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Immigration to Slovakia: which way to choose?
To immigrate to the Slovak Republic, you can use different ways. Depending on your resources and age, the following options for entry into the country are available: starting a business (the best option, since the government of the country is favorable to investments), getting an education, reuniting with the family, working, buying real estate. Whatever option you choose, it is worth exploring the pros and cons of immigration to Slovakia. Let’s start?
What are the advantages of immigration for people living in the CIS?
Economic benefit. Slovakia, as a member of the European Union, opens up opportunities for its citizens to the countries of the Schengen zone. And this means that there is access to unlimited travel, education and employment in companies in Europe, the opening of a business. The average salary in Slovakia in 2015 is 700-1050 euros, depending on the region of the country. Especially appreciated are medical workers, engineers, IT specialists. The Eurocurrency. Another bonus is that in this country the euro is the national currency, which greatly facilitates the movement around the country: there is no need to contact the exchange offices. Absence of national conflicts. On the territory of the Slovak Republic, a high level of national homogeneity. Mostly there live Slovaks and Hungarians, Ukrainians and Russians. That is why there is no dislike for religious, ethnic or territorial encounters coming on the ground. You can learn the language in six months or a year. Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians are easier to learn the Slav language than other foreigners. After all, it is similar to Russian and Ukrainian, that’s why people from Slavic countries will be easier to adapt in the new environment. By the way, in Uzhgorod (Ukraine) you can learn Slovak from school. A child who has studied subjects in the Slovak language will be much easier to give disciplines at the University of Slovakia. That is why it is more likely to pass the session. Housing prices and products are available, unlike other EU countries. This is the perfect balance between the standard of living and its subsistence minimum. Most students and working immigrants in Vienna are trying to rent inexpensive housing in Bratislava in order to save on rent. Prices for the purchase of real estate also differ in their availability, in comparison with Europe. For example, in Central Slovakia, an apartment can be purchased from 30 thousand euros, and a house – from 50 thousand euros. It’s easier to draw up documents for doing business. In addition, taxation is the most profitable in Europe: the corporate profit tax is 22% and for the private entrepreneur -19%. If you want to open a business in this country, you will be able to quickly obtain a residence permit. In addition, financially it will be easier than in Europe. The Slovak government is interested in investments and encourages foreigners who want to do business in this country. This permission is much easier to obtain. If there was a need to open a company on the basis of residence permit, the process of processing documents takes about 3-4 months. Free higher education in Slovakia is available to Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Moldavians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs. Having received a European diploma, the graduate opens an opportunity to get work in the countries of the European Union. A short period of stay in the country for citizenship. After 5 years of residence you can get permanent residence in Slovakia. And after 5 to become a full-fledged citizen of the Slovak Republic. At any age, there is access to a residence permit for the duration of the course, if you want to learn Slovak in a language school. An additional advantage is that the student of the courses receives the right of free movement in the countries of the Schengen zone. Thermal springs and excellent ecology attracts the Austrians, Germans and Italians. Thanks to cheap hotels and boarding houses, as well as the quality of mineral springs, foreigners often invest in resort real estate. It is believed that in Slovakia the cheapest treatment and rest in Europe. The mountains are a great option for holidays. Convenient transport connection with the countries of the Schengen zone. Bratislava (the capital of the country) is located 60 km from Vienna (Austria). The cities of other countries are located a few hours’ drive from the capital of Slovakia.
For example, to Budapest (Hungary) – 200 km,
to Prague (Czech Republic) – 330 km,
up to Warsaw (Poland) – 680 km,
to Berlin – 688 km, to Munich (Germany) – 520 km,
to Zagreb (Croatia) – 440 km,
to Milan – 940 km, to Venice (Italy) – 678 km.
The most affordable methods of immigration to Slovakia are the following options:
1) training in Slovak language courses,
2) higher education,
3) registration of a company or a private entrepreneur,
4) buying a ready-made business,
5) family reunion,
6) official employment.
Why are immigration services worth registering with us?
1) You receive a free consultation. While other firms charge $ 20 for hourly advice, hiding the number of hours needed for a full consultation. Free consultation does not oblige you. You ask any number of questions and get answers to them.
2) You will find reliable information. Since our specialists constantly monitor changes in the legislation of Slovakia, you receive reliable information. As a result, you do not need to collect references that have already been canceled or overpaid for services that are optional.
3) You are met in Kosice or Bratislava. You can be sure that you will be met in an unfamiliar country. Moreover, we will tell you the most convenient way, depending on your preferences: getting by buying inexpensive tickets or saving time.
4) You are supported after receiving the service. Even if you have successfully received an immigration service, we will be able to suggest and advise solutions to new problems in an unfamiliar country. You discover new acquaintances and resources known to us. Regardless of which CIS country you moved to Slovakia.
Whatever you choose to immigrate to the country, we will support your efforts and help you avoid common mistakes. Often it is because of ignorance of legislation or language that immigrants find themselves in difficult situations. And it is also important to consider the sequence of actions to avoid unnecessary financial costs and speed up the process of processing documents. Still have questions? Call.
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