Buying the first house in Australia.

Buying the first house in Australia.
You can buy your first home in Australia for cash or on credit. In the second case, it is necessary to collect a package of necessary documents, get approval from the bank, make an initial contribution of 7.5% of the value and a tax for the year ahead, which is about 4000 Australian dollars.
Greetings to all! With you, Edward, as always, and the channel “Driver in Australia”. Today’s video we will do about real estate, and I will try to disclose to you the topic of buying a house. Because too many questions come to me, I do not have time to reply. I decided to make a garage video project. Today in this garage video for 10 minutes, I’ll try to keep up, tell my buying experience at home. How to buy a house for the first time in Australia. I do not know about New Zealand, we’re only talking about Australia.
To begin with, buying a house in Australia does not give you a chance and a guarantee to obtain Permanent Residency. You can, while still in Russia, buy here real estate for cash, but this will not give you any chance to receive Permanent Residency. You can remain masters abroad. As the Chinese do, they buy up housing here, and local people live and pay them back to China big, good money.
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That is, you were going to buy a house for the first time in your life here in Australia. For those who first bought a house in Australia, there is such a thing as “the state gives money” – “first home buyer grant”. In different construction companies, it stands out in different ways. For example, when I bought my first living space here, I was given $ 15,000 to buy my first home. 15 thousand dollars – help from the state, and 7.5% interest I paid in the form of a deposit, the first installment. Be aware that the down payment is at least 7.5%. In addition to the first installment, you must have money in the 4500 area to pay taxes for the first year in advance, for garbage, for everything else, so that you get a Brisbane account, that is, to pay your taxes, plus stamp duty, that is, land tax . That is, it turns out that if you buy a house for 500 thousand, then 10% is 50 thousand, 7% is really 40 thousand. In short, somewhere around 45 thousand you need to have to buy your own house. It all depends on the cost. If you buy for 400 thousand, it will be much less. You can find for 325, I showed you the units even further from the city. If you leave the city at all, you can find a house on the channel for 400 thousand five-six-room and well-built.
As they say to me: “Show units, there everything is Chinese, windows are thin. You must be cold in winter. ” Guys, here in Queensland, it’s not cold in winter. Here thick windows and walls with a heater are not necessary. It is hot here. It’s all right. Here in new homes, almost everywhere is warm and well in winter. In winter there is a temperature of 20. You do not need to insulate, do not double glazed windows. I inserted one glass into the frame – that’s enough. It’s not Melbourne, it’s not Sydney. Here is Brisbane. Queensland is a completely different temperature. If you live in Sydney, there, probably, it is necessary to be warmed. Here it is not necessary. Or in New Zealand, too, must be warmed. The quality of construction here … I am also Russian, I am also from Russia, I know how houses were built in Russia. According to my estimates, the quality of budget housing here in Australia is much better than budget housing in Russia. Chinese a lot, you say. Yes there is nothing Chinese here. I saw dishwashers and gas tiles – it’s Westinghouse, the air-conditioning system was Daikin, also not Chinese. Maybe the Chinese door handles. Lattices are Franklin, an Australian firm. There’s almost everything Australian. Maybe there are little things Chinese, cement, maybe came from China. But I am sure that cement is also made in Australia, there is a cement plant. I will not prove it to you, I will not argue with you. This is your opinion, you are of opinion. Bad bad. Do not like it – do not like it. I told you that for 410 thousand can be bought here in Australia.
Further we go to purchase. You collected your first installment, go to the banks. Before you go to look for a house, you must pass a preapproval, that is, the bank must answer “yes” or “no”. From my personal experience, I did not go directly to the banks, I knew that it was useless, it’s red tape, it’s a wasp, they will require too many certificates, different papers. I turned to the broker. I did not pay a penny for this broker, he has his money from a financial institution, which will give me a long home loan for buying a house. That is, the bank will pay him money, it will not go away from my pocket. That is, found on the recommendations of a normal Australian broker. He quickly found me through Westpac home loan for literally a week at 5.6%. I gave him a birth certificate, certifying my name and surname, my wife’s name and surname, that we did not change anything, did nothing. He with the help of the certificate collected all the documents, applied to the state and received another 15 thousand dollars. I got my first installment, plus 15 thousand, plus this 7.5%. That is, it turned out that I paid almost half the cost of housing. That is, I’m practically not paying anything. And if I cry, it’s much cheaper than living in a rented house. We all owe banks. Well, not all, of course, millionaires should not do anything.
So I got approval, went to an agreement with the builder. I liked their design, I liked how they build a house, that they are building a house of concrete. They pour a concrete foundation, on it they build blocks that are filled with reinforcement inside and poured with concrete. Therefore, a gasket is laid for the second floor and the same thing – concrete is poured, plates are put. This is the same company that I showed you, who build these units. It is called McLachlan Homes ( You can see how they build houses, individual units, what kind of quadrature is there. If I’m not mistaken, the quadrature of units that I showed you, 106 square meters. m, not counting the garage. But this must be checked. Whom it interests, they can go to their website and see how much they sell and what price. I know that two-story houses cost 410 thousand dollars. Those that are single-storey, when the garage is downstairs, and the apartment is upstairs, these are one-room apartments. They cost 390 thousand. This is not even a townhouse, it’s an apartment. Do you know how a town house differs from a house? The townhouse is the same house, it’s just closer, on a smaller piece of land. If I’m not mistaken, then according to the official laws of Queensland, the house is considered a house if it has at least 300 square meters. m, and the townhouse is the same house, only it stands on an area of 130 sq. m. m, and your house will be 120 square meters. This is called a townhouse. They can stand almost wall to wall. There for fire safety should be 2 m from the wall to the wall – 1 meter from one wall to the fence, 1 meter from the other wall to the fence, or I do not know how they will distribute there. These are the cases, guys. There is fire safety, all this is observed, all this is done. This house is called a town house. But if this house is put on 300 square meters. m, twice the area of the house, it already turns out separate standing alone house, that is, already a house. And what we saw with you – it’s an apartment, it’s a unit, it’s a complex. That is, these are the most ordinary two-storey apartments with a view of the beautiful park.
What else? Resettlement. You were approved, you got permission from the bank. The bank picks up this money from you, opens a personal account on the account from which your payment will be made. You will need to make sure that there is always money there, for example, to transfer from your salary. I did all this, got it, bought a house and live happily. Now, please, do not compare the living space here in Brisbane with the living space in Moscow. I understand that in Moscow, somewhere beyond the seventh ring of the Moscow Ring Road, you buy for the same money super chic house. But this will be for the seventh ring of the Moscow Ring Road or in some Muhosransk. For the same money, you buy a super house from the whole American. But you’ll have to travel to Moscow for another hour and a half every day to get there. And here, I showed you for 410 thousand, to the city center 20 min. There are three stations nearby, here is considered a good area. And this is Brisbane, this is Australia, baby! You know how much I love Russia, but I would not want to live for the seventh ring of the Moscow Ring Road for the same money. I exaggerate – there is no seventh ring of the Moscow Ring Road, but I still would not like to live behind the ring, on my word of honor. I’d rather buy a flat in the center of Brisbane, and I’ll live here.
It seems to be all. I do not know, I opened this topic, did not disclose it. If interested, ask your questions under this video. Do not forget to subscribe to my second channel, everything goes with Periscope … The refrigerator has earned, the infection sounds as if the dinosaur screams. I have such a large square freezer. Do not be offended at me, do not try to prove anything to each other. Please do not swear. I show you Australia. I do not compare with Russia. I tried to compare my salary with Russia a couple of times, I received such a sea of negative comments that I do not want to compare anything with Russia. I just want to show you how people live here, what they are, whether they are fat or thin, how they cross over, how they fly over it. I’m going to make a video about people, I know that some people are interested in this format, just look at people like they are. Because all the people who come here, they want to understand where they are going and what they are doing. So there will be such videos, there will be many other interesting videos. A new format has appeared, we are shooting in the garage. By the way, this is my first video, which I shoot on the Galaxy S7, tell me how you quality. I shoot at 60 frames per second. Well, that seems to be all. We are subscribing to my second channel: If anything, ask questions. Thank you all very much for watching and for your donat, which I really appreciate. Thank you very much! Until the next video!
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