Business immigration to the UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)

Business immigration to the UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category for 3 years and 4 months, extended for 2 years, 3 to 5 years after the entry of permanent residence, a year later citizenship.
The program of immigration to the UK for entrepreneurs Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) is designed for foreign citizens who want to move to this country for permanent residence and do business. Family members can leave together with the businessman.
Since 2011, the UK government has been spreading a red carpet & rdquo; to foreign entrepreneurs and investors, softening existing immigration regulations and adding bonuses that enable entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence not in 5 standard years for the UK, but in 3 years if 5 million, or even in 2 years, if invested & pound; 10 million On the other hand, the minimum amount of investment is not increased 200 thousand, and moreover, now there is an opportunity to manage the amount of p 50 thousand from the British funds.
In addition, for those who have not made a final decision on such immigration or want to personally come and first prepare the ground for their business, a special visa has been issued, “Prospective Entrepreneurs & rdquo; or & ldquo; prospective owner & rdquo ;, which is issued for 6 months, and which can later be reissued for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa without leaving.
In addition, the allowable residence time outside the UK is increased from 90 days to 180 days per year. And moreover, for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa you can re-enter without leaving the UK, with other British visas, the list can be viewed here. In other words, foreign business in the UK has long been given a green light, and since 2011 it has become even brighter.
The first visa. The program of immigration to the UK for entrepreneurs Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) refers to the ballot programs, and for those outside the UK, to successfully obtain a visa you need to score at least 95 points.
Criteria for selecting candidates for business immigration to the UK:
Means for investment.
There is access to at least 50,000 pounds sterling from: one or more registered venture funds administered by the Financial Services Authority; one of the initial funding funds registered and listed in the UK Trade & amp; Investments, or the foundation of one of the departments of the UK government, formed for business development.
Availability of funds for accommodation in the UK:
2,800 pounds sterling for the main applicant and 1,600 for each family member,
placed on the account of the entrepreneur not later than three months before the submission of the application to the embassy.
A few rules and interesting points:
The owner and 1 other person can organize the & ldquo; business group & rdquo; and qualify for scoring for having access to the same facilities. Both members of the group must have access to funds and the opportunity to use them in the UK. & ldquo; Entrepreneurial Group & rdquo; can only declare money once. Investment capital of not less than 200,000 may belong to an entrepreneur or a third party (spouse, cohabitant / cohabitant, etc.) All 50,000 pounds must be owned by one of the listed organizations. An entrepreneur can not claim his funds, or funds provided by third parties (in this case, it is necessary to declare at least 200 000 pounds sterling). Funds must be invested in one or more companies in the UK or its subsidiaries abroad, if the means of the entrepreneur are already in a subsidiary of an English company abroad, then they do not need to be invested and they can be used to obtain a visa. If the funds are in foreign currency, they will be converted into pounds sterling at the OANDA exchange rate on the day of the announcement. Investment should not: include the cost of buying, renting, building housing; or be in the form of a loan, except when it is not secured and is a secondary obligation to a third party, the lender acting.
What’s next. In the case of investing in an English business of? 5 million or creating 10 jobs for residents, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (PERMANENT RESIDENCE) three years after entry.
If the business in the UK is conducted in accordance with the standard scheme, in three years it is necessary to extend the visa for the next period of 2 years, while also it is necessary to score 95 points according to the following criteria:
The entrepreneur invested or on his behalf invested at least 50,000 in one or more companies in the UK (if an entrepreneur received scores for the availability of 50,000 in venture funds, start-up funds, funds from one of the UK government departments)
More about creating new jobs:
Full-time work involves working 30 hours a week. Also, the creation of jobs with part-time employment can be reckoned. The created workplaces must comply with the legislation of the UK regulating labor relations; not necessarily intended for a certain number of employees – at different times the created positions may be occupied by different employees; the total duration of the existence of jobs is not required to consist of a single period. Points can be awarded only for hired employees, not for private entrepreneurs hired on contract terms. Also, points will not be awarded if hired employees are not permanent residents or citizens of the United Kingdom.
Residence permit (Indefinite Leave to Remain) and citizenship.
Depending on the level of investment, permanent residence can be obtained three years after entering the UK, if it was created from 10 jobs or invested in a business from? 5 million. In other cases, you can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of residence in the UK, provided that the entrepreneur is not outside the country for more than 180 days a year. Citizenship can be obtained one year after receiving permanent residence.
The cost of immigration to the UK for entrepreneurs:
5 790 US dollars. It is paid in two stages: 60% upon execution of the contract and 40% after the preparation of the full package of documents for submission to the competent authorities of Great Britain for obtaining the necessary permits and exit visas. The cost includes analysis, preparation, translation and verification of all documents and advice on all activities related to the issuance of exit visas, permanent residence and citizenship. State fees, the cost of air tickets, services for the purchase of commercial and residential real estate and other costs associated with the beginning of your new life in the UK, are paid separately.
You can also pay not the whole immigration package, but some separate services at these prices, if you are sure that you will be able to do something yourself.
First visa: 840 per entrepreneur and each family member Obtaining an extension of the FLR visa: 1,051 for the employer and for 788 for each family member Receiving permanent residence ILR: 1,051 for the employer and for 788 for each family member Getting citizenship: & pound; 874 per entrepreneur and each family member + & pound; 80 for each & ndash; a fee for the ceremony.
Terms of issuing the initial Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa are 6 – 12 months, depending on the compliance of the entrepreneur with the requirements of the program.
We offer an individual approach to your requirements:
Free and true initial assessment; Assistance in the preparation, translation and verification of all necessary documents; Assistance in the proper registration of the questionnaires, submission of documents to the relevant organizations of the United Kingdom, payment of relevant fees; Assistance in registration of all permits, extension of stay and citizenship; Assistance in finding or purchasing housing, meeting at the airport, solving issues with the education of your children and other social issues.
Finally, reading the requirements by criteria and counting the scores & mdash; Do not judge yourself too severely, it is better to send us an application or consult the coordinator.
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