.
– What happened next? Then, after all, weddings, a live orchestra without the use of synthesizers, microphones? There were no synthesizers, but Ionic was already at that time.
– Ionika has already appeared. But it’s then & ndash; later, and when we started, there were no microphones at all. Were at actors in theaters or at concerts, and at us was not. And at weddings, banquets, birthdays, especially on wires to the army & ndash; everyone sat silent, listened. The only mistake I make (it’s me saying “the mistake & raquo ;, and everyone says” Thank you for your feat! “& Raquo;) – I went out to the microphone, sang a merry song, to which people could dance. Usually they did not dance to the songs, they only listened to the songs. I was the ancestor of this. I sang “Nadia, Nadenka & raquo ;. He sang to the east, and people began to dance to this song. We were satisfied that there were no electronic tools & ndash; everything sounded natural.
“How persecuted!” Fur-tree sticks, this “Share thieves & raquo ;. I somehow sang in the company, and we did not even notice how the guys came up & ndash; One, two, three – microphones have been put, a tape recorder with reels. They recorded it right at the banquet. We were in Yerevan, were visiting. They wrote down, it’s been two days, we’re going to the city – it’s already in the cars! And how quickly they did everything. People were looking for these songs. What is forbidden, it was very sweet. Everyone grabbed these records. This guy, who wrote us down, made himself very good money, really, he did not give us anything!
– Tell us about the records. How did this happen in the early to mid-1970s? After all, officially you could not do this, but how did this happen?
– No, of course, could not. We agreed. There were people who were interested in recording us, they had their stores selling tapes. These people negotiated with the studios, which after an hour of secret work secretly. Wrote down anywhere: in the basement, on the stage, – if only we were not detected. And for the night we wrote a whole tape. Not 60 minutes, but even 90 minutes we recorded, and in the morning we went out & ndash; already ready!
– Was there a ready-made program for recording or playing immediately?
– I only had the program, but the guys played right away. Well done, you noticed by those notes & ndash; there are such strange chords, it’s funny now to listen!
– At that time, I had a line-up. Here, look. We arrived in Tbilisi, a small part of us. I then played the accordion. For example, we have a drummer & ndash; my, the clarinetist & ndash; my. Well, who is needed? A bass player is needed. Who is here? We knew in this city a good bass player. He came. Pianist? There was a chic musician. He was asked. They all came from the heart.
– That is, all gathered, you said tonality, harmony and everything & ndash; and let’s go?
– Let’s move in our time. Maybe the question is not entirely tactful, but, nevertheless, & ndash; what made you leave for the United States?
– We have already lost our homes, our city, our republic. It was necessary to start everything from the beginning. It’s very difficult, believe me. Even if you change an apartment from one district to another, it’s also difficult. And here – a city on a city, republic & ndash; to America. We were in Moscow, we had a restaurant (and was called & laquo; Boki & raquo;). Two years worked there. Very hard years were: banditry was, there were hooligans.
– 1993-1994. We had stairs at the entrance. Some went dissatisfied with something, someone on the waiter is angry. He got up, took the ring off and started up the staircase & laquo; lemonku & raquo; she falls there & ndash; in the hall. Can you imagine such a thing?
“I can not imagine very much.”
– Well, then little problems appeared. The police, which fought against the underworld (at that time so-called) decided that it was “raspberry” & raquo; some kind of. They wrote about me that I am a leader of some kind of mafia that is incomprehensible. I’ve been a musician all my life, now I’m a mafioso. So offended, I was given three years probation & hellip; And already had to leave with resentment.
– When I arrived, they met me already. I had friends, they knew me, my CDs were already on sale there. They knew me, and it was already easier for me. I spent a year in New York, also doing small concerts in restaurants. Misha Gulko even for half an hour went into the hall, approached, hugged me, so that the people could see that our relations are normal. This support was. I am very grateful to him. Then I moved to California. Climatic conditions more suited me, it’s warm.
– In Los Angeles, did you have a relationship with someone? There lived Grisha Balber.
– He died not so long ago. He even was leading in Los Angeles at weddings. We met with him. The Kingdom of heaven. He was a good man.
“Shufutinsky and Lyuba are there, too.” Everybody started there. It ‘warm over there.
“It’s warm there, but we do not need it.”
– What kind of audience did you have there?
– Americans are not interested?
– No. They do not need it. Only our, arrived.
– And now, where you have more public & ndash; here or there? I understand that you live there, and in Moscow, and touring. Do you go on tour in the US now?
– To tell the truth, already is not present. For two years now, no. I come, I’ll stay at home – I have things to do there, I came back – I have business here.
– That is, as such there is no public left?
– There is a public. But my audience is here. There are gala concerts, there are many singers, there are many people in the hall, but you do not know who exactly came to you, who loves you, but when your solo concert & ndash; people are sitting in the hall, and you know that these people came to listen to you. It’s already nice.
“Will we take a little more history?” There are a lot of judgments on the Internet (some of them are fantastic, fictitious) and yet & ndash; Have you met with Arkady Severny? I heard different options.
– I do not have the site, but so much is written about me on the Internet. When my children and my grandchildren show me, I read & ndash; horror! I do not want to interfere, I do not like this business at all, I’m not friends with a computer. Recently it was this: at the banquet the girl put her baby on my lap, hugged me – photographed. Then I put the photo on the site, and below it says “I’ve got a little baby”. Do you want to destroy my family? I have a strong family!
And about Arkash Severnogo & hellip; This is always asked about me, and I specifically declare to you: yes, it turned out so & ndash; I sang his song in an oriental manner. Somewhere he felt hurt. And he writes in the next song: “There is such a Boka, in the Caucasus appeared & ndash; sells people a copy for the original & raquo ;. That is, a copy of & ndash; it’s me, and the original & ndash; he. And he’s right. I also answered him in a song not very well by his youth. After some time, & ndash; we met in Odessa, in a good company. He sits opposite, & laquo; Kazbek & raquo; smokes, skinny, thin. He says: & laquo; Come on, friend, get acquainted – Arkasha North & raquo ;. Tree sticks! So it was a shame! I approached, hugged him: “I apologize, blurted out on youth. Are you not offended with me? & Raquo; & hellip; & laquo; No. It’s all right. Come on, pour it, we’ll drink 50 each! & Raquo ;. Drank it. He even suggested: “Let’s make one album together & ndash; and you will sing, and I will sing. You will need it & raquo ;. But no luck & ndash; he died a couple of months later.
– Maybe a couple of words about how you met Vysotsky?
– Once in Moscow with friends (my friends were older, many – Muscovites) went to the hotel & laquo; Ukraine & raquo ;, and he just went out with a woman. And you know, he spoke so loudly, at all the foyer. He has a voice like this & ndash; as he sings, he says so. I saw, I say: & laquo; Firs! Vysotsky! & Raquo ;. Friends say: & laquo; Now we’ll introduce you! & Raquo; We approached, met. He immediately paid us attention. Even his woman, who has departed: & lol; Volodya, we are late & raquo ;. He: & laquo; Wait, Beetle, you see & ndash; I talk with people! & raquo ;. He gave us time and left. This was our acquaintance.
– I think that it’s not that normal, but even good. At that time it was forbidden, and now & ndash; can. A lot of talented people. Now young people like that have gone & ndash; write good songs. I love. I really respect Garik Krichevsky. We have such a misunderstanding with this guy & hellip; He does not even know how I respect him and love him. It turned out this way: they wrote some records in Los Angeles, they did a concert, an album, everything was somehow mixed, and I was asked to sing “Planned”. I sang a verse, but I never appropriated this song and did not say it was mine. And Garik was given a “Here, Boka sang”. I understand it’s Garik’s song, so I’m announcing it everywhere now. I love him very much, I like his work.
– Well, here and our site visitors once again see the confirmation that this is Garik’s song.
– Of course, Garika. What you’ve heard about & Planned & raquo; – I have never smoked a plan in my life, once I tried it in my childhood, I did not like it. I liked vodka more. In my songs, there is a lot about the plan, and think – once “Planned & raquo; – then Boca wrote.
– In conclusion of our conversation. What you can wish our visitors to & quot; Chanson portal & quot; The New Year is just around the corner.
– We love everyone who loves us. If we are listened and want to listen, then we must sing and work. They say to me: “You’re already old, get something done & raquo ;. But they’re still listening to me, you understand? Even the young boys, who are 17-18 years old, like it. I wish all listeners & laquo; Radio Chanson & raquo; and visitors to our & quot; Chanson portal & quot; health, a clear sky, so they heard many more good songs, and everything was fine.
– And I want to wish you good health, because without health, neither creativity nor activity can be dealt with; great creative success. You have enough people; so that it does not decrease so that you have many songs. And we will listen to you.

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