Business immigration to Spain. Residence permit of the investor.

Business immigration to Spain. Residence permit of the investor.
Want to open a business in Spain? In this article, we will touch on the basic steps towards your goal. For example, how to immigrate, how to obtain a residence permit, what taxes in Spain, the cost of buying and renting real estate, what franchises exist, successful businesses, and in general – is it profitable?
Modernization of immigration laws of Spain.
The Spanish immigration legislation has undergone significant changes in recent years. A few years ago, investors and entrepreneurs who dreamed of not only living in Spain, but also working, organizing their own business, investing in the local economy, creating jobs, etc., were getting a residence permit on practically the same basis.
The situation has radically changed with the adoption of Law 14/2013 of September 27 “On Supporting Entrepreneurs and Their Internationalization.” This normative act is not just in words, but in practice confirmed Spain’s desire not only to attract foreign investors, but also to facilitate the process of their legalization as much as possible.
Business immigration to Spain is gaining momentum, and getting a residence permit by entrepreneurs for a particular business will compete with obtaining a residence permit on the basis of owning real estate.
Requirements for foreign investors.
Law 14/2013 defines the categories of foreign nationals eligible to obtain a residence permit for an investor in Spain under a simplified scheme:
Investors. To get into this category, you need to buy real estate worth from 500 000 euros per person (one object or several), or open a deposit in the bank for the amount of 1 million euros, or purchase shares of Spanish companies for the amount of 1 million euros, or buy government bonds in the amount of 2 million euros. Entrepreneurs. Businessmen are required to create new jobs through the establishment of a company whose activities will be of economic and technological interest to the Spanish economy. Professionals of high qualification. We are talking about researchers, scientists, technical specialists of high class, etc. Employees whose relocation occurs within the same company or group of companies.
The advantages of business immigration to Spain.
The main differences between the residence permit for an investor in Spain and the usual residence permit without the right to work are as follows:
Simplified consideration of the application by the Spanish Consulate in Russia (and in the case of the residence permit of the entrepreneur – also the possibility of submitting documents directly to the Ministry of Economy in Madrid, bypassing the consulate); No need to stay in Spain for most of the calendar year (it is enough to visit Spain at least once during the validity of residence permit); The possibility of obtaining a resident card immediately for up to 2 years.
At the time of renewal of the residence permit of an investor in Spain, the main requirement: the ownership of the assets in the same amount (or more) that was used as the basis for obtaining the residence. It is not necessary to keep the same property or a block of shares in the property. You can sell one house and buy another, review and form a new investment portfolio, transfer the deposit to another Spanish bank, etc. The main thing is to observe the established limits (in 500 thousand euros for real estate, 1 million euro for deposits and shares and 2 million euro for government securities).
As for the residence permit of an entrepreneur, business requires success: saving jobs, paying taxes, making a profit.
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Briefly about taxes in Spain.
Owners of real estate, bank deposits or securities portfolios that do not carry out entrepreneurial activities in Spain and are not tax residents thereof are obliged to pay income tax to non-residents (IRNR – Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes). The ownership of housing also implies certain costs for the maintenance of real estate in Spain.
Tax residents of the country (for example, foreign nationals who have obtained the residence permit of an entrepreneur with the right to work) are required to pay personal income tax in Spain (IRPF) and property tax (property tax on individuals).
The main taxes levied on businesses in Spain are as follows:
Corporate income tax; Value Added Tax (VAT); Tax on the conduct of economic activity; Deductions related to work: payments to the Social Insurance Fund.
Prices for office and retail property.
It is almost impossible to conduct business in Spain without buying or renting office or retail space. In different provinces, prices for 1 m 2 of the area may differ at times.
Compare prices for commercial real estate in April 2015 in the center and on the outskirts of Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in four major cities: Tarragona, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga.
What types of business are successfully developing in Spain.
Spain is rightfully considered a tourist mecca of Europe. Accordingly, traditionally high demand for goods and services in real estate and tourism. However, we are talking not only about real estate agencies, consulting firms, restaurants and travel agencies. There is a stable increase in demand for new technologies, which, in turn, stimulates the development of the telecommunications services market. In recent years, the number of private providers has increased dramatically, new mobile operators have appeared.
Car rental firms show good levels of profitability. Golgcar, Centauro, Europcar and others have flourished in this field. Today, in every major airport, apart from well-known companies, there are several small rental agencies that are oriented to certain clients: English, Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, etc.
And, finally, Spain was swept up by the same fever as the rest of the world – a passion for natural and bio-products. More and more Spanish companies are moving to the production of eco-products. In large supermarkets of such products, entire departments are assigned.
Franchises in Spain.
The franchise business in Spain is still very popular. The main advantage of franchises is a powerful standardized and run-in business system, which includes its own system of management, marketing, training, supply, marketing, promotion, etc. Buying a franchise in Spain, you acquire a business on a turn-key basis. And this ready-made business includes a brand that has already proved itself in the market, occupying a certain niche and enjoying popularity among consumers.
Speaking of franchises in Spain, it is worth noting one important advantage: a simplified regime for obtaining loans. The owner of the franchise often acts as a guarantor, and, accordingly, the franchisee can count on the loyalty of the banks.
The second advantage of franchises is the lack of the need to study the market. All changes and trends are tracked and analyzed by the franchise owner.
In Spain, franchises operate supermarkets (Eroski, Carrefour Express, Dia, etc.), beauty salons (No + Vello, Marco Aldany, Nails Factory, etc.), clothing stores (Mango, Bershka, Celio, etc.) (Yogurtlandia, Pizza Buona, Valor Chocolaterias, etc.), telecommunications companies (Yoigo, Vodafone, The Phone House, etc.), medical centers (Vitaldent, Dental Company, Medislim, etc.), etc.
The price of a franchise in Spain, the total amount of required investment, mandatory deductions for advertising, and the amount of monthly royalties depend on the specific brand.
For example, the Barcelona company Vinus (a network of wine shops in Spain) has a total of 18 offices, of which 8 work under a franchise. Franchises are sold on the following terms: total investment: 110.000 �; the price of the franchise: 16.000 �; deductions for advertising: 1%; royalties: 3%; term of the contract: 10 years.
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The service center “Spain in Russian” will provide immigration services in Spain. Moving to Spain, obtaining a residence permit, citizenship, family reunification, adaptation in the country.
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