Carefree life of Russian pensioners in Thailand.

Carefree life of Russian pensioners in Thailand.
On average: 4.39 out of 5.
If you believe the rating positions calculated by Forbes magazine and other international rating agencies, pensioners in Thailand are one of the happiest elderly people in the world.
However, in these results, as in any statistics, there are guile. Life in retirement in Thailand is good if pensioners spend there old-age benefits earned in Europe or even in Russia, and the phrase “working pensioners” is spread out in the homeland, since they will not work there. Demonstrate our “tale” of carefree life in Thailand can be, comparing the prices of housing and utilities and taking into account some of the daily expenses of the pensioners themselves.
Expenditure on the life of pensioners in Thailand.
Let’s try to calculate what Russian pensioners in Thailand can expect, but, again, with some assumptions. Let it be an elderly couple with a standard pension of 12 thousand rubles each, which rents a “odnushku” on the outskirts of Moscow for 25-30 thousand rubles, of this money to pay for housing for retirees takes about 4 thousand rubles, then they have hands monthly remains about 45 thousand rubles.
The cost of renting a house in Thailand, located on the second line from the sea (within a kilometer), will cost pensioners a maximum of 12 thousand baht. For electricity they will give, on average 600-800 baht, for water – 400-500 per month. If they are advanced retirees, they will also want high-speed Internet (more on the Internet in Thailand) to communicate with their grandchildren via Skype. This is an average of 800 baht per month.
Food in Thailand will cost pensioners somewhat cheaper than in Russia. This is especially noticeable with regard to fruits and seafood. Relatively cheap in this country are also meat semi-finished products and meat. Average expenditure on food, if you eat mainly at home and sometimes in a cafe, will be about eight thousand baht a month. It is desirable to cook in large Thai supermarkets or in markets, but for this it is desirable to be able to bargain with Thais.
For any economic needs of retirees living in Thailand, will still somewhere around 400 baht, and for cellular communications 300. If they will actively develop space and move around Thailand, the transportation costs will be about 800 baht per month, for example, at Phuket, or in Pattaya, basically, you have to ride a three-wheeled Thai minibus called “tuk-tuk.” And one of the most favorite resorts for pensioners is considered to be the safe city of Hua Hin.
As you can see, a certain saving in pensioners’ expenses, even taking into account the current exchange rate of the ruble to the Batu, is. What are the advantages of living on pension in Thailand?
One of the significant advantages of living in Thailand is the lack of property tax. And you can buy it at a much lower price than in the cities of Russia and even more so in Moscow. If pensioners have at least some savings, they will have good reasons to spend them on Thai real estate. In this case, their monthly budget will have an even more positive balance.
The cost of medical care in Thailand.
Medical services often “eats” most of the budget. This is especially noticeable in the EU countries. Thailand will also please pensioners with relatively low prices for medical insurance. Therefore, if you want to spend most of the year in this country, acquire Thai health insurance policies. By the way, can anyone be interested in reading about plastic surgery in Thailand.
Weather conditions in Thailand.
On medical expenses, pensioners can be significantly saved if one takes into account the peculiarities of the climate in this or that region of this country. For example, in the largest city in the north of Chiang Mai in the hot dry season (spring) there are extremely high temperatures, but there is less precipitation than in tourist Phuket.
Often, elderly people in Thailand note an improvement in their well-being. They no longer have joint pain and normal pressure. Acclimatization in Thailand is facilitated by an even daily background of temperatures – at night or during the day it is almost the same.
Getting a pension visa to Thailand.
If the reasons given for the relative cheapness of life in Thailand have convinced you, it remains to decide one more question: how to settle there for a fairly long period? Thais also thought about this, because they are interested in the fact that retirees leave their savings from them. There is a special pension visa in Thailand for Russians. It operates for a year. It can be obtained by any pensioner with an age of more than fifty years with an account of 800 thousand baht in a Thai bank. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that only wealthy old people can afford to move to Thailand for permanent residence.
Thailand is saturated with Russian tourists, they create a significant part of the tourism budget of this country. Therefore, retirees will not have to experience discomfort without knowing the Thai language, however this does not mean an optional knowledge of English. On the streets of resort towns a lot of sell-out in Russian, as well as Russified menu in many cafes and restaurants. This greatly simplifies social adaptation in a new society.
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especially pleased: “that a pensioner get an annual visa, you need to have an account of 800 thousand baht in a Thai bank.” Multiply by 2 practically = 1,600,000 shirts. Yes, we have such pensioners, pocket money almost .. Th there, some one and a half cartoons on the bill, wrappers! sales strange, why is it all Russian pensioners still in Thailand have not moved?
So it is written that the resident of Moscow, who is renting an apartment. This is an article about Muscovites, and not about Russians, that’s why all Russian pensioners did not leave for Thailand.
Having carefully read all the cost calculations, it seems to me that to be among the “happy” pensioners in Thailand, you must at least sell your apartment in Russia!
As far as I know, no one can work in Thailand, only Thais. But the plus for them is that the state supports prices in the norm for necessary products.
No matter how tempting, moving to Thailand in the elderly for a long time should be a conscious step. In the case of a sharp deterioration in health, as is often the case with the elderly, rely only on yourself. Well, to live in Thailand is certainly great.
Nevertheless, medicine in Thailand at the moment, is at the European level, and its cost is lower than in Russia. I think that our pensioners, with their health, are the most expensive in Thailand.
Ha! And who are you going to rely on in Russia, in case of a sharp deterioration in health, Victoria? I’ve seen a lot of things while my mother and her sister were alive. They could count on me. And now I’m more frightened here than in Thailand. (
Is it worth it to change the place of residence so abruptly? My grandmother lived in the village until she was 96 years old and felt quite normal. One year of life in Israel literally killed her.
In my opinion, there is also a significant saving in the fact that you do not need to spend money on winter things.
In our cold winters, warm clothes are a rather tangible annual waste.
It seems that Thailand is a paradise for the elderly) I’m shocked simply: D.
To live constantly, after retirement, in Thailand, I would not. But for the autumn-winter period with pleasure would have moved. I love my country, but it’s not very white.
I do not know who how, but I like to ski and I hope to do it until old age. and what kind of mountain skiing in Thailand? only dreams will stay, probably! would be babulesiki, would move better to the Italian or Austrian alps for ever and ever. and year round to be in frying. Well its nafig, ohrenesh to sweat there. moreover, they have different creeps and worms crawling in the sand on the beach in Thailand. they will crawl under your skin, then you can get them from there. and the stench in Pattaya on the streets because of their sewage – the tin is simple, puke was drawn! )))
I saw pensioners in Thailand. but they were Germans. They were married to taikas in Germany. Their pensions are enough for a carefree life.
Article nonsense. Especially now when the ruble depreciated to all currencies. It’s good to have a rest in Tae when you have money. But to work and live there constantly – God forbid.
The article does not just begin with the word “Tale”, that is, I mean that Tai is not suitable for low-income pensioners. Be attentive.
A very important point, as for 800,000 baht. Money lies in the bank and after death is in favor of the state, since the right to inherit these funds does not apply.
To the applicant’s account in a Thai bank from abroad, funds must be received in the amount of 800,000 baht and be deposited on the deposit for 3 months (until the moment of filing the application), as confirmation of the funds for living. After the end of the specified period, these means can be used.
If you do not leave money in a Thai bank to death. can and break off the Thai state about the inheritance)))
D.Day, Elena! How can I talk with you about the issues of Thailand’s residence permit for pensioners? And in general about moving? Thanks in advance.
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