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Information support for families of Russian-speaking foreigners.
Acquiring Czech citizenship (background information)
2a * Successful passing the Czech language proficiency test B1.
2b * Successful passing of the test for knowledge of the Czech realities: state structure, socio-cultural, geographical and historical.
* Students from Czech schools and universities are exempted from the examination if they have studied for at least three years (received secondary, professional or higher education). Also, children under the age of 15, adults over 65 and invalids who do not have the opportunity to learn the Czech language do not take exams.
3. Timely payment of taxes.
4. No previous conviction.
5. Absence of any violations of Czech laws (including SDA) and laws regulating the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic (medical insurance, social security, pension insurance, employment, taxes, customs payments, social contributions, alimony for children permanently residing in the Czech Republic) in during the three years preceding the submission of the application.
6. Absence of any administrative debts in the Czech Republic.
7. Sufficient degree of financial independence for applicants over 18 years of age, proof of income for three years.
8. Absence of significant and without good cause assistance from the state social security system for three years preceding the submission of the application.
9. Sufficient degree of integration into Czech society, good for Czech society (subjective, but present requirement, which can become a motivation for refusal).
– Application form (to be completed on-site)
– Permanent residence permit or document confirming the status of a foreigner in the Czech Republic for at least 5 years.
– 2 certificates of non-conviction from the Russian Federation (ordered at the consulate) and from the Czech Republic.
– Nostrificated document on education.
– Autobiography in Czech language (2 pages A4)
– Certificate from the Czech Tax Service on the absence of tax arrears, taken no more than 30 days before the filing of the application.
– Employment agreement with the employer.
– Income statement for the last 5 years.
– Certificate of marriage with a transfer (or certificate of divorce, death certificate)
– Certificates of the birth of children (with a translation if they are not born in the Czech Republic)
2. At least one of the parents is a permanent resident of the Czech Republic (has permanent residence in the Czech Republic).

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