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I still talk with many IT specialists from Russia and very often, my proposals to try myself and work in a European company with a move, people answer: “My English is not so good” or “How will I live without relatives next door” or “I need a lot of money to move.” These are all very important and really difficult moments. But, as I want to try to show on my own experience, it is completely surmountable.
To start a little about yourself:
Born and raised in St. Petersburg He studied at the most ordinary district school – there were no special deviations. This greatly affected my studies at the University. Later I entered the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics (FTC). I worked for some time at my own school, servicing printers and reinstalling Windows. I passed an interview to Yandex for a junior system administrator. I received an offer from InnoGames and moved to Germany, where I now live and work.
So, as you can see, I did not have any special achievements. In addition, in English, I spoke at the level of a student of the 5th grade (actually practically zero level), and in German I did not know a couple of words. But first things first.
Friends shared the experience that after some universities, studying for system engineers, they knew only the ping team.
Interview in InnoGames.
I sent an application via Linkedin (a forbidden social network in the Russian Federation) and an interview was scheduled a few days later.
Hamburg is the city where my company is located. It so happened that all the interviews I went through skype and the company completely took care of all the documents (of course, some I had to send by e-mail). So in Germany itself I have never been.
Since I flew to Hamburg only with a bicycle, then I had to get to the temporary apartment on it.
Transportation here is at a very good level. There is a certain hierarchy of carriers, for example Hochbahn runs buses and metro, Deutsche Bahn regulates a network of commuter trains and long-distance trains, Hadag – ferry service. But all together they are combined under the general start of the HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund). So the ticket for travel, bought in a bus or vending machine, will act on any type of transport in the city and the region. There is also a ticket for the whole month, which costs about 80 euros, half of which is paid by the company.
Attitude towards foreigners.
I can not speak for the whole of Germany, but in the northern part, where the glorious city of Hamburg is, a very tolerant attitude towards foreigners.
The majority of houses here are not higher than 5 floors, so that living on the top floor is easy to have this kind of view from the balcony:
Second halves.
I moved with my wife and a cat who, like me, did not speak German.
Since I am a Blue Card holder (special permission for qualified specialists), my wife automatically obtained a work permit. Then we did not even understand how much luck we had. In many countries such permission is not given at all or given, but on a part-time basis.
Working culture.
Many say that the Germans are a hard-working people. This is indeed so. For example, there are no 2-week New Year holidays in Russia. The main part of the workforce in the workplace is already at 8 am. However, no one is late after work. I would even say that this is not welcome. Several times my boss asked me not to linger, because in case of my promotion, colleagues can say that the reason was overtime work.
Leave in Germany is 28 working days, which the employee can use whatever you like, when both in Russia 28 calendar days and one of the parts of this leave must be at least 2 weeks.
As in many international companies, the official language here is English. The company provides free German courses right at the office. So the level of your English and German, and with it the horizon, will grow with each passing day.
As I mentioned above, the company has taken on most of the problems with the move. Documents for the visa had to be submitted by myself, but with the contract, I received it in 3 days. The visa is given in category D and permits work for 3 months. During this time, the agent hired by the company will hold by the hand for all instances and help in obtaining the very same Blue Card and work permit and arrival for the spouse.
The first thing you notice is a truly international company. At the moment, we have about 35 different nationalities. There are never enough topics for conversation: the cultural characteristics in Pakistan, the political situation in Australia are the most usual topics for conversation.
In addition to the most usual bonuses in IT, such as: cold drinks, beer, fruit, table tennis, gym, there are very weighty – educational.
After the move, the first time was difficult. There is always a risk not to pass the trial period and in another country to remain without money. But everything worked out and I would like to talk about the prospects that await the one who decides to move:

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