Bus Belgorod – Donetsk (the schedule is updated on 01/26/2018)

Bus Belgorod – Donetsk (the schedule is updated on 01/26/2018)
Before the departure of seats may not remain.
Without overpayments. Tickets for the prices of carriers; Reliable. 785150 satisfied passengers; Fair. Without hidden fees, all prices are final.
Sergey 123 (guest)
23 Dec 2015 – 16:07.
I want to go to Donetsk on 12/27/2015.
24 Dec 2015 – 11:17.
Unfortunately, now all tickets for the flight from Belgorod to Donetsk on this date have already been sold. Perhaps the carrier will deliver another bus. You will find out about this by specifying the date of the trip. Then the schedule will show the availability of seats. If you see Places or Places for a request to simplify and expedite the procedure – it is better to book tickets immediately or to get on us via other communication channels. The COMMENTS section, where you left the message, is not intended for operational communication. It is created for reviews about trips, it is looked not more often, than once a day and only on working days.
Igor Bondarev (guest)
09 Feb 2016 – 21:50.
Zdrastvujte I want to leave on 11.02.2016 in Donetsk. And I would like to know the route of the Belgorod-Donets bus. Thank you in advance.
10 Feb 2016 – 09:01.
As it follows from the schedule, on the page of which you left questions, the bus of Donbass-Line carrier, tickets we sell at direct prices from Belgorod to Donetsk go on Thursdays and Sundays. As February 11, 2016 will be Thursday, then the bus goes.
Clicking on the schedule line by the link More https://belgorod.ros-bilet.ru/reys/doneck-200pm.html-0 You will be taken to the page with detailed information about the flight, where the full bus route is indicated: Kursk, Belgorod, Ilovaysk, Khartsizk, Makeyevka, Donetsk.
From this page or from the schedule line, press the BOOK button, fill out the simple form with your data required for the ticket, select the calculation form (this carrier can have all three forms) and press the button ORDER ORDER. He will immediately come to us.
If you have any questions – contact us on any channel, but not through the COMMENTS form, where you left your questions. This form is designed for feedback and is rarely seen.
Victor Leonidovich (guest)
22 Apr. 2016 – 21:09.
Booked a ticket to Belgorod Donetsk on April 24, 2016, confirmed the reservation, indicated the payment when boarding the bus and suddenly comes sms that the reservation was withdrawn because it did not pay, then why is the payment item specified at the boarding? And what should I do next? I do not know how to pay for other ways of ignorance, that clients like me and the trip are closed, earlier I just called and ordered a place and everything was clear and simple.
Apr. 25, 2016 – 10:09.
Hello, Victor Leonidovich!
You just for some reason ordered two tickets at once – one with payment at landing, and the other – with full prepayment. Here on the second ticket an hour after the booking you received a notice that the ticket was not paid and the reservation was canceled. And the first reservation with a full payment of landings has remained for you.
In all situations, call us on any channel convenient for you, designed for operational communication (including not only Russian, but also Ukrainian phone). You will see them at this link https://ros-bilet.ru/help/kak-svyazatsya-s-ros-biletom.html.
Our operators will always help you.
But do not leave a message in this section of the Commentary – it is intended for feedback and is not viewed regularly.
Jul 19, 2016 – 22:20.
Good evening. Can you please tell who has information on the availability of buses in Belgorod-Donetsk on July 20, 2016 or July 21, 2016. There are 2 of us.
Jul 20, 2016 – 08:38.
For today, July 20 there are no more places, and tomorrow there is no flight. The nearest flight will be on Saturday. If you can not book tickets through us, please contact our operators https://ros-bilet.ru/help/kak-svyazatsya-s-ros-biletom.html.
Katya Katerina (guest)
11 Oct 2016 – 16:30.
Good day! Tell me please, can I send a parcel through you (a small box of shoes, weighing up to 0.5 kg)?
12 Oct 2016 – 09:30.
We sell only bus tickets at the prices of carriers, and the question of whether to take parcels or not to take, the carrier himself decides. Most leaders of transport companies forbid their drivers to take parcels.

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