Bulgaria and we.

Bulgaria and we.
Hello! I looked through the tape and then came across this post, which I read with pleasure, because there is a goal to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence. That’s just not decided in Burgas or Varna. In September we are already flying to get acquainted, I want to see both Burgas and Varna. What would you advise and in general, everything is interesting to me. Can I knock on friends?
But there are also cons of the winter ((
Hello! And as I missed your post, the topic of Bulgaria and Bourgas has been monitoring the past two years constantly)). We are going to move to the permanent residence in Burgas – sooner rather than later, but for the time being. I can add you – it’s interesting how you live)).
Of course, happy new acquaintances))
perhaps delicate, but still, what kind of business does the Pope have, too, have thoughts to move, but to Plovdiv (relatives live there and itself for a quarter of Bulgarians)
Our company helps Russian-speaking guests of Bulgaria! RusBg.info. The site has a list of everything that it does, it can come in handy)))
We are now also moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence.
And through some kind of firm or somehow yourself? What city?))
At me the husband and the child of citizens Bg we eat in Sofia and so at the husband there many relatives)
Well)))) We too will soon go to Sofia to apply for citizenship with the son)))) Will be in Burgas write, we can meet, we love communication and new acquaintances!
And why did your parents move without you? You were 18 years old yet.
Because they went to equip everything for my grandmother and my move, they took my grandmother-in my 20 years-decided)))) But I already had a family (husband) and now we decided and moved too.
How is the weather there for you? sea is warm? we are going in July to Bulgaria, to the sunny coast :)))
It’s very nice, hot, but not stuffy, it’s fresh from the sea! The sea is warm, we’re already bathing))) Come, do not regret it.

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