Business immigration to France. Ideas for small businesses.

Business immigration to France. Ideas for small businesses.
Business immigration to France has recently become a popular way to ensure the safety of its capital. For those who are looking for an opportunity to expand their business on comfortable terms, or want to receive a guaranteed profit, France & # 8212; An excellent choice for transferring the current one or starting a new business in Europe. In this post I want to offer you several niches for small business in France, which with almost 100% return will bring you profit and guarantee return on investment. The main requirement for opening a business in France: a clear plan of action and logic.
In France, they are loyal to foreign investors and businessmen who want to start their own business here. Therefore, the number of restrictions for them is minimal.
Only a few areas of activity require certain licenses and official permits. For example, if you plan to provide services in the field of architecture and construction, in the medical or legal fields or engage in educational projects, then yes, these things require licensing. In other areas, France does not connect entrepreneurs with paper delays and permits.
Business immigration: guaranteed return in a short time.
In order not to worry about the safety of your capital, it is better to open a business in one of the following areas of the French economy:
1. Hotel business.
France is a country where a large number of people from all over the world come. And this means that it is really beneficial to do everything that is connected with hotels and tourism. In large cities, it is not so profitable to invest in real estate for delivery as in small towns. The fact is that the price of real estate in the centers of large cities is much higher than the average, and the proceeds from the lease are approximately the same. After all, the price of real estate in the provincial tourist towns at 40 & 8212; 60 %% lower than in large cities, despite the fact that the difference in the price of delivery of such hotels is small. Here is a proposal for the sale of a hotel in Marseille (a large city) and Saint-Gerona (a small tourist hamlet of Southern France). The difference in price is considerable. See for yourself. Investing in the purchase of a hotel in Saint-Gerona (South Pyrenees), you can greatly win at a price. Plus, the region recently received additional financing due to the merger with the neighboring region (Languedoc). Prices are still low, but are already on the rise.
Hotel for sale in Marseille Hotel for sale in Saint-Gerona, Midi-Pyrenees.
2. Restaurant business.
The French are very fond of spending time in cafes and restaurants. They do it much more often than the population of other countries, for a Frenchman to spend an evening in a cafe. it means to rest, gain strength, and rest for the Frenchman is very important. So many people go to the cafe at least 2-3 times a week. For this reason, you can become a truly successful entrepreneur if you do this business in France. Do you notice the difference in price per square meter on offers for selling restaurants below? The difference is 60% in favor of business in the South-Pyrenees region! At the same time, note that the foie gras are equally expensive all over France, and everybody loves it everywhere and everywhere!
Restaurant for sale in Muans Sartoux, Alpes-Maritimes Restaurant for sale. City of Pamiers, Midi-Pyrenees.
Business immigration through the purchase of a bakery-bakery in Southern France is an inexpensive and reliable option. Bread (baguettes, croissants, cakes) the French buy every day. You can buy or rent a room for a bakery-bakery in a well-spun location, hire a baker and a salesman. Profit is guaranteed. Bakeries work in France 6 days a week. Fresh bread for breakfast is as important for the French as fresh air. I do not know any family in France who would not buy fresh bread every day!
Business for sale in Southern France. Then they sell what they bake. Toulouse Business for sale in Southern France. Bake bread here. Toulouse.
4. Sale and maintenance of cars.
Auto shows and auto services are also a good option for making a profit. Especially if you know about cars.
In order to open a small business in France, you need to get a “merchant card” and a visa for a temporary stay in the country.
To open a business in France you will need to come here on a national or tourist visa, go through all the formalities of opening a business and return to your home country to apply for a business visa.
The Russian consulate will need to file a full package of documents, as a rule, these are identity documents, a business plan and other constituent documents necessary for business. What documents will be needed in your case, it will be necessary to clarify directly in the consulate or in my private consultation.
Good luck in business!
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The application for the card is submitted to the Consulate of France in your country. The term of consideration may stretch the Business Plan, with a clear justification of the economic benefits for France from its implementation. The project should be supported by sufficient financial resources and is designed to create at least two jobs for local residents.
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Business immigration to France. Ideas for small businesses.
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