By suitcases!

By suitcases!
The labor market in each country is unique to one degree or another, and the Czech Republic is not an exception. In the Czech Republic there is no list of popular professions, as this country does not have an open program of labor professional immigration, but it is possible to make at least an approximate idea of what specialty in the Czech Republic can be useful to its owner. However, labor immigration to the Czech Republic & # 8212; the process is very complex, so this information is useful more likely to those who already have a residence permit in the Czech Republic or can receive it in a different way, rather than under an employment contract.
The crisis of recent years has also hit Europe, including the Czech Republic. In this country, in recent years, the unemployment rate has been stubbornly high, but in the main it affects various management specialists, but people who are able to work with their hands are still needed. We are not talking about highly unskilled labor, although there are such vacancies. For example, in the list of professions in demand in the Czech Republic, judging by published vacancies, such specialties as professional cook, truck driver or sales representative are constantly included.
The IT sphere, to some extent in demand around the world, is also highly valued here, despite the crisis, although the surplus of specialists in this area generates unemployment here. Nevertheless, programmers, IT consultants and experienced network administrators can expect to find a suitable job. The same can be said about the employees of the banking sector and marketing specialists.
All of the above is true in general for the whole country, although in Prague, where most people are eager to find work, the situation is more depressing. Here, the most popular professions are now such as cleaners, security guards, vendors, locksmiths and various auxiliary personnel. However, the same programmers can find their own niche here & # 8212; representatives of this profession are needed everywhere. But in general, on the labor exchange in Prague, vacancies prevail that involve unskilled labor with a corresponding low pay.
Also, despite the crisis, the lists of professions demanded in the Czech Republic have been replenished by specialists in mining and processing of metals, electrical engineering, power engineering and machine building. Qualified mechanics, designers, designers and materials experts can count on a good salary, and there are more vacancies in this area than competitors. However, you can not be sure that this situation will last a long time. As everyone knows, demand creates supply.
As we have already said, this information can be relevant either for those who already have a residence permit in the Czech Republic (for example, by immigrating to the Czech Republic through the purchase of real estate), or plans to immigrate in another way. An attempt to find an employer in this country is unlikely to lead to success. by law, the employer must first search for a worker at the domestic labor exchange for at least three months, and only if he does not find one, is entitled to submit to the immigration service a request for employment of a foreign specialist. For obvious reasons, there are only very qualified, highly sought-after and narrow specialists in the chances for this.

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