Business immigration is on the rise.

Business immigration is on the rise.
Our next interview with the Business Management Doctor, Licensed by the Immigration Expert Alexei Titov took place in the office of the WORLD MIGRATION GROUP in the center of Vancouver. An entrepreneur with experience, he has been working with entrepreneurs, corporate and private clients for two decades, helping them in delicate issues of moving to Canada for permanent residence.
Vancouver-Express (VE): Alexei, if there is more or less information about professional immigration, and people can somehow orient themselves, then business immigration seems to have some kind of vacuum. Does it still exist?
Alexey Titov (AT): And there is, and again gaining momentum. There are federal programs, there are those that are sponsored by the provinces. Another thing is that not all immigration offices know what it is and can work with them. You need to have your own practical experience of business development, knowledge of not only immigration rules, but also commercial laws.
VE: Do you run business clients business?
AT: A lot and with pleasure. Every business, every idea is an extremely unique file, one and unique process. It is interesting to work also because with each such client we are preparing a full range of tasks and implementation requires the stress and resources that make us and ourselves develop.
VE: What are the main categories you cover in your practice?
��: Investment files of candidates for the Quebec program. Despite the passive nature of investment investments, the process itself is very complex in its structure and extremely tense in terms of the procurement regime. The people going to him are rich and demanding, but mostly organized and respecting professional opinion.
The second big category is the federal program of entrepreneurs. It is open to a very narrow circle of specialists who can confirm the experience of private entrepreneurship in the sphere of culture, art and sports. We bring athletes to these programs, and coaches, and artists of the theater, and specialists in the film industry, programmers, and designers. A good program, interesting, every file & # 8211; this is the unique life of truly exceptional people deserving special treatment.
And the third program, active in our office, is the provincial business programs. We are basically not scattered and take files of those who are ready to move to our province of British Columbia. Such files are very practical, often industrially and geographically tied to the specific existing parameters of each individual candidate.
VE: You can have a few details about what’s closer to us, & # 8211; our provincial programs?
AT: Of course. Our programs are now built on a scale, and it depends a lot on four key parameters: the size of investment capital, the geographical location of the new business, the industrial priority and the number of jobs created.
Primary is the process of preparing for filing in principle – it is important to raise points so that the business has a chance to choose. After the selection there is a hard time of 120 days to provide all the details of your business plan and your past. The process is critically tied to the ability to prepare customers in the shortest time and to compile a realistic business plan understandable to the government and executable for the client.
VE: Is it possible to buy ready-made business for such purposes?
AT: The short answer is yes, but behind this is a whole complex of special requirements for both the candidate investors and the businesses that they are going to buy. All the stories about a simple purchase of something “someone not needed” for three years as behind, and there is no chance for those who can not pull out and buy a really big real business. We help in choosing, using both our commercial and private real estate trading licenses, and our partner business brokerage relationships, but candidates often do not have a clue what awaits them.
VE: Do you have to form many?
AT: I call it the “calibration of consciousness”. People come to us with their baggage of knowledge, experience and ideas about how they want to do business and solve business issues. We need to initially put everything in its place and give them an idea of how it should be done here in Canada – for some, alas, this is an insurmountable barrier. Then we recommend either a passive investment path, or professional immigration – something longer, something more expensive, but we always have a solution.
VE: What can you say about the start-up program?
AT: This program has been working for three years for innovative entrepreneurs, people with ideas, which local venture capitalists are ready to support here. An interesting program, but many candidates have a very primitive idea of the real exclusivity of their intellectual property. Another problem of such creative people is poverty in the full sense, a bare and naive calculation that local capitalists well just do not know where to put money, and are ready to support any idea, no matter how primitive it was. In fact, the program supports those who can, want and are able to adapt their unique ideas and knowledge to the reality of the modern North American venture market.
VE: How can you determine the direction of business programs in general?
AT: I can confidently say that we are seeing steady growth in applications for business registration! It’s a pity we do not see Russian-speaking among them. We now have files from America, Japan, Holland, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and only one from Ukraine, and our people are talented, capable and enterprising. I would like to see more people from the former Union of all nationalities. I hope, among your readers will be those who are interested, or will be able to share these news with those who would be interested.
AT: Thank you for the opportunity to help your readers! Good luck in everything!
Website for immigration to Canada: WWW.WIMMIGRATE.COM.
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September 27, 2017.
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