Canada. Immigration to Canada.

Canada. Immigration to Canada.
September 20, 2008
Canada is the most accessible and attractive country for immigrants, and Canadian citizenship is highly valued all over the world. Every year the influx of immigrants to this country is increasing, about 150 000 people become citizens annually.
In all ages, in search of a better life, humanity traveled from place to place. Recently, this process is intensifying. The globalization of the world economy, the erosion of national borders, the interpenetration of world cultures have made people more mobile. Residents of Russia, for a long time were deprived of the opportunity – freely move around the world. However, recently immigration processes have reached them.
Canada is the most accessible and attractive country for immigrants, and Canadian citizenship is highly valued all over the world. Every year the influx of immigrants to this country is increasing, about 150 000 people become citizens annually. This is largely due to the high living standards in the country, a stable financial situation and reliable social guarantees. Canada actively accepts immigrants, and each year issues about.
250 thousand immigrant visas. Candidates for visas are mainly selected for their professional and business qualities, regardless of nationality.
June 28, 2002 in Canada came into force a new Immigration Act. At the same time, modern immigration regulations were adopted. Under the 1976 immigration law, a refugee class was defined that was separated from the immigrant class.
Now the process of immigration for our compatriots is no longer so irreversible than, for example, 30 years ago. However, before finally moving to Canada, we advise you to weigh all the pros and cons of this decision, and, of course, to learn more about everything that is possible about the country.
The whole immigration process, as a rule, takes from one and a half to three years from the date of application to the embassy. If a positive decision is taken, the embassy will be notified of the consent to issue an immigrant visa. After that, you need to provide the embassy with a passport. Still it is required to show the inquiry from the western bank about availability of means necessary for residing on the account. In Canada, certain minimums of such funds are calculated.
After receiving an immigrant visa, you must enter the country before the expiry date. Upon arrival in Canada for this visa, immigration officials will re-issue a visa for permanent resident status (Permanent Resident). The status of permanent resident, gives the opportunity to live and work in Canada. After 3 years of actual residence in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. Since 1977, Canada has recognized dual citizenship.
For those wishing to enter the country, several immigration programs have been developed.
The Skilled Worker Class, formerly called the Independent Immigration Program, is the most common program in Canada for those applicants who can be recognized as qualified professionals. Qualified specialists are persons whose qualification is recognized by the Canadian Immigration Ministry in the approved list of occupations. The professional requirements for applicants are based on descriptions that can be found in the National Occupation Classification (NOC).
In addition to the federal immigration program, a number of Canadian provinces have developed their own, provincial immigration programs. The most popular places for immigrants are Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. In the remaining provinces, the flow of immigrants through provincial programs is insignificant. Typically, to attract immigrant professionals to the province, the provincial government concludes a contract with the federal government on a special program whereby those professionals who need provinces are immigrated on special conditions.
To date, provincial immigration programs are operating in the provinces – Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskichevan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, New Faunland, Yukon and Prince Edward Island. Quebec has its own program, independent of the federal.
The Live-in Caregiver Program is a program developed by the Government of Canada for immigrants who are ready to work as caregivers. Live-in caregiver is the one who provides care for children, elderly and disabled in the private sector.
Of course, this review does not cover all aspects of Canada’s immigration policy. More information about immigration programs, as well as all the conditions necessary for immigration can be found at the following sites:
Sites about immigration to Canada.
Fresh information from Canadian immigration and citizenship legislation (in English and French).
CIC website – the list and contact details of all provinces with a provincial immigrant reception program.
So, all the difficulties are behind, and you got the long-awaited Canadian citizenship, but, according to the Canadian satirists Will and Jan Fergusson, this is not enough to become a real Canadian. Here are a couple of jocular tips on how to look like a Canadian from their book “How to be a Canadian” (How to be a Canadian).
If you are new to Canada, do not try to flaunt the knowledge of the words of the national anthem of the country! Nothing will make you more foreign to Canadians than this. Canadians do not know the words of their anthem, so you should not. ”
If you want to look Canadian, you can, of course, thrust the beaver under your arm and, while walking, humming a popular hockey melody. But better just go outside in the winter and lick something iron. Do not be afraid, we all went through this. This will give you the opportunity to take a deep look at the origins of Canadian culture, character and way of life. Sooner or later the blood will stop flowing from the mouth, and the useful experience will last a lifetime. ”
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