Business in Montenegro.

Business in Montenegro.
When moving to another country, the question that each person is asking is the financial component. In other words, what means will allow to live peacefully in the country. So, in Montenegro it is problematic to find work, and migrants from the expanses of the former union live on incomes from operating business in their homeland or open their own business here.
When receiving funds from the “home” business, income in freelancing, renting a home, the issue of extracting money is not the main thing. But if you decide to open a business in Montenegro and get a good income, this article will help a lot.
What you need to consider before starting a business.
Before you start choosing a “niche” in business and setting up a company in Montenegro, take into account some factors:
Montenegro & # 8212; a tourist country, and the most promising areas of business are related to tourism (restaurants, cafes, hotels, car rental, etc.). Montenegro is a rapidly developing European state. The government of the country tries to impose order in the legislation so that it conforms to European standards. However, the country is tightly connected with the past, and the result of this # 8212; the problem of working with local authorities. Everything is built on personal relationships and connections. The local population are people who perceive everything new with caution and distrust. Therefore, for successful business it is necessary to gain confidence. Constant changes in tax legislation make a good accountant one of the most important employees of companies. He should constantly be aware of all the changes and innovations, which will avoid penalties during the next visit of tax inspectors with a check.
Before deciding which type of business to organize in Montenegro, it is important to learn the habits and traditions of the local population. It is necessary to get acquainted with the principles of management and legislation, try to get acquaintances in government.
To do this, it is not enough to visit this country for a week, you need to live here for several months and plunge into the local life as much as possible. Only then it is possible to give a real assessment of the cases in the sphere that you have chosen for business, only then can you say whether there is a chance to become successful in this direction.
The choice of “niche” for business.
Choosing the right “niche” for doing business in Montenegro & # 8212; one of the key conditions for future success. Arriving in Montenegro (visa registration is only necessary in case of a long stay in the country), you can see that there are not many goods popular in the homeland, and the level of services hardly reaches the “satisfactory” rating. There is an idea that this is a “gold mine” for earning, but in most cases such projects result in failure.
Why does this happen? It’s simple. Montenegro & # 8212; A small country, with a population of 620 thousand people. Most of the local population has rather modest income, so buying expensive products (for example, Iphone, Mac, etc.), which is popular with Russians and Ukrainians, is simply not an allowable luxury for them.
The Montenegrin market is very specific and Montenegrins, like all the Balkans, are very conservative. They madly love their Montenegrin cuisine, most of them do not even think about trying other people’s dishes (for example, Japanese cuisine).
Based on all the above factors, it can be said that business in Montenegro for Russians is a business that is not directed at the local population.
It is necessary to focus on foreigners living here and tourists.
Types of business in Montenegro.
Tourism (and everything connected with it) is a profitable and profitable type of commercial activity in Montenegro. The most popular categories are:
rent of yachts; Car rent; hotel business; catering business; Agriculture; beauty saloon.
Yacht rental is in great demand among tourists and is one of the most profitable businesses. The cost of the service starts from 350 euros per day and reaches 1000 & # 8212; it all depends on the class of the yacht you rent. Payback period, on average, with the maximum load will be 5-7 months.
Renting a car is a popular business and, perhaps, one of the ones available in Montenegro that our compatriots are enjoying doing. Opens a lot of companies & # 8212; from large, able to offer customers the choice of cars of different brands and classes, to small ones, a fleet of 2-3 old cars.
The competition here is very high, but everyone gets to earn.
A correct approach to the organization of business will provide a fairly decent income, because the number of tourists is constantly increasing, and many want a car at their disposal. This business has one big disadvantage – it’s seasonality: the services are in demand only in the summer period, the rest of the time the cars will be in the garage.
A little about the hotel business you will learn from the video.
The hotel business also belongs to the category of profitable species in Montenegro. When choosing this category of business, preference is best given to small hotels. The cost of living will be lower than in large hotel complexes. This will ensure the congestion of tourists who want to save during the rest. And prices for commercial real estate are lower in Montenegro than in resorts in more developed countries.
The opening of the restaurant is another promising and rather interesting type of entrepreneurship. Many tourists come to Montenegro to enjoy the dishes of Montenegrin cuisine, fine wines prepared by local craftsmen. This niche is filled quickly, but it is still far from full. Cafes and restaurants are mainly aimed at tourists and with the end of the season are closed until next year.
Agriculture. The rapid development of tourism in Montenegro, as well as the growth in the number of restaurants, opens great prospects for agricultural activities. This may be poultry farms, farms, etc. Despite the excellent ecological conditions, this sector is poorly developed in Montenegro. The payback period for such a business is a little longer than for the above industries, but the prospects for development and profitability distinguish it from the general segment.
Beauty salon & # 8212; a popular business among our compatriots. This is due to the fact that professional hairdressers, masseurs or masters of manicure in Montenegro is difficult to find. Of course, these services are provided by local masters, but the quality and level of these services is much inferior to those to which foreigners are accustomed.
Therefore, opening a beauty salon with a team of real professionals is a profitable business. Information about the salon and good craftsmen will quickly break through the city, ensuring the flow of customers.
Opening a business, or where to start.
The direction of the future business is determined. The following question arises: can a representative of another state engage in this type of business or not, and how to arrange everything correctly? In the legislation of Montenegro, there are no restrictions that would prohibit the infusion of foreign capital into the local economy (exceptions are only those that are related to state security).
Therefore, any foreigner can open a company in Montenegro and conduct business.
Opening a business in Montenegro & # 8212; simple procedure. The optimal solution would be the registration of a limited liability company (in Montenegrin, D.O.O.). The advantage of such a society is the ability to specify in the articles of association several types of activities (1 main and a few additional ones), which, if necessary, can be changed. According to the terms, registration will take 5-10 days, while for registration you will only need a passport.
The registration procedure is easy to go by yourself:
Step 1. Submit to the Central Chamber of the Commercial Court an act on the establishment of the enterprise. Step 2. Get certification. Step 3. Expect 5 working days.
That’s the whole process of registration, after which the company is assigned an identification number. Next, a bank account opens, and all of the & # 8212; you can conduct business.
In practice, the procedure can be delayed. Perhaps, it will be necessary to submit additional permits for certain types of activities, and local representatives of the authorities are not quick.
Information on business in Montenegro & # 8212; on the video.
Therefore, one should not be afraid, we must demand that the state bodies fulfill the deadlines.
You can organize your business from scratch or buy a ready business in Montenegro. It is worth noting that the sale of business in Montenegro & # 8212; the thing is common, and it’s easier to buy a ready-made business with all the necessary documentation than to spend time and money on it. For sale, mainly business related to tourism and the prices for it are acceptable.

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